[Korean skiing] Even beginners can play! The ultra-popular Jisan Ski Resort nearest to Seoul, a detailed record of the one-day experience itinerary!

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Speaking of Korea, in addition to super cheap clothes and makeup, there are super cheap ski trips! The South Korean coach said humorously: Skiing in South Korea is the same as skiing in Japan, except that the money is different. This time JEFFY and ALLIE are following a local tour group. The one-day trip is about 1,700 yuan, with all kinds of equipment and transportation, and it is not far from Seoul. It can be said that it is a very high cp value in South Korea. Here is for your reference!

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Image Diary of Jishan Ski Resort in South Korea

We gathered at the Myeongdong subway station. We could see many tourist groups waiting here early in the morning. There are McDonald’s and a cafe called PARIS BAGUETTE CAFE for breakfast nearby. Because we can’t eat in the car, we are especially early to have breakfast nearby. , But it can be seen that there is a lot of people, all of them are tourists who want to travel with the local area.

One-day ski schedule

  • 8:00 AM Departure from Myeongdong Station
  • 9:40 AM Arrive at the ski resort
  • 9:40 AM – 11:10 AM Rental equipment, basic course teaching
  • 11:10 AM – 4:30 PM Free skiing
  • 4:30 PM Return to Seoul
  • 6:00 PM Arrive at Dongdaemun (Arrive at Myeongdong Station at 6:10 PM, Arrive at Hongdae Station at 6:40 PM)

Location of Jisan Ski Resort in South Korea

Shiba Mountain Ski ResortNot far from Seoul, it takes about 40 minutes to 1 hour to drive from downtown areas such as Myeongdong and Dongdaemun. Although the return journey is relatively prone to traffic jams, it will not take more than 1.5 hours at most. Arrange a one-day itinerary, and there is more than enough time to go back and forth on the day, not too rush. The ski resort is large in scale and has ski trails of various difficulties. It is suitable for beginners or experienced skiers.

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Skiing plan at Jishan Ski Resort, South Korea

  • Snow sled experience, snowboard experience, ski experience

If you want to experience skiing, you can choose snowboard or snowboard. JEFFY and ALLIE are family trips, so they chose skis with lower difficulty. Skiing seems to be inline skating (it becomes a super heavy inline skating wheel). If you were a child skating, you should be able to get started quickly, but when you brake, your feet have a slightly inner A-shape. The veneer is like a skateboard, with two feet standing on the same board at the same time.

If you feel that the difficulty of skiing is still too high, and just want to take a look at the snow briefly, you can choose a simpler snow sled. The whole body is lying in the snow sock, no matter how scared people are, they won't be nervous anymore! Just be aware that the snow sled itinerary is different from other ski resorts. If it is a family trip, it is recommended to choose the same experience program.

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  • Do I need to purchase an additional cable car?

If you really want to say, ALLIE feels that people who experience it for the first time don't need to buy a cable car! The ski resort is divided into several difficult ski trails. Generally, the first experience will only be on the simplest ski trail, and there are escalators over there, you can take the highest point of the primary ski trail, slide down from the highest point, and you can play It must be exciting! Unless you are super fast, like to challenge the speed, or are experienced skiers, you can consider buying a cable car. The daily cost is about NT$200.

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Shiba Mountain Ski Resort Equipment Rental

For passengers who don’t have their own ski equipment, don’t worry. Many day trip costs include rental equipment, including goggles, helmets (many people don’t borrow them), gloves, snow jackets, snow pants, snow shoes, snowboards, etc. You can borrow them, so you don’t have to take too much luggage to go to the ski resort, so you can save more effort on skiing! The Shiba Mountain Ski Resort itself can be rented, and there are also many shops outside with rental services, which is very convenient. The one-day itinerary purchased by JEFFY and ALLIE this time also includes free clothing rental. The rental clothes are very complete in size, from small to large sizes. In addition, when renting equipment (snowboards and snowshoes), the service staff will give us A record sheet, there are four places on it that need to be stamped, two are stamps that will be stamped when renting snowshoes and snowboards, and the other two are stamps that will be stamped when returning. When leaving the venue, you must cover four Yo! Since the tour guide exchanges the certificate for the record sheet, this record sheet must not be lost~

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▲The rental record form that needs to be kept well
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▲Rent ski shoes

Shiba Mountain Ski-Chinese Instructor Ski Course

We first bought a local itinerary in Taiwan. The whole journey was accompanied by a Chinese instructor who taught us simple skiing skills: putting on and taking off snowshoes, braking, sliding, falling, and standing. The teaching process takes about an hour. There are about a dozen people in a group. The coach can take care of everyone. Because it's just to experience skiing, it is very difficult to learn right away for the first time, and it takes time to practice well to slide smoothly. When you become more proficient, you can start to challenge higher places. It is not easy to climb slopes when wearing snowboards. You can also take off and use walking up, or take the escalator to challenge! If you want to take beautiful photos, it is recommended to climb to a high place (the background is not full of people). Don't be afraid to be too high and dare not slide down. If it really doesn't work, let's go down! Everyone here is a beginner, and falls and wrestling are all small cases!

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▲The coach taught us the skiing posture one by one
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Shiba Mountain Ski Resort Dining

There are many restaurants in the ski resort, including Burger King, Korean Fried Chicken, Ramen, Don Rice, Tonkatsu, etc. The prices are a little higher than the outside. We ordered two set meals, Tonkatsu and Ramen, which cost about NT$300 each. The restaurant uses a self-service machine to order food, with Chinese in it, and then pick up the food at the corresponding counter.

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▲You can lock the skis outside while eating

The above is our one-day itinerary! If you have the opportunity to come to Korea in winter, you must come to experience skiing during the day, and go shopping in the city at night, so that the whole itinerary will be full, and it will be super good to sleep after returning to the hotel!

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