[Korea Hongdae Food] Hongdae Pork Chamber of Commerce-300 won Korean barbecue all-you-can-eat, high CP value restaurant recommendation!

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South Korea must try the famous Korean fried chicken, spicy fried rice cakes, and Korean barbecue! Today I’m going to introduce an all-you-can-eat barbecue located in the Hongdae business district. It is only a five-minute walk from the subway Hongdae Station. The cost of an all-you-can-eat meal is less than NT$400 per person (visited on 2020/01/27 ), the CP value is very high! Let's take a look at this restaurant with location, taste and price-Pork Chamber of Commerce Hongdae Branch (강남 돼지상회 무한리필 홍대점) Bar!

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This is Jeffy's first visit to Seoul. Taipei's all-you-can-eat barbecue costs NT$500 or NT$600. It is really ecstatic to see such a low price! But in addition to cheap meat, what is even more complimented is the boneless fried chicken in this restaurant, which is very, very delicious! (Come here to definitely point to Plan B or Plan F to enjoy it) The crispy fried chicken is paired with a greasy salad and topped with a unique Korean sauce. Unconsciously, bowl after bowl will continue. After returning to Taiwan, we all missed that. The taste of fried chicken!

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Jeffy is not very picky about food (meat XD in his mouth), he thinks there is no big problem with the food in this restaurant, and Allie thinks that the price is very cheap, so the quality of meat can not be too high, commonly known as Jia Just rough and full! The only regret is that almost all of them are pork options. After all, they are called the Pork Chamber of Commerce. For beef, there is only one type of beef ribs.

Pork Chamber of Commerce Package Plan and Price

Mainly divided into A, B, F plan.
Plan AIt is a preliminary all-you-can-eat plan, which includes beef streaky, pork streaky, pork neck and other types, as well as lettuce, and the price is 12,900 won.
Plan BIt has more boneless fried chicken than plan A, and the price is 14,500 won.
Plan FThere are more rice, drinks, and cold noodles. The price is 16,900 won. The water part is free and unlimited, but since it is all-you-can-eat, we chose plan B without rice, and we are ready to fight. Hundred rounds! Plan C mentions that if you come to dine at a specific time, you can enjoy 500 won plus the purchase of the following drinks, the CP value is really very high!

plan Plan APlan BPlan F
content Pork such as beef belly, pork belly, and pork neckPork such as beef belly, pork belly, and pork neck,All-you-can-eat boneless fried chickenPork such as beef belly, pork belly, and pork neck, Boneless fried chicken all-you-can-eat, rice, drinks and cold noodles all-you-can-eat
price12900 won14,500 won16,900 won
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Pork Chamber of Commerce Transportation

Take the subway to the subwayHongik University Station(It is also often called Hongik University Station or Hongik University Station). Go out along Exit 9 and go straight until you see a big SPAO at the opposite street and turn left (also known as the Hongik-ro road) ), then go straight, when you encounter the second intersection, turn right and cross the road into the smaller branch line, and then continue walking inward until you see the fork road, choose the one on the right, you can see The red obvious sign (as shown below), congratulations on finding it! The journey takes about 10 minutes. If you really can’t find it, you can also navigate the Harry Potter Café directly, walk along the road, and you can see it before you reach the Harry Potter Café!

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The above is the introduction of this restaurant. How to get from the subway station and the way of consumption are recorded in the article. It is highly recommended that you visit this restaurant if you go shopping near the Hongdae business district!

Pork Chamber of Commerce Hongdae Branch (강남 돼지상회 무한리필 홍대점)

  • Address: 28 Hongik-ro 5an-gil, Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul,
  • Business hours: 11:30 ~ 24:00
  • Price: Plan A 12900 won, Plan B 14500 won, Plan F 16900 won

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