[Recommended by Wulai Hot Springs] Lover Hot Springs cheap double room, only 200 yuan per person! Good ventilation, with TV, SPA!

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This winter is extremely cold, and the number of bathing times is almost endless. Today, I will introduce a hot spring in Wulai Hot Spring Street, a super super super cheap hot spring-Lover Hot Spring. I originally thought that it might be relatively rudimentary under par, but we were wrong. Their soup house is also very good. Not only is the hot spring pool large, with a TV to watch, it also has a jacuzzi, which is completely unexpected. This kind of landscape soup house is 200 yuan per person, which is already the ultimate parity!

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Lover Hot Spring| Soup house

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▲ A cheap hot spring hot spring house located on the hot spring road
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Lover Hot Spring|Yunya Information

  • Hot spring bath time: 60 minutes
  • Bathing supplies, simple shower heads, and towels can be borrowed from the counter
  • No parking lot
  • TV and Jacuzzi in the landscape hot spring

Lover Hot Spring|environment

There are really many cheap soup houses on Wulai Hot Spring Street-because of the low prices, there are always many guests every holiday. The proprietress of the lover’s soup house greeted us cordially and enthusiastically. At that time, we chose the landscape soup house for two hundred yuan per person. There are shutter-like pages in the landscape soup house that can be resized by itself. The outside scenery is wild streams and green trees. The environment is very airy and will not feel sultry. This is really great. If you want a cheaper and simpler soup house , You can also chooseExquisite Soup House,One talent one hundred yuan, But the picture should be without windows.

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▲ Room type of landscape soup house

The layout of the soup house is quite ingenious and does not make people feel crowded. A few plants are planted in the window area, which is poetic and picturesque. The most surprising thing is their bath. The space for two people is quite large, and there is also a massage water column. You can massage while taking a bath. It is super relaxing. The quality of Wulai spring is clear and transparent sodium bicarbonate spring, colorless and odorless. It is a bit smooth to the touch, and it is also commonly known as beauty soup because it is good for the skin.

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▲The jacuzzi in the landscape hot spring

We come to have a bath on weekdays, so we can use the soup houseOne hour, There is plenty of time. When we turned on the TV, we watched the news in silence. It is true happiness to have enough time to enjoy the bath. ❤️

S 5128326 结果
▲The view of the stream outside the soup house

The soup house has simple bath products, slippers, hair dryers, and simple shower heads. The only thing to note is that the shower water temperature is difficult to control, and it is easy to get hot and cold. Please use it carefully ?

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If you are looking for a cheap soup house, this lover hot spring is quite recommended to everyone. The price is close to the people, the environment of the soup house is good, and the ventilation is good. It is a choice with a high CP value!

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Wulai Lover Hot Spring Homestay

  • Address: No. 83 Wenquan Street, Wulai District, New Taipei City
  • Transportation: MRT Bus/MRT Xindian Line heading towards Xindian, get off at Xindian Station, then transfer to Xindian Passenger Transport to Wulai, get off at Wulai Station and walk for 7 minutes to arrive.
  • Phone: 0226616181
  • Related links:Official website


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