[Thailand Kanchanaburi Elephant Park] ELEPHANTSWORLD Kanchanaburi Elephant Friendly Park one-day itinerary sharing. Wash the elephants, feed the elephants, and super cute baby elephants!

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After deciding to go to Thailand, our common wish: I really want to see elephants! The Elephant Park near Bangkok and Pattaya, but this time we wanted to go to the suburbs of Kanchanaburi, which is a little bit LOCAL, for two days and one night, so we came to ELEPHANTSWORLD. Let’s talk about what ELEPHANTSWORLD has done at Kanchanaburi Elephant Park!

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Starting from Bangkok to Kanchanaburi, we stopped by Ayutthaya. There are many world heritage sites in Ayutthaya that are worth visiting. Almost all western backpackers here, not many tourists, the whole journey is very comfortable, it is our favorite city in Thailand ❤️

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Thailand Kanchanaburi ELEPHANTSWORLD One Day Itinerary

  • Event time: 10:00AM-16:00PM
  • Price: 2,500 baht for adults, 1,500 baht for children (4-11 years old), can be booked online, by card or cash on site.
  • Items to prepare: swimsuit and change of clothes (for elephant baths), bananas (depending on personal needs, the park provides enough), anti-mosquito liquid, water (a bottle of mineral water will be given as a gift for participating in the trip)

Different from the elephant show in Bangkok, the most special thing about ELEPHANTSWORLD is that it is a friendly park! According to the staff, most of the elephants here come from retired old elephants from the circus, and some were rescued from injuries. One of the main themes of Elephantsworld: Let the elephants live again, no more performances, no need to carry heavy objects all day, and carry guests to make money. Removing commercial practices means elephants don't have to go through brutal training or work beyond their physical strength. Sounds like this, the elephants here are very happy, it is a paradise for animals, just need to eat and take a mud bath? The one-day itinerary we participated in this time is, as a whole, the most fun itinerary in Thailand. Now, we seem to love playing with these elephants more than shopping in Bangkok​??

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▲Meet the elephant for the first time through the railing

The whole process of the event is designed step by step. Those who meet for the first time will be fed through the railings, so that everyone can gradually become familiar with the elephants. Elephants are very spiritual, they can remember things deeply and for a long time, and they can also remember travelers. In particular, the elephant you meet for the first time in the event will also be the elephant you bid farewell to at the end of the event. We treat this special elephant with tenderness✌️

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▲Why do you feel like you are going to fight an elephant?

Bananas for elephants are not counted by "roots", but by baskets! It is said that an elephant can eat up to 300 kilograms a day! ! Don't be afraid of her enthusiastic saliva at this time, and feed him with a big mouth! Among them, the leader also said that if the elephant curls its trunk to ask you for food, you can't deliberately not let him play with him, but he will hold revenge!

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▲I didn’t dare to get too close to the elephant, I couldn’t see it in the photo, the elephant was really huge at the scene

Elephants love bananas and can eat "whole bananas", including banana leaves, tree trunks, and fruits! They are picky eaters and only eat yellow bananas because the green ones are too hard and they don't like them. The whole day trip is to serve the elephants non-stop: feeding the elephants (feeding until I start to wonder how big their stomachs are), cooking for the elephants to eat, washing the elephants. The elephants in the park are in the most natural state, without chains and fences, and have real contact with them at zero distance! The staff said that the elephants were only briefly locked up when the mahouts were eating and resting, and the rest of the time was very free.

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For safety, we can only approach the elephant when the mahout is next to the elephant, and we can take pictures with the elephant's trunk! The elephant trainers are very good, and they will also help tourists take pictures. Elephants are very smart. As long as they have a banana in their hand, they will run to you immediately (when you don't have a banana, you are nothing), and when you really stand next to the elephant and touch him, you can feel the huge size.

