[Scenic Spots in Kanchanaburi, Thailand] In addition to Bangkok, also have fun here! Kanchanaburi, which is super close to the local residents, introduces the scenic spots on the road for two days and one night.

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Compared with Bangkok and Pattaya, Kanchanaburi, Thailand is less well-known, and fewer people will be listed as tourist destinations. But if you want to go to a place closer to LOCAL and less touristy, you can arrange a two-day, one-night visit to Kanchanaburi to experience a completely different style from the bustling and bustling Bangkok! Kanchanaburi has a well-known River Kwai, and many scenic spots such as the Bridge of the River Kwai and the Death Railway can overlook her beauty, and many water houses are built on it. The journey is quiet and comfortable. If you want to avoid crowds and relax, Kanchanaburi is a very good choice!

Five days and four nights in Bangkok + Kanchanaburi, Thailand

During this trip, Z9 Resort Water House and Elephants World were the two attractions that attracted us to Kanchanaburi. But in addition to these two places, we also went to other small attractions such as the River Kwai Bridge, the Death Railway, and the City of Jasmine. Because Jeffy and Allie are relatively non-shopping tourists, so we all like these attractions. of. However, because the transportation in Kanchanaburi is relatively inconvenient, we all arrive at these attractions by car. The drive from Bangkok to Kanchanaburi is about 2.5 hours to 3 hours.

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Kanchanaburi Two Days One Night Itinerary Overview

Kanchanaburi → River Kwai Bridge → Jasmine City → Death Railway → Stay at Z9 Resort
Z9 (Breakfast) → Resort Canoe → ELEPHANT WORLD Friendly Elephant Park → Back to Bangkok

Basically, all the well-known attractions in Kanchanaburi have been visited. The only pity is that the time spent at Z9 Resort is too short, and there is no scenery and facilities in the resort to enjoy. If we do again, we may remove several attractions and stay longer. A little time on the floating house~

Let’s introduce one by one of the attractions we visited below!

River Kwai Bridge

The River Kwai Bridge is the product of World War II. It is the largest bridge in the entire section of the Thai-Burma Railway. It is about 15 minutes' drive from the downtown area of Kanchanaburi. If you like history, it is recommended to take a look. There are many vendors near the entrance of the bridge, selling coconut juice, hats, snacks, etc. The prices are much cheaper than Bangkok!

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▲The mother-in-law who sells coconut milk is very curious about our gopro and insists on taking one
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▲The scenery is beautiful and the river will not smell bad

There is actually a sad history here. In 1942, during World War II, Thailand was in the Pacific Theater and was controlled by Japan. At that time, the Japanese army was unable to transport war equipment to the Indo-China Peninsula through the Malacca Strait, so it had to be transported by land between Thailand and Burma. The British once explored this section of the route, but they gave up because of the steep terrain and low feasibility. Then the Japanese army followed this route to build the bridge. The Thai-Myanmar Bridge was originally expected to be completed in about six years, but under time pressure, the bridge was finally completed within 17 months, and the price of completion in such a short period of time was the sacrifice of many innocent lives.

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Walking along the railway, you can pass a bridge with a strong sense of history. There are many platforms on the bridge where you can stop and take pictures. Under the bridge is the famous River Kwai. There are many river view restaurants below, you can sit and admire the river bank scenery, but because we have to go to other scenic spots, we did not stay here much.

River Kwai Bridge

  • Address: Maenamkwai Rd, Tha Ma Kham, Mueang Kanchanaburi District, Kanchanaburi
  • Opening hours: open 24/7
  • Ticket cost: none

Death Railway

The Death Railway is also known as the Thai-Burma Railway. The entire section of the railway is very long, and the most well-known attraction is near Thamkra Sae Station. Because it sacrificed many prisoners of war in the process of construction, it has such a sad name as the Death Railway. One side of the railway is a cliff, and the other is the scenic River Kwai. The steepness can be seen from the photos. Be careful when taking pictures here.

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Another thing to be aware of when taking pictures, this railway is still running now! In other words, when you hear the hum of the train, run back to the nearby platform to avoid the train! But rest assured, the train here is very slow. I know that there are tourists who like to stop and take pictures. We drove there by ourselves. There are open spaces nearby, which makes it easy to park. There are businesses selling things along the road. Some people will choose to take a train to watch this section. If you want to arrange a train trip, remember to take into account the factors that make Thai railways extremely prone to delays. Time arrangements need more flexibility!

