[Miaoli Causeway Spots] Habiqiu Forest, Taiwan version of New Zealand Hobbit House, walk into the Lord of the Rings Shire Green Park! Tickets/transportation/meals.

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Originally I wanted to come to Miaoli Lake to pick strawberries. I wanted to visit the nearby attraction-Hapicchu, but I didn't expect that Hapicchu was so good to take photos and fun. We waited until the sun went down and missed the strawberry picking time? Hobbit House thinks of the peaceful and unsophisticated scene of the Hobbit of the Lord of the Rings. You can’t go abroad and go to the shooting location of Hobbit Village in New Zealand at this time. It’s also great to come here to relax! It seems to have come to the magical world of the deep mountains, let's take a look at what's inside the mysterious Hapicchu Forest!

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Hapicchu Forest|Small information of attractions

  • Opening hours: 9:30-17:30 daily, except for rest on Tuesdays
  • Tickets are 150 yuan (100 yuan can be used to dine in the park)
  • With parking lot
  • Recommended stay time is 2-3 hours
  • Scenic spots along the way: Dahu Winery, Tai'an Hot Spring, Chocolate Cloud Village, Strawberry Garden


To get to Hapicchu, don’t navigate to the address, first navigate to "Taiwan Oil Mine Exhibition Hall"Nearby, you can see many signs to Hapicchu. The signs are pretty clear. Just follow the signs to get there. It’s just because it’s located on a mountain and you will pass a lot of small roads on the way. There is a shortage of manpower in the Habiqiu Mountain, and sometimes the flow of people is restricted. It is best to make an appointment when you go.

  • Address: 366, No. 160, 15 Neighborhood, Shenglong, Tongluo Township, Miaoli County, 366 (navigate toTaiwan Oil Mine Exhibition HallFollow the instructions again)
  • Phone: 03 797 1397
  • Related websites:Hapicchu Forest Official Website
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Tickets for Hapicchu Forest are $150 per person, of which $100 can be used for consumption.Used in restaurants in the park. I thought Hapicchu was just a small place to take pictures, but I didn't expect this park to be quite big! Not only Hobbit House, but alsoOversized swing,Landscape open-air restaurant,twoAnimal parkIt is a scenic spot that can stay for a long time, and we also stayed for about 3 hours.

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Hapicchu Forest|Hobby House

When you come here, you must take pictures with the Hobbit House. The colorful Hobbit Houses are so cute that they stand in rows. There are two areas in the Hobbit House here.Maple Hobby HouseandBamboo Forest Hobbit House. When I took a photo, I found that the door of Hobbit House could still be opened. It was a real house, but the air inside was not so good. I took a peek and shut it up quickly?

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Maple Hobby House
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Bamboo Forest Hobbit House
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Hapicchu Forest|Valley Swing

There is even a net beauty swing to take pictures here! There are two swings in the park, one small and one big. The Xiongxiaolu Swing is a super large swing. Many people line up to take pictures. You have to put on safety measures before you sit on it, because it is really super high. Swinging in the valley, there is a green landscape in front of you, looking at the mountains and forests and the sky, do you feel a little bit of being in Ubud, Bali?

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▲Valley swing
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▲Bear Little Road Swing
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▲The chickens walking around in the park

Hapicchu Forest|Tom Tree House

This is a small tree house. The Tom Tree House in the parking lot is easy to miss. You have to go down after parking. When I climbed up the tree house, there were some ornaments and windows inside.

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Hapicchu Forest|Fenglin Mini Horse

Although it is a mini-horse, it looks quite big, right? There are three horses raised here, called Xiao Budian, Kid, and Imp. Here you can feed them with fodder carrots or pastures. They are super greedy and rush over when they see food!

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Hapicchu Forest|Animal Home

The community is full of various animals, there are sheep, ducks (geese?), and chickens running out of the fence. I wandered here while waiting in line for the swing, and I felt inexplicable healing when I saw the animals. ❤️The duck is super naughty, not only croaking all the time, but also stepping on other animals. I think it’s the little overlord here. ?

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▲The duck stepping on the sheep (?)
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Hapicchu Forest|Restaurant with a view

I was tired from walking in the park and came to the restaurant to sit down. By the way, I used up the voucher for the ticket. Each meal can be discounted for 100 yuan, but each meal can only be used for one voucher. There are many choices of restaurants in the park, including pasta, fried food platter, bread croissants, drinks, and pizza and muffins that many people order.

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▲Habiqiu Forest Open-air View Restaurant
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▲Indoor restaurant
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▲Primary school table

Hapicchu Forest|Menu

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Hapicchu Forest|Meals

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▲Strawberry Smoothie

Hapicchu Forest|Hammock Area

Maple Habi House walks up the trail to the hammock area. There is a double swing here, and there are many hammocks that can lie down and sleep?

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Unexpectedly, there is such a paradise in Miaoli. Although it is said to be on the mountain, it has not been driven from the flat ground for a long time, and the traffic will not be too inconvenient. Nearby attractions can be picked up by Dahu for strawberry picking and Dahu Winery. Take advantage of the strawberry season to come here for a day trip!

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