[Jingmei Japanese Restaurant Recommendations] Jingmei Ishikawa Japanese Restaurant, which greatly promotes the popularity of salmon caterpillar sushi rolls, also has set meals, sashimi don (menu included)

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I have recently introduced a lot of restaurants in Wenshan District, and today I will share this popular Japanese restaurant in Jingmei-Ishikawa Japanese Restaurant. The fresh seafood is delivered directly from Yilan, and the private cooking is exquisite and creative. It is always hard to find a seat every time. Even if it is eight or nine in the evening, the meal time has passed and you still have to queue up!

Ishikawa Japanese Restaurant is located at the junction of Jinghua Street and Jingxing Road.Next to Jinghua ParkIn the small alley, I didn't know that there is a Japanese restaurant here without looking carefully! The traffic is quite convenient. It takes about 5 to 10 minutes to walk from Exit 2 of MRT Jingmei Station. If you come by car, you can park your car next to it.King Wah Park car park. The restaurant is often full,At present, it is only open from Tuesday to Thursday, and at noon on Friday. You can make reservations by phone in advance, and you need to wait on-site for the rest of the time.

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Restaurant information

  • When there are many people, the dining time is limited to 1 hour
  • Business hours: 11:30-14:00, 17:00-21:00 (closed on Monday)
  • Basic minimum consumption of 120 yuan, no service charge, cash only
  • King Wah Park car park
  • No pets allowed

The decoration of Ishikawa Japanese-style canteen has the taste of a Japanese izakaya. The store also provides alcohol, so it is very relaxing to have a drink with friends and colleagues. However, because there are so many people, Allie often has to queue for ten or twenty minutes for dinner after eight o’clock. It’s really super popular. There are often people waiting outside the store, and there are limited dining times. If you want to sit for a long time, it’s not suitable for you. .

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There is a small blackboard outside the restaurant (as shown in the picture below), which writes today’s fresh fish every day. The stickers on the left of the blackboard are the fish specials of the day. They are all limited, and they will be gone when sold out. If you want to eat, just take the stickers yourself, add 80 yuan to make it a set meal, or tell the clerk what you want to make. The stickers we saw that day were red cabbage jaws and salmon heads.

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▲Fresh seafood of the day

The store is small, but the decoration has a warm feeling! Because the clerk has already ordered the food when queuing outside, the food is served very quickly, and you will have something to eat after sitting down~?

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▲ There is also a menu on the blackboard
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▲My sister thinks the packaging of Japanese soda is very cute (upper right)

Let's take a look at the menu of Ishikawa Japanese Restaurant! The price of Ishikawa's sushi rolls is relatively cheap, and the portion of each sushi is huge, I recommend everyone to try it❤️

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Salmon caterpillar 230 yuan

Allie will definitely order this salmon caterpillar every time she comes to Ishikawa Japanese Restaurant,The salmon is very generous, each piece is thick and long, It tastes very enjoyable! The salmon is grilled with cheese, the taste is softer and more tender, and the sauce and green onion on it are super delicious, you can eat it for this~

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▲Let me show you, the salmon is really big!

Roasted cheese beef roll 230 yuan

For those who don't like sashimi, there is also grilled cheese beef to choose from! The grilled beef tastes very fresh and tender, and the grilled cheese exudes a strong aroma in the mouth. It also matches the taste of beef. It is also a good meal, and people who love cheese should like it.

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Nigiri sushi single order/grilled salmon nigiri sushi (2 pieces) 110 yuan

Everyone loves grilled salmon. I ordered so much in one go. Without the cheese and scallions, I can enjoy the original taste of the salmon even more. Every piece of salmon is so thick that it almost melts in your mouth.

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Comprehensive grilled nigiri sushi (8 sticks) 360 yuan

Ishikawa Japanese Restaurant also offers grilled combinations. It’s a good choice to eat whatever you want? This meal has a total of 8 nigiri sushi, which are salmon, squid, flounder and scallops, which are slightly charred after grilling The texture looks delicious~

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Salt-roasted chicken leg set meal 240 yuan

As a grilled food lover, you must come to eat salt-roasted chicken legs. The brown, charred and crispy chicken skin is the best? The juicy chicken is grilled just right, not too dry. in addition,The set meal also includes miso soup, Japanese cold side dishes, fresh shrimp salad, chawanmushi and a bowl of rice.The whole boy is also very full, and the meals are also varied and rich.

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Salt-roasted Matsusaka pork set meal 300 yuan

The side dishes, soup, and salad that come with the set meal are all the same. If you don’t want to eat cold sashimi, you can order this dish! The Matsusaka pork is sprinkled with sesame seeds, without the fishy smell of pork, and the thick sliced meat is chewy, and the main meal is also quite large, which is very satisfying.

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Crab meat and asparagus hand roll 60 yuan

The crab meat and asparagus hand roll is stuffed with alfalfa sprouts, asparagus and a crab stick. It tastes delicious with salty and crunchy seaweed. It is a small snack before and after meals!

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Ishikawa Japanese-style canteen has a clean and bright dining environment, and the prices of its meals are reasonable. It is one of the favorite restaurants that we always think of when we have dinner together. Waiting outside. Later, I heard from the clerk that there is an open-time reservation. I think next time we learn how to be good and make an appointment by phone first, so we don’t have to wait outside until our stomachs are flat. Among the meals, we especially recommend salmon caterpillars. The price is not expensive and the taste is unique. Well worth a visit!

Ishikawa Japanese Restaurant (Wenshan Jinghua Store)

  • Business hours: 11:30-14:00, 17:00-21:00 every day except Monday
  • Address: No. 60, Jinghua Street, Wenshan District, Taipei City
  • Tel: 02 2934 5970
  • contact method:FB
  • Reservations are not available on Friday nights and holidays, and the on-site waiting system is adopted

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