[Jingmei Food] Affordable and textured Japanese cuisine next to Jingmei Night Market-Art Department, set meals, sashimi rice, and nigiri sushi (with menu included)

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"Department of Fine Arts" is located near Jingmei MRT Station, only a three-minute walk away. It is a newly opened affordable Japanese restaurant in recent years. At first when I heard the name, I thought it was selling art supplies, but I didn't expect it to be a Japanese restaurant. The name of the store "Art Department" happened to be the Taiwanese word for "Sushi", which has a subtle connection with Japanese cuisine. We visited not long after the opening and felt that the atmosphere was good, and the service of the staff was also very good. I recently decided to visit again and record this Japanese restaurant with a good CP value, which is included in the recommended list of Jingmei gourmet restaurants✌️

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There is a lantern outside the restaurant with the name of the restaurant on itDepartment of Fine Arts, the signboard is Nigiri Sushi, which is located directly opposite Wenshan Theater at Exit 1 of MRT. It is quite easy to find. The interior of the store is textured and full of Japanese flavors. It is suitable for after-get off work dining or a couple's date. There are also many meal models outside for reference, look at the models before ordering, it’s the best for people like us who have difficulty choosing 15 yuan can also have miso soup, this price is really exciting, it is really cheap Japanese food!

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▲ Take-out menu

The menu is rich in content, including Japanese set meals, sashimi rice, nigiri sushi, hand rolls, udon noodles, grilled sushi, Tang Yang fried food, etc., and the store also provides sake, the choices are very diverse, and you have to watch it every time you come. I have been choosing the menu for a long time, because I really want to eat everything. Anytime you order a main meal, you will come with miso soup, and you can upgrade the set menu. There are three types of packages: ABC.

  • Package A: Five pieces of sashimi + 89 yuan
  • Package B: Small portion of Tang Yang fried chicken + 69 yuan
  • Package C: CNY 30 for drinks and burdock tempura + CNY 59
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The size of the store is not too big, and there are bar seats in front, so it won't be too embarrassing if you come to eat alone. There is a separate table at the rear. Perfect for a meal with friends and a drink or two. There are about 20 seats in the whole store, so it is easy to be full during meal time, and there are also a lot of take-out customers to see them.

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▲There is hot tea at the back to take

Grilled Salmon Don 239 RMB

Allie loves grilled salmon. Every time he eats Japanese food, he will order salmon. This time, he still ordered it.Grilled Salmon Don?A lot of salmon is spread on the vinegared rice, and I will drool when I see it! There is no need to increase the price for the grilled salmon here. The salmon don and the grilled salmon don are the same as 239 yuan.

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▲Boiled Salmon Donburi

Upgrade A Package: Comprehensive sashimi (5 pieces) +89 yuan

If you come to a Japanese restaurant, you must eat sashimi! Set A has 5 pieces of sashimi, salmon, tuna, golden herring and swordfish, so you can eat sashimi full!

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▲Additional purchase of comprehensive sashimi (5 pieces)

Shrimp nigiri 39 yuan / Matsuba crab paste warship 69 yuan

Shrimp nigiri sushi is only 39 yuan for two pieces, which seems to be a price to compete for freshness, and there are still large pieces of fresh shrimp! Matsuba crab paste warships are 69 yuan for two pieces. The taste is also very good, and the quality will not be lost because of cheapness.

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▲A la carte shrimp nigiri sushi and Matsuba crab paste warship

Premium Nigiri Sushi (6 pieces) 239 yuan

The top-quality nigiri sushi (6 pieces) is their signature, with flounder, caramelized salmon, scallops, conger eel, winged beef and scallops.

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▲Excellent Nigiri Sushi (6 pieces)

Kyoto Miso Tonkatsu Udon 129 RMB

Q bomb udon noodles, rich soup, paired with Japanese-style pork cutlets, is the enjoyment of life! The pork chops are fried to a crispy skin, but not too greasy, and the bite is very thick, which is very satisfying to eat. The most important thing is that the pork chop udon noodles with pork chops occupying the whole bowl is only 129 yuan, and the CP value is very high!

Teriyaki Boneless Chicken Thigh Set meal 119 yuan

Every time Jeffy goes to a Japanese restaurant, in addition to craving sashimi, another thing he will order is teriyaki chicken drumsticks (men who love drumsticks?). The art department's teriyaki drumsticks are very fragrant and delicious Tender and sweet, the portion of chicken thighs is also very large. Miso soup and three side dishes are also included with the meal, so it only costs 119 yuan, which is a good deal.

Upgrade Package B: Tang Yang Fried Chicken (Small Serving) + 69 RMB

As a meat lover, if you come to a Japanese restaurant, you must try Tang Yang Fried Chicken. The upgrade package costs only 69 yuan. Tang Yang chicken is fried very fragrantly, the chicken tastes very thick, and the matching sauce is also very special. If you like Japanese fried food, it is highly recommended to upgrade this set!

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▲Tang Yang fried chicken (small portion)

Monthly see cattle set meal 119 yuan

Again, this price is really super affordable! Now, at a price of 100 yuan for a bento, you can even eat beef rice bowl (with a soft-boiled egg), miso soup, and three kinds of side dishes for 119 yuan in Taipei City. Isn't it super worth it! And the food is not sloppy. The half-boiled egg is paired with barbecue beef slices and sauce, and it is eaten with a big mouthful of white rice, which is super satisfying!

After eating Jingmei Japanese cuisine, this "Fine Art Department" really wins the price and atmosphere. It is a very recommended Japanese restaurant! Moreover, the restaurant is located opposite Jingmei Exit No. 1. The geographical environment is also very good, and the transportation is also very convenient. It is highly recommended to eat and see.

Jingmei Japanese Restaurant - Department of Fine Arts

  • Address: No. 43, Jingwen Street, Wenshan District, Taipei City 116
  • Contact number: 02-29348089
  • Business hours: 11:30 ~ 22:00

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