[Keelung cuisine] Youjia Mochi/Youjia Mochi Super Rammed Dessert, Chocolate Jinsha Mochi, Winter Limited Strawberry Mochi.

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With the recent waves of ultra-low temperature and cold current, I gradually feel that winter is really coming! Speaking of winter, everyone will definitely think of seasonal strawberries. How would it feel to combine sweet and sour strawberries with soft Q and elastic mochi? Today I’m going to introduce thisKeelung's super red famous dessert-Youjia Mochi, you have to try your luck to buy Yojia Mochi. The store is a small stall car with a variable point. Although it will first mention the location of the next day on the FB fan page the day before, it is often right away. Swept away, super popular too!

Youjia Maji|Dining Cart

Youjia Maji is not only sold in Keelung, but the dining car sometimes goes to Shuangbei. Detailed information can be traced to theirFB Fan Special. Mochi flavors are mainly divided into three types: general, special and limited. The general flavors are common flavors, including original flavor, red bean, sesame, and peanut. The special products include matcha, milk crisp, taro, purple sweet potato, sesame paste, pinto beans, and pork floss, etc. However, the special mochi depends on the preparation of the ingredients at the store on the day. The limited edition is also the most popular, including Strawberry and Jinsha.

  • The quantity standards for group buying and delivery are different in each place, and you can ask the store privately for details.
  • FB: Yujia Maji
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I don’t know if you have any experience of iced mochi before eating. In the past, as long as you ice mochi and eat it out in the future, the mochi will become very stiff and the taste will be much worse. When Jeffy got the mochi, he couldn't help but ate one first, and then took it home to share with his family after the ice. He found that the taste did not make much difference, and the mochi was actually soft!

S 4554786

Youjia Moji|Strawberry Moji

A box of 8 pieces of 150 yuan

In winter, you must try their signature strawberry mochi, and you will definitely be a patron! I have eaten strawberry-flavored mochi, but a whole strawberry wrapped in mochi is relatively rare. It is a bit similar to strawberry daifuku, but it is made closer to the taste of Taiwanese, and it is coated with peanut powder. The bread inside is very fresh strawberries, and they are so big that they can’t be wrapped in mochi! Because of the freshness, the tasting period will be shorter, and you must finish eating it in about two days at most.

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Youjia Maji|Jinsha Maji

A box of 8 pcs 250 yuan

When Allie first heard of Jinsha, he thought it was "Jinsha". The bread was salted egg, but later found out that it was a whole one.Ferrero Rocher Chocolate! I originally wanted to say whether it would be too sweet before eating, but Jinsha and Mochi are surprisingly very good, and eating one by one is very ㄙㄨㄚˋmouth!

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Youjia Mochi|Sesame Mochi

A box of 12 pieces is 100 yuan

The package of sesame is 12 pieces per box, but because Jeffy ate half of it, I respectfully invite strawberry-flavored mochi as the background. The bitten sesame seeds are very rich in filling, and it is also a very popular flavor among the general models.

S 4554772 result
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On the whole, in addition to the rich and special fillings, Yujia Mochi also has a very good taste. It will not lose its original flavor after being iced or left for a day or two. Desserts that will repurchase! In addition to being able to buy it at the stall, the Shuangbei area also provides delivery services. If you can’t buy it during working hours, don’t worry!

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