[Chiayi cuisine] Xiaoshiguo Puzi Store, roast pork hot pot for one time satisfaction! The meat slices are fully covered, and the self-service bar has unlimited supply.

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Today, I’m going to share the roasted pork hot pot that Jeffy went to eat in Chiayi recently-Small stone potLa! Xiaoshiguo is a chain store, and Puzi has just opened for a few months, but there are always long queues. In addition to free rice and beverages, even salted eggs, ice cream, and sugar cones are provided in unlimited amounts. Isn’t it surging? The signature main meal hot pot is not inferior, and the super generous ingredients allow every guest to leave with a full belly! The slogan in the restaurant even reads that it is strictly forbidden to eat without food. Come with us to see this newly opened super popular hot pot?

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▲The marinated pork slices are fried and then cooked in the hot pot
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▲Transparent production process on site

Xiaoshiguo is located near the side entrance of Dongshi High School. If you drive, there is a parking lot on the opposite side. The traffic is quite convenient. Although the restaurant is called Xiaoshi pot, in addition to selling yakiniku hot pot, there are also udon noodles and don rice, and there are also a variety of flavors to choose from. Those who choose obstacles may have a headache. ? Hot pot can be added to beef or seafood. You can also increase the price and quantity. Jeffy and Allie ordered the regular hot pot and the extra hot pot respectively to compare them, and they both felt super full after eating!

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▲Small stone pot has signature hot pot, don rice, and udon noodles
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▲The dining space is bright and warm
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▲Dining space in the large glass bar area

The decoration of the restaurant is warm and comfortable, matching the large windows in the restaurant to let in light, which is very clean and bright. Some lovely illustrations are also hung on the walls, where guests can relax and dine naturally. The restaurant has a window-facing bar area and a multi-person seating area, which is suitable for individuals, couples, families, and friends.

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▲Small stone pot menu

Creamy Pumpkin Pot (Beef) 200 yuan

When the hot pot is served, the food is fully cooked, but alcohol paste is still used to allow guests to eat hot pot throughout. In the case of not adding meat to increase the price, the amount of meat is also very large. There are roasted meats and hot pots, so you can satisfy your wish to eat roasted meats and hot pots. It tastes very tasty, and it tastes much different from ordinary hot pot boiled pork slices. It tastes very tender and delicious!

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Cumin Medicinal Food Pot (Add Beef) 220 yuan

Although the hot pot with ordinary meat can be very full, Jeffy, as a meat controller, can’t help but order the meat-filled portion. The whole beef slices are put on the hot pot. Forget it a little, it contains large slices. There are about 20 small slices, and they are very supportive after eating! Chinese wolfberry is added to the soup base of the medicated hot pot, but it may be due to the roasted meat hot pot. It tastes a bit heavier, but overall it is still a good pot for dinner!

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Ancient Shacha Ulong Noodle (Beef) 120 yuan

My father, who has eaten hot pot many times, decided to try their udon noodles. The udon noodles will be accompanied by side dishes, soft-boiled eggs and kelp sprouts. The noodles are very crisp, and it is satisfying to go with the delicious roasted meat!

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Free ice cream and drinks buffet bar

Blessed are those who like to eat cones and ice cream~ In addition to unlimited ice cream in the small stone pot, there are also biscuit cones! And their ice cream tastes different every time, there are mango, vanilla, this time we have taro flavor! Let's take a look at everyone's ability to pull the ice cream shape, and see who can pull it long and beautiful?

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▲Beverage Bar
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This recently opened small stone pot gathers a lot of people during the meal time. After this time, I feel that the CP value is very high. In addition to unlimited salted eggs, drinks, rice, and cones and ice cream for you Eat, the content and portion of the meals are also very rich, worthy of the love of nearby residents! However, even though you have unlimited access, you still have to evaluate your own food intake to avoid wasting food! If you have the opportunity to play here, you can save the small stone pot into your pocket list, it is a good choice for cheap roast pork hot pot!

Little Stone Pot (Chiayi Puzi Store)

  • Address: No. 11, Section 1, Siwei Road, Puzi City, Chiayi County, 613 (there is a parking lot nearby)
  • Phone: 053799066
  • Business hours: Monday to Friday 11:00-14:30, 16:30-21:30, Saturday and Sunday 11:00-21:30 (limited to take-out after 21:00 in the evening)
  • Related websites:FB,Official website