[Scenic Spots in Chiayi] Independence Mountain Fengtianyan half-day tour, free use of pots, bowls, tea utensils and kitchen, bring your own ingredients to cook in the mountains!

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▲The scenery seen from Fengtian Rock

Independence Mountain Fengtian Rock|Attractions information

  • You can walk up the mountain on the Independence Mountain Trail to reach Fengtian Rock
  • Drive to Fengtianyan from 162 Jiaxian Road
  • No tickets
  • Fengtianyan provides cooking and tea making equipment
  • Stay time is about 1-2 hours
  • Nearby attractions: Taiping Cloud Ladder, Taiping Old Street, Qiaoyun Inn, Dragon King Palace

Independence Mountain Bongtian Rock|Access


  • Address: No. 20, Hongnankeng, Danyu Village, Zhuqi Township, Chiayi County
  • Phone: 052630392
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▲After turning to the entrance of the tea garden on 162 Route A, walk all the way and arrive at Fengtian Rock

Independence Mountain Fengtian Rock|Free use of kitchenware

Independence Mountain Fengtianyan is a temple that you will pass when you walk the Independence Mountain Trail. This side was originally a relay station for mountain friends and tourists. Later, the temple began to provide cooking essentials such as tea sets, gas stoves, pots, and seasonings.Visitors only need to bring ingredients and tea, to Fengtianyan to cook and make tea, Really convenient! Along the Independence Mountain trail, there will be some vendors selling mountain vegetables, or you can buy them and cook them directly. Fengtianyan provides these attentive services to make mountain climbing more interesting, and it is full of people every time you come!

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▲Atrium of Fengtianyan Rock
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There are many round tables in the atrium of Fengtianyan, here are all self-service, and found that there are no seats, you can move the table and chairs to the left to open a table by yourself! There are everything you need to make tea here, such as a tea cart with a small gas barrel, a teapot with boiling water, and tea sets and cups.Just bring tea and you can sit and make a long conversation. The elders love this place so much!烹飪的器具也幾乎想得到的都有,各種鍋碗瓢盆,基本上也是帶著食材到山上來就可以飽餐一頓了。常常上山的山友們甚至還會跟廟方租借小盒子寄放自己的東西(自己專屬的調味料、碗筷等等)下次就可以不用背那麼多東西上山啦~

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▲Tea set provided by the temple
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▲It is possible to rent a small box for storing personal belongings
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▲Free-to-use stove

This day we brought noodles, instant noodles, simple and easy-to-cook hot pot ingredients and spinach. It is quicker and more convenient to cook. After cleaning, you can cook it!The cooking area has a lot of space, and there are many stoves to choose from, But when there are a lot of people on holidays, you may need to line up close to the meal time. Throw all the ingredients into the pot and cook, and the whole family can eat a pot of hot pot together, which is super happy, especially in the mountains where the weather is refreshing in winter!

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▲The washed spinach is ready to be cooked!
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▲Mom fried another rapeseed flower, it is a tasteful photo?
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▲Complete our hot pot


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▲There is a sink next to the cooking area to wash the ingredients
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▲Free soy sauce and salad oil

There are garbage and food waste sorting places next to the cooking area. Remember to sort according to the signs above, so that it will not cause additional burden on the temple!

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▲Waste and food waste sorting area


After a full meal, we simply went to the temple for worship. The main god in Fengtianyan was Guanshiyin Bodhisattva. The weather on this day is very good, and the temple looks brighter under the sun. I really hope that this sunlight can eliminate the epidemic!

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▲A table of surging dishes

Independence Mountain Fengtian Rock|Nearby Attractions



  • No tickets
  • Except for rest on Wednesdays, 8:00-18:00 every day
  • Stay time is about 1-1.5 hours


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