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Death Railway

  • Address: Lum Sum, Sai Yok District
  • Opening hours: open 24/7
  • Ticket cost: none

Jasmine City

Jasmine City is a relatively warm attraction, which fully shows the life of King Rama V (about one hundred and fifty years ago) Thai people, a peaceful peace and prosperity. There are garden paths, royal buildings, small bridges and flowing water, and cultural vendors to visit. Before entering the park, you must first exchange Thai baht into ancient coins. You can pay for everything in ancient coins. If you don’t use it up, you can exchange the ancient coins back to Thai baht at the exit. We don’t exchange much here, only about 500 yuan. Taiwan dollar only. Although there are many things to buy in the park, there are massages, snacks and various performances, but in the end we did not use up those old coins.

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The shop staff inside all present a very retro taste, which is very good for girls to take pictures, every wall is super good, and the color matching is also very cute! The people here are self-sufficient. Some people mill rice, some weave cloth, and some repair flowers and plants. Jeffy and Allie were actually a little frightened by this situation. The city of Jasmine presents the past in such a subtle way, we both felt that we were in other people's world when we visited! It may also be that there are not many tourists on the day, and there are only two of us Taiwanese in the entire park~

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In addition to tickets, the ticket booth also sells rickshaw tickets. You can take a traditional rickshaw to the park with some change. Once you enter the park, it is as if you take a time machine to experience Thailand in the past! If you like, you can also buy and rent the Thai ancient loading park on the side, about 200 baht per person, but it was too hot that day, so we dispelled the idea of changing the costumes.

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Jasmine City

  • Address: 168 หมู่ 5 Sing, Sai Yok District, Kanchanaburi 
  • Opening hours: 0900~1700
  • Admission fee: 250 baht for adults, 120 baht for children

Z9 Resort Water House

You don’t need to fly to the Maldives to feel the feeling of living in a floating house~ At night we stayed at Z9 Resort, located in the Sinakarin Lake Dam in Kanchanaburi. ! The exterior design of the room type is very fashionable. Although it is floating on the water, the room is very stable and hardly shakes. It is very comfortable to live in. There is a free canoe for use in the resort, and you can paddle freely in the calm lake water. They all come to Kanchanaburi for fun. You must choose a water house to stay in and relax! For related information about accommodation, please refer to the following article?

[Kanchanaburi, Thailand] Z9 resort infinite lake view water house, high-end resort floating on a tranquil dam!

Z9 Resort Floating House

  • Address: Unnamed Road Tha Kradan, Si Sawat District, Kanchanaburi
  • Need to order online from the official website

ElephantsWorld, Kanchanaburi

The focus of this meeting in Kanchanaburi is ElephantsWorld! We arranged a day trip to experience the friendly elephant park. ElephantsWorld is a famous elephant shelter area that houses many elephants that have been abused or performed in circuses in the past. In ElephantsWorld, you can get close to the elephants and feed, so if you are in Kanchanaburi and you also like animals, ElephantsWorld is highly recommended! About ElephantsWorld, you can refer to the following article?

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  • Address: 90, Wang Dong, Mueang Kanchanaburi District, Kanchanaburi
  • Opening hours: 0900~1700
  • Admission fee: one day itinerary, 2500 baht for adults, 1500 baht for children (4-11 years old)

The above is our two-day and one-night trip to Kanchanaburi! In the itinerary, we all like to be more compact. After all, going abroad is like a race against time. We always want to experience all the attractions. If you don’t want to line up too many attractions, we think the city of Jasmine can be removed (except for those who love to take beautiful photos online?)

Before heading to Kanchanaburi, we hesitated for a long time. The evaluation of the River Kwai Bridge and the Death Railway was very polar, and some netizens said: I really don’t understand why I went to see this bridge all the way! Let us be a little afraid before we set off. After experiencing Kanchanaburi, we think these attractions are still good, with both cultural history and beautiful scenery. But it is also a railway. If the River Kwai Bridge and the Death Railway can only choose one, we may recommend the Death Railway even more.

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