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The elephant's trunk feels thick and thorny, and it has a strange and warm touch. ❤️ The elephants and dogs in the park are deadly enemies. I hate dogs, but these happy friends can still live in the same park. From time to time, you will see the scene of the two sides exchanging fire and embarrassing each other, and the elephant will also use its trunk to drive the dog away. The trainer specially reminded not to stand behind the elephants, because the elephants will want to kick the dog after kicking their feet, for fear of accidentally kicking people.

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▲The dog who followed us to eat and hitchhiker

It's time for the most anticipated lunch time! How can I eat Thai food that is very Taiwanese? For those of us who are a little bit afraid of sour and spicy food, this buffet is super delicious, especially the pumpkin curry, which is easy to eat and not too spicy. It is totally beyond our expectation that such delicious food can be eaten in such a remote place! The leader gave us an hour to enjoy lunch, and there were also children at the next table running to participate in the activity of painting stone elephants.

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▲Unexpectedly delicious park lunch

After eating, we went to the old elephant area to prepare food for elephants. Older elephants usually have degenerated teeth, so the bananas and pumpkins eaten by adult elephants are too hard for older elephants. We work hard at making rice balls and feed them after cooking. Rice balls are made by adding white rice with pumpkin. After the white rice is cooked and boiled, add chopped pumpkin, simmer for a few minutes on high heat, wait for cooling and shape into rice balls. The old elephants came to smell the incense and gradually walked towards our thatched hut. At this time, they could put the cooled big rice balls into the old elephant's mouth gently.

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▲Prepare pumpkin rice balls for the old elephant
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▲ Everyone cooks rice balls together
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▲ Grab the sticky rice ball with your hands
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▲ Gently put the rice ball into the mouth of the old elephant
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After feeding the old elephants, we went to another park to see the cute baby elephants! The baby elephant is really small compared to its mother, but it is still quite big compared to other animals? We also captured the playful scene of the baby elephant wanting to eat a pumpkin but it is too big to bite down, ​elephant The baby usually needs to be chained with an adult elephant nurse (for fear of the baby elephant getting out of control), so you will not see baby elephants walking alone in the park!

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▲ baby elephant

Take a mud bath with the elephants

At the end of the trip, I have been looking forward to bathing elephants. Elephants are strange creatures. They like to bathe, and the dirtier the better, even their whole body is lying in the mud! Don't be afraid to hurt them at this time, smear all the mud on them, and then brush their backs. We washed so seriously at that time, and our whole body was dirty with mud? The whole bathing process was not long, only twenty to thirty minutes. Take advantage of this happy time!

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▲The baby elephant and the baby elephant
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▲ This elephant loves to take a bath, and even turned his whole body over to smear me with mud!

After wiping the mud, the mahouts took the elephants to the side of the lake to wash them, picked up the brushes and buckets in our hands, and helped them clean the mud.

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▲The elephant will spray water with its nose, turning the whole into a super happy mud bath​
▲ Become a dirty wild child

After changing and washing, almost a day's trip ended like this. In the end, the park also prepared snacks and drinks for us to enjoy. We ended at about three o'clock, an hour earlier than the expected time. At the end, there was a feeding activity, so let's say goodbye to the elephants we met for the first time.

Although Thailand's awareness of animal protection is slowly rising, many elephants are still injured. Although it can't help much, I hope there will be more friendly parks like this. It is also a good place for parents and children to travel together. There are many parents and mothers traveling with their children in the park. The traffic here is not so easy to reach, but it is really worth a visit. If you have the opportunity to visit Kanchanaburi, I highly recommend this itinerary!

Five days and four nights in Bangkok + Kanchanaburi, Thailand

ElephantsWorld Kanchanaburi, Thailand

  • Location: 90/9 Moo 4, Baan Nong Hoi, Amphoe Mueang, Tambon Wang Dong, Kanchanaburi 71190, Thailand
  • Tel: +66 863355332 (Thai & English), +66 92 256 6646 (Thai), +66 34510511

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