[Taoyuan Huatai Outlet City] The largest outlet in Taiwan, the Christmas market is good for shopping and shopping, every hour and hour, the whole area is snowy and romantic!

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It's almost the annual Christmas! This year’s Christmas in Huatai OUTLETCity in Taoyuan is so beautiful. There is a happy Christmas market, a Christmas joy show, and the most special one-every half of the night and on the hour, there will be a Christmas snow scene with slight snow in the whole area. Isn’t it pretty? Romantic ❤️The Christmas Village opened on 11/20 the day before yesterday. On January 3 of the following year, after seeing the promotional video, we were burned and ran to Taoyuan immediately to experience the atmosphere of Christmas. Let’s share this photo with you. An article that is too much to explode?

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The hinterland of Huatai OUTLETCity in Taoyuan is so vast that it is divided into phase 1, phase 2, and phase 3, three interconnected parks. There are more than 285 brands in it, and many international boutiques have launched discounts. We walked from district one to district three, not counting the time for shopping and taking photos, it took almost half an hour just to walk. Is it really a place where you can go shopping and shopping spree? This article is divided into three phases, each phase is the square There are all eye-catching large-scale Christmas artworks, so be sure to check it out every issue, because it's really worth it~

Phase 1: Romantic Pink Tower, Statue of Liberty, Avenue of Stars

We drove to the parking lot of the first phase and walked along the first, second and third phases. After getting on the escalator, I saw a pink tower with Santa Claus sitting on it. Among them, his boots fell to the ground and his socks were torn and his thumbs were broken. It looks very funny? A closer inspection will reveal that there are actually many Santa Clauses in the park, and they are all hiding. In some strange places, I felt like I was playing where Willie is that day, looking for a cute Santa Claus~

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▲There are some food vendors on the side
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▲There are many lights in the park
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▲Walk to the fountain in Huatai Outlet Plaza
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When I walked, I met the pink Statue of Liberty. There is an airplane and curved lights above the sky. There is a stretch platform in front of the Statue of Liberty that looks like the Avenue of Stars, with Christmas gifts on the side. Everyone keeps wanting to take pictures with this star, but it is really difficult to take pictures with backlight?

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▲Pink Statue of Liberty and Avenue of Stars
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▲There is also a pink plane in the sky
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Look~ I caught a Santa Claus again, right?✌️Even hiding above the car, even the side vendors’ decorations are super attentive, and the whole park is full of Christmas atmosphere~

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▲ Santa Claus climbing on a street vendor car

After 16:30 every night, there will be snow in the whole area every half an hour or an hour. Originally I wanted to say that it took a long time to see snow once in half an hour, but it didn’t happen. The shopping time passed super fast, and I watched the falling snow several times that night (you don’t have to wait for a surprise during the shopping process. )

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▲Christmas event schedule

The photos really look like snow when taken! In fact, this is a bubble~ The children on the road are excited to catch bubbles in the air. Bubbles are blowing in the wind from above the outdoor buildings, and this beautiful snow scene can be seen on the entire road.

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▲Floating bubbles are as beautiful as snow
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Phase II: Dreamy white clouds, trains around the Christmas tree, Nutcracker doll gift piles

In the second phase, there is a super large Christmas tree, and there is a small train on the side carrying teddy bears and all kinds of Christmas gifts. When the time came, the little train under the music began to rotate, running along the track around the Christmas tree, and everyone rushed to take pictures.

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▲Large Christmas tree and gift train
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▲Looking carefully, I found that the train and the Christmas tree are both on the pool, which is amazing

Next to the Christmas tree, there is a stage that resembles a merry-go-round. Inside, there are Christmas dolls and piles of Christmas gifts. There was a fence in the photo, but it didn't seem to be anymore. The children all ran inside to take pictures with the Christmas dolls. There are many glowing white clouds hanging above, which looks so dreamy.

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▲A dreamy white cloud
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S 4341802 result

Phase 3: Big Ben, pink bus, shiny gift box

Finally visited the third district! From a distance, I saw a super shiny gift box, with people lined up behind, and walked over curiously. It turns out that there is a clock in the gift box to ring. Hey, the building next to it looks like a Big Ben. We also lined up to ring the clock.

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▲It's beautiful with the lights attached to Big Ben
S 4341778 result
▲Super big shiny gift box
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▲Have you noticed another Santa Claus beside Big Ben?

The plazas in Phase 3 are almost the same, and the photos are taken, and then it’s time to go shopping seriously! If you're hungry, there are a lot of food courts, exotic restaurants, and Christmas vendors selling small snacks. You only worry about eating too much and don't worry about being hungry. Taoyuan Huatai Outlet Park is an outdoor style, but if it rains, there are places where you can go shopping. There is nothing to stop you from shopping?

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▲Lines of Christmas lights strung together
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▲There is a food court in each district, and when there are a lot of people on the day, you have to line up to enter

The indispensable Christmas market, with all kinds of Christmas goods and cultural and creative objects, unknowingly lose blood again?

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S 4358150 结果
▲I caught a Santa Claus again, this one is easy to find

The super-large Huatai Famous City, we stopped and went, soaked here for almost half a day. When I went home that day, I found a lot of photos on my mobile phone. The park was really beautiful and easy to take. You can find the care of arrangement in any corner. Take advantage of this Christmas event, come to Taoyuan!

Taoyuan Huatai Outlets City Transportation

  • Self-driving: There is a parking lot, 30 yuan per hour for cars on weekdays, 50 yuan per hour on holidays, and 10 per hour for locomotives on weekdays and holidays (consumption can be discounted)
  • Airport MRT: After arriving at Taoyuan High Speed Rail Station A18, turn right and walk through the connecting bridge. You can reach it within 1 minute.
  • High Speed Rail: After arriving at Taoyuan High Speed Rail Station, Taoyuan Huatai Outlet Mall is opposite to Exit 6.
  • Passengers going north by train get off at Zhongli Railway Station and transfer to buses (132A, 172, 5087, 5089, high-speed rail express bus 170) to reach Taoyuan High-speed Rail Station in about 40 minutes, and walk to Taoyuan Huatai OUTLETCITY in 2 minutes. Passengers heading south will get off at Taoyuan Railway Station and transfer to the high-speed rail express bus to arrive at Taoyuan High-speed Rail Station in about 45 minutes, and walk to Taoyuan Huatai Outlet Mall in 2 minutes.

Huatai Outlet Mall, Taoyuan

  • Christmas activities: 2020/11/20-2021/01/03, the Christmas snow scene in the whole area 16:30-20:00 daily
  • Business hours: Monday to Friday/ 11:00~21:00 on make-up days, Saturday to Sunday/ 11:00~22:00 on holidays
  • Address: No. 189, Chunde Road, Zhongli District, Taoyuan City 
  • Customer Service Hotline: (03) 273-8666

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