[Hsinchu Art Enjoy House] Kiln-baked pizza, creative cuisine, tea space, combined with Dunhuang woodcarving art, insist on healthy dishes with ingredients. (with menu)

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How long have you not eaten prototype food~? With busy lives, we often eat out, but forget that the food should be healthy and unburdened. This time we came to Hsinchu and had a nice atmosphere restaurant-Yixiang House, The main focus is to use high-quality, non-over-processed ingredients, seemingly simple but cumbersome in detail. After removing the heavy sauces and condiments, it is the real test of the chef. What level of ingredients are used and whether they are fresh enough , Immediately reveal the truth!

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Hsinchu Art House|Environment

Yixiangwu is not so much a restaurant as it is a combinationWoodcarving art,Tea cultureandExotic cuisineOf a rest stop. The boss's father is an excellent woodcarver, and he exported many woodcarved Buddha statues to Japan. Many of his works can be seen in the restaurant, copying from the Buddha statues unearthed in Dunhuang, the whole wall is like a Dunhuang grotto ? Maybe because of these artworks, we are very relaxed here, and the dining atmosphere is peaceful and comfortable. .

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▲Wooden Buddha statues of Dunhuang art
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Hsinchu Art House|Must Order Pizza

The pizza kiln that you can see as soon as you enter the door, the boss especially emphasized that the pizza here is made on-site from scratch. From the dough to the pizza, every step is made with care and the ingredients are strictly selected, just to make Guests have the freshest pizza. The pizza here is a popular must-try. There is a daily limit. If you come too late, you may not be able to eat it!

  • Because they are all made on-site, the boss pays attention to the details of the cooking, and it takes a long time to serve the meal. It is not recommended for guests in a hurry to visit, or you can make an appointment by phone before it will not wait long.
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Hsinchu Art House|Menu

▲ Menu of Hsinchu Art Enjoy House
▲ Menu of Hsinchu Art Enjoy House

Hsinchu Art House|Meals

Yixiangwu does not sell beverages, but only teas. It implements the owner's concept of opening a store and only drinks what is not burdensome to health. The boss likes to drink tea very much, and he understands tea very well. He said that if he is either in the restaurant or tasting tea in the mountains, it shows how obsessed he is with tea! There are also many old customers here who will regularly buy tea from the boss. If there is time, the boss will also chat with you about tea. The private tea on the menu is the exclusive good tea that the boss brings back from time to time.

Premium Alishan High Mountain Tea

  • Upgrade package tea half price discount of 175 yuan

The boss personally goes up the mountain several times a year to select tea, just to let the guests drink good tea. This time we ordered the premium Alishan high mountain tea. One pot can be brewed dozens of times. The store is very intimate with the hourglass, so that novices who make tea can also control the time ? Fill the teapot with hot water and invert the funnel and make it. It can be poured out in one minute. The Alishan high-mountain tea here has a clear color, a soft taste, and the taste is sweet, without the bitter and astringent taste of drinking tea in the past.

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▲Tea sold at Yixiangya Restaurant
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Margarita Pizza 250 yuan

The pizza making process of Yixiangwu is very transparent and can be seen on the cooking table. Tomato puree, tomatoes, sprinkle with Italian 100% natural dairy cheese (mozzarella cheese, padano cheese aged for one and a half years), and finally put them into a 400-degree kiln oven kiln roast. The freshly-made relationship makes the crust especially crispy, and the filling of the pizza is full and the aroma is compelling ❤️

S 5103619 结果

Fresh Tainan yellow cattle meal 590 yuan

Yixiangwu here providesKiln-baked healthy low-calorie meal, Which is in line with the popular demand under the prevalence of fitness. Beef insists on choosing Taiwanese cattle. Because of the good meat quality, simple cooking can be delicious! The original beef flavor is forced out by frying, roasting, and roasting, and the gravy is completely locked, making it chewy and chewy. Served with lettuce salad, and served with kiln-baked vegetables, so satisfying!

S 5103651 结果
S 5103649 结果

Local chicken with honey mustard 290 yuan

On-site kiln-baked French bread is paired with earthen chicken, lettuce salad, and topped with the store’s special honey mustard sauce. Each bite has the sourness and sweetness of the sauce, with fresh dragon fruit on the side. The most amazing thing about Jeffy here is their kiln-roasted sweet potatoes. They are super sweet and delicious. They have never tasted such delicious sweet potatoes! The boss said that he was exhausted with the ingredients and found many places for the ingredients.

S 5103655 结果

The diversified and creative restaurant Yixiang House, including Taiwanese tea, Italian-style kiln-baked pizza, Western style food, and Dunhuang artistic wood carvings, these different elements are combined, and it is a very strange place. Welcome to Hsinchu when you are free. Friends, come here to have a meal and at the same time take a Dunhuang cultural tour to relax body and soul!

Yixiangya (kiln-baked pizza, creative cuisine, tea space)

  • Address: 1st Floor, No. 38, Alley 10, Lane 53, Southeast Street, East District, Hsinchu City
  • Business hours: except Mondays closed, 11:00-21:00 daily
  • Tel: 035626883 (it is recommended to make an appointment in advance to avoid long waiting)
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