[Accommodation in Ayutthaya, Thailand] Accommodation for two persons is less than one thousand yuan! Zleepinezz Wen Qingfeng Hotel, within walking distance to the must-visit attractions Mahathat Temple, Tree Buddhism, Ayutthaya Night Market.

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This time I want to share with you our stay in Ayutthaya. The location is very good. There are many well-known attractions nearby: Mahathat Temple, Tree Hug Buddha, Ayutthaya Night Market, etc. There are also massage shops recommended by the proprietress. The CP value of the accommodation is super high. Two people stay for less than 1,000 yuan a night. The price also includes a simple breakfast. The room is also very clean. It is very suitable for friends who don't want to spend too much money on accommodation! Take a look at the introduction of Zleepinezz below.

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Zleepinezz's white walls and warm wooden floors are very bright and clean. The whole accommodation experience is just like the name of the hotel: sleep well, there will be no fear of living outside, it is as reassuring as if you are back at home, you accidentally forget that this is Thailand, which is thousands of kilometers away from Taiwan.

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Our room is on the second floor. The lady boss briefly introduced the location of our toilets and bathrooms, and also gave us magnetic cards and room keys to enter and exit the door. Downstairs is the shared kitchen, which has free ice cubes, water and various tea bags, which can be taken freely, and the shared bathroom behind.

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The hotel provides a free simple breakfast (some toasts, boiled eggs, fruits and small snacks). You can enjoy it directly in the lobby when you get up in the morning. There are also a variety of jams in the refrigerator for smearing.

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Our room is a simple double room, the space is not very large (but it is enough to open the whole suitcase and spread it on the floor). They also have single beds, which are also very suitable for backpackers who travel alone. In the night we stayed, the music outside was a bit loud and the soundproofing was poor, but because we had a full schedule every day, it was not a big problem for us to fall asleep as soon as we hit the bed.


The price is about eight hundred for two people, and the price is less than one thousand. Judging from the location and comfort level, it is very cost-effective! If it is about 400 single beds, there are also family rooms to choose from, whether you are traveling alone, couples, or family travel!

Recommended nearby attractions

  • Ayutthaya Night Market (about five to ten minutes walk)

Almost clothes and food are sold here, and most of the people who come to visit are locals. It is a very local night market. Unlike in Taiwan, it’s very late. The night market in Ayutthaya starts to close up soon after 9:10. It is recommended that you can stroll around after dinner. If you have the courage to challenge the roadside stalls here, you can also try these dishes. Local snacks!

  • Tree embracing Buddha and Wat Mahathat (about ten to twenty minutes walk)

Wat Mahathat can be said to be a must-see attraction in Ayutthaya. It has many characteristic Khmer pagodas, which have left historical traces due to the war and are listed as important world cultural relics. The Buddha in the magical tree is also a must-photograph in Mahathat Temple.

  • Chaiwatthanaram Temple (need to reach by car or car)

It has many Khmer-style pagodas. After the war, the Buddha statues were destroyed by the Burmese army and turned into headless Buddha statues, which are listed as world heritage sites. Because it is a religious sacred place, it is stipulated that the dress should not be too revealing (shorts or sleeveless is prohibited), and you can rent Thai clothes to experience wearing vintage clothes.


Zleepinezz Youth Hostel Ayutthaya, Thailand

  • Address: 9/13 Maharat Road T.PratoochaiAyuthaya, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya, Thailand
  • Website: https://www.facebook.com/zleepinezzayutthaya/
  • Phone: +66 65 203 8448

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