[Scenic Spots in Chiayi] Independence Mountain Fengtianyan half-day tour, free use of pots, bowls, tea utensils and kitchen, bring your own ingredients to cook in the mountains!

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Taking advantage of the good weather, I went back to the south to soak up the sun, and went to the Independence Mountain and Taiping Sky Ladder in Chiayi County with my elders. Independence Mountain was a nightmare for Jeffy and his brothers and sisters since childhood. I remember when I was a child, my father dug up the bed before the sun came out. The family took climbing equipment and ingredients and drove to Independence Mountain 😁Starting from Camphorliao Station, along the The trail continued to climb until it reached Fengtianyan, and then went down the mountain after cooking lunch. Although it seems to be a very healthy activity now, but I was addicted to electric toys at the time, and I just felt that the holidays were all in vain The relay station of Fengtianyan, using the pots and pans provided by the temple to Shanyou, experience cooking and noodles on the mountain by yourself!

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▲The scenery seen from Fengtian Rock

Independence Mountain Fengtian Rock|Attractions information

  • You can walk up the mountain on the Independence Mountain Trail to reach Fengtian Rock
  • Drive to Fengtianyan from 162 Jiaxian Road
  • No tickets
  • Fengtianyan provides cooking and tea making equipment
  • Stay time is about 1-2 hours
  • Nearby attractions: Taiping Cloud Ladder, Taiping Old Street, Qiaoyun Inn, Dragon King Palace

Independence Mountain Bongtian Rock|Access

From Route 162 A, we will pass the famous Taiping Thirty-six Bends and the Taiping Sky Ladder, and then pass the tea garden entrance next to the county road all the way to Fengtian Rock. There is a nearby open space for parking. Fengtian Rock is about 860 meters above sea level. The air on the mountain is very fresh. When you look at it from a distance, you can see layers of mountains. I think this is the feeling of being relaxed and happy!

  • Address: No. 20, Hongnankeng, Danyu Village, Zhuqi Township, Chiayi County
  • Phone: 052630392
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▲After turning to the entrance of the tea garden on 162 Route A, walk all the way and arrive at Fengtian Rock

Independence Mountain Fengtian Rock|Free use of kitchenware

Independence Mountain Fengtianyan is a temple that you will pass when you walk the Independence Mountain Trail. This side was originally a relay station for mountain friends and tourists. Later, the temple began to provide cooking essentials such as tea sets, gas stoves, pots, and seasonings.Visitors only need to bring ingredients and tea, to Fengtianyan to cook and make tea, Really convenient! Along the Independence Mountain trail, there will be some vendors selling mountain vegetables, or you can buy them and cook them directly. Fengtianyan provides these attentive services to make mountain climbing more interesting, and it is full of people every time you come!

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▲Atrium of Fengtianyan Rock
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There are many round tables in the atrium of Fengtianyan, here are all self-service, and found that there are no seats, you can move the table and chairs to the left to open a table by yourself! There are everything you need to make tea here, such as a tea cart with a small gas barrel, a teapot with boiling water, and tea sets and cups.Just bring tea and you can sit and make a long conversation. The elders love this place so much!There are almost all kinds of cooking utensils you can think of, all kinds of pots and pans, basically you can bring the ingredients to the mountain to have a full meal. The mountain friends who often go up the mountain will even rent small boxes from the temple to store their own things (their own seasonings, tableware, etc.), so they can go up the mountain without carrying so many things next time~

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▲Tea set provided by the temple
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▲It is possible to rent a small box for storing personal belongings
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▲Free-to-use stove

This day we brought noodles, instant noodles, simple and easy-to-cook hot pot ingredients and spinach. It is quicker and more convenient to cook. After cleaning, you can cook it!The cooking area has a lot of space, and there are many stoves to choose from, But when there are a lot of people on holidays, you may need to line up close to the meal time. Throw all the ingredients into the pot and cook, and the whole family can eat a pot of hot pot together, which is super happy, especially in the mountains where the weather is refreshing in winter!

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▲The washed spinach is ready to be cooked!
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▲Mom fried another rapeseed flower, it is a tasteful photo?
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▲Complete our hot pot

I remember that I used to have to wait in line for the stove, but this time there are many empty stoves that can be used. It should be that the cold snap had just passed, and everyone was at home (?)

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▲There is a sink next to the cooking area to wash the ingredients
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▲Free soy sauce and salad oil

There are garbage and food waste sorting places next to the cooking area. Remember to sort according to the signs above, so that it will not cause additional burden on the temple!

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▲Waste and food waste sorting area

Independence Mountain Fengtianyan | Fengtianyan

After a full meal, we simply went to the temple for worship. The main god in Fengtianyan was Guanshiyin Bodhisattva. The weather on this day is very good, and the temple looks brighter under the sun. I really hope that this sunlight can eliminate the epidemic!

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Share our meal, although the table looks very surging, but in fact, only noodles and fried rapeseed flowers are made by us on the mountain (parents like to bring a lot of food to feed us along the way 😋) Independence Mountain and Fengtianyan are really It is very suitable for family travel. It is a place that both men, women and children will like. Bring your favorite food up the mountain to cook together. It is very interesting and the relationship is even better!

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▲A table of surging dishes

Independence Mountain Fengtian Rock|Nearby Attractions

# Dragon King Golden Palace

The Dragon King Golden Temple is located near the famous scenic spot Taiping Sky Ladder. It is a short drive away. It is very suitable for playing along the Taiping Sky Ladder and Taiping Old Street. The building imitates the Chinese Tang and Song Dynasties to create a sense of thinness and style. The temple is surrounded by a green mountain forest, which is a wonderful atmosphere of tranquility, solemnity and relaxation!

  • No tickets
  • Except for rest on Wednesdays, 8:00-18:00 every day
  • Stay time is about 1-1.5 hours

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# Taiping Ladder # Taiping Old Street

The spectacular and exciting Taiping Sky Ladder spans between Taiping Mountain and Guishan Mountain, with an altitude of 1,000 meters and a bridge length of 281 meters. It is currently the highest scenic suspension bridge in Taiwan. From here, you can see the beautiful 36 bends of Meishan Mountain. If the weather is good, you can also see the Chia Nan Plain and the Taiwan Strait. It is a popular attraction not to be missed when you come to Chiayi!

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