[Taoyuan Camping] Flying squirrels are not thirsty camping area, luxurious South African hunting tent, just move in with a set of clothes!

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Today, I will introduce the luxury camping in Taoyuan Fuxing District-Flying Squirrel Not Thirsty Camping Farm's South African hunting tent. Flying Squirrel Buthi is located in Fuxing District, Taoyuan City, about 900 meters above sