【Thailand Self-Service Travel】Bangkok, Ayutthaya and Kanchanaburi are only 20,000 yuan per person! With a five-day and four-night itinerary, the petty bourgeoisie can also live in a water house!

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In Thailand's five-day and four-night itinerary, we were on low-cost flights departing early and returning late, so we actually played for almost five full days! This article will record Thailand’s five-day and four-night self-service itinerary, as well as our round-trip air tickets (Taoyuan International Airport TPE-Bangkok Don Mueang Airport DMK), four nights accommodation (including one-day luxury water house), transportation (two-day car rental) , Three-day taxi, tuk-tuk and passenger transportation), food and travel expenses. Not much to say, let’s take a look at how our self-service this time is arranged!

Five days and four nightclubs in Thailand

Then take a look at our five-day spending in Thailand! After deducting massage and souvenir consumption,It costs about 20,000 yuan per person. Apart from air tickets and car rentals, the more expensive ones are the accommodation in the z9 water house and the dinner of the day. Z9 stayed for two people at NT$4,500 per night, and the a la carte dinner was so happy for the two of us to have 1,500. The ElephantsWorld ticket plus one-day trip cost NT$2500 per person.

projectspendDetailsAverage one person
Air tickets13860Low cost airline (go early and return late)6930
Car rental2500Nissan Almera1250
stay9500Ayutthaya Zleeping+Z9 Reosrt+ Khao San Road Hostel4750
food6436Five-day food cost for two people3218
Tickets7200Includes ElephantsWorld one-day itinerary,
The Grand Palace, Wat Pho, etc.
Local traffic1613Taxi + Tuk Tuk + Bus806.5

Day1Itinerary/Bangkok to Ayutthaya

09:40 Taoyuan International Airport (TPE) → 12:30 Bangkok Don Mueang Airport (DMK) → 13:15 Rent a car → 14:00 Depart Don Muang → 15:30 Arrive in Ayutthaya → Chaiwattanaram Temple → 17:00 Chao Phraya Riverside Restaurant → 18:00 Wat Mahathat → Check in B&B → Massage → Ayutthaya Night Market 
1 1

Thailand is divided into tourist visas and visas on arrival. We have chosen a free visa on arrival. After getting off the plane, we rushed to the visa processing office immediately, took out the hotel printed in advance, round-trip air tickets and other related information, and it only took 20 minutes to enter the customs easily.

The visa on arrival was stricter. At that time, there were only two counters. The guests next door didn't print out the information first, and they kept looking for the mobile phone booking information. In addition, the language was blocked. The whole counter was stuffed for several minutes, only our counter was moving. If you want to save time and enter the country as soon as possible, you must arrive at this gate as soon as possible after getting off the plane, otherwise you will be afraid of being jammed for a long time! After that, we walked to the Chic Car Rent in the terminal and drove to Ayutthaya at 2pm.

It took about an hour and a half to arrive in Ayutthaya. After visiting Chaiwatthanaram Temple, we went to a river view restaurant near the Chao Phraya River to enjoy the scenery while eating. Then go to Wat Mahathat, stay at the zleepinezz B&B near Mahathat Temple, take a massage and visit the night market in Ayutthaya.

Because the rental time is longer than expected, and because we have to wait for the car to come, we also have a meal by the way. It was already afternoon when we arrived in Ayutthaya, and the sunset had fallen when we arrived at Wat Mahathat, and it was a pity that we didn't spend much time visiting Wat Mahathat. Counting that we actually only stayed in Dacheng for a long time, it was a bit rushed, so I suggest staying for a whole day.

[Thailand] Full record of self-driving! Rent a car from the airport to Ayutthaya and Kanchanaburi for three days and two nights, matters needing attention and planning!

[Thailand Ayutthaya] Two people are less than one thousand yuan! Accommodation at Zleepinezz Youth Hostel, within walking distance to Mahathat Temple, Tree Embracing Buddha, and Ayutthaya Night Market.


Depart at 08:30 → Arrive at Big C Mall in Kanchanaburi for lunch → 12:30 Bridge on the River Kwai → 14:00 Jasmine City → 16:00 Death Railway → Check in at Z9 Resort at 18:30 → Enjoy Z9 Resort dinner
2 1

Because there were not many Thai baht exchanged at the airport the day before, we first went to the bank in Ayutthaya to exchange money before leaving for Kanchanaburi. After about two hours' drive, fill up your stomach at Big C Shopping Mall in Kanchanaburi, and then head to the River Kwai Bridge to stay for an hour. There is a paid parking lot nearby where you can park your car for one hundred baht per time.

After that, we went to the ancient city of Jasmine, which was built with a lot of money in Thailand. The consumption in the city of Jasmine requires ancient coins, so we exchanged 500 baht ancient coins, but in the end we didn’t buy anything, and we went back almost intact ? In the city of Jasmine, it took about 20 minutes to drive to the famous Death Railway.

It is very good to take pictures on the Death Railway, with a cliff on one side and the River Kwai on the other. You can take a magnificent feeling no matter how you shoot it. Fortunately, I encountered the train passing by, and the group hurried to the platform to take pictures of the train. Later, because of concerns about fewer street lights at night and the Z9 Resort is located in a more remote area, we left the Death Railway before the sun set. .

[Kanchanaburi, Thailand] Z9 resort infinite lake view water house, high-end resort floating on a tranquil dam!

[Kanchanaburi, Thailand] In addition to Bangkok, also have fun here! Kanchanaburi, which is super close to the local residents, introduces the scenic spots on the road for two days and one night.

Day3Itinerary/Elephant Park

Departure at 09:00 → Arrive at Elephants World at 10:00 for a one-day itinerary → Leave Elephants World at 16:00 → Return to Don Mueang at 19:30 → Check in at Khao San Road Hotel at 20:30
3 1

We got up early that day. After enjoying the breakfast in the buffet bar, we rented a free canoe from Z9 Resort and happily ran to the lake for canoeing. Since ElephantsWorld's itinerary started at 10:00, we hurriedly left the resort at around 09:00 by kayaking. ElephantsWorld’s one-day itinerary includes various interactions with elephants, and there is a buffet bar lunch, which is a very rich (and tiring) day?

We left Kanchanaburi Cloister Man Airport at about four o'clock. The traffic near the airport was very congested. It took us an hour longer than expected to return the car. The Z9 Resort was a bit tight on this day, and I couldn't take a good rest in the resort. If you re-arranged again, you might consider taking a half-day itinerary in the Elephant Park instead of a one-day itinerary, and want to be more comfortable playing waste in the resort ???

[Kanchanaburi, Thailand] Come to Thailand to wash the elephants! Kanchanaburi ELEPHANTSWORLD Elephant Friendly Park is a great value day trip!

Day4Itinerary/Bangkok Floating Market

Departure at 08:30 → 10:00 Damnoen Saduak Floating Market → 12:00 Maeklong Railway Market → 15:00 Amphawa Floating Market → 20:00 Asiatique Riverside Night Market → Check in at Khao San Road Hotel
4 1

This day we took a bus from Bangkok to the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market. The whole journey took about an hour or two as fast as two hours, and then I joined the Australian backpacker couple I met on the bus and entered the market by boat.

On this day, because of the close distance between the attractions, Maeklong Railway and Amphawa Floating Market, we all took tuk-tuk and taxis to and from the various attractions. In the evening, take the bus back to downtown Bangkok, then transfer to a taxi to Asiatique Riverside Night Market.

Although it is called a night market, the Riverside Night Market gives us a feeling similar to the Outlet Huatai Outlet in Taoyuan. The decoration is very literary and beautiful, and the items on sale are quite distinctive. It is not the same as other night markets. It is a night market that ALLIE loves. If you want to live in the Riverside Night Market again, it is better than Khao San Road. The Riverside Night Market is more spacious and has many atmospheric restaurants, which is quieter than Khao San Road. (Of course, if you love moving times, you will love Khaosan Road more ?)

[Bangkok, Thailand] Just want a strong Thai flavor! An overview of the one-day itinerary of Damnoen Saduak, Amphawa Floating Market, and Maeklong Railway.

Day5Itinerary/Bangkok City

Departure at 08:30 → 09:30 Bangkok Grand Palace, Temple of the Emerald Buddha → 11:30 Wat Pho → 13:10 Wat Arun → 15:00 Chatuchak Weekend Market → 20:00 Bangkok Don Mueang Airport → 00:40 Taoyuan International airport

This day we walked from Khao San Road to the Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaew in Bangkok. It can be said to be a must-visit place when you come to Bangkok, but it's really good for a lot of people. The recommended stay time is about two hours.

Because it was too hot at noon and carrying a big bag on our back, we chose to take a tuk-tuk to Wat Pho. There is a 30-meter-long Buddha statue in the Reclining Buddha Temple. There are also many pagodas around it. It is easy to find places with few people to take pictures (compared to the Grand Palace with much fewer people ?). Then we walked to the port to take a boat and crossed the Chao Phraya River to Wangmei Temple of Arun.

The half-day trip to worship Buddha is over, and I am ready to return to Taiwan. Then we took a taxi to the Chatuchak Weekend Market. The Chatuchak Market is very, very big. It is impossible to go shopping in half a day. We can only go shopping for a few streets to have a dry addiction.

[Thailand]Buddhist worship tour in downtown Bangkok, a half-day walking guide to the magnificent Grand Palace, Wat Pho, and Wat Arun!

Thai Five Days and Four Nights Audiovisual Diary

The above is the total itinerary and total cost of our five days and four nights. Thailand can really be said to be a fun and cheap place. It is super suitable for petty bourgeoisie to travel! If you like us, take a look outside Bangkok, Kanchanaburi and Ayutthaya are both good choices!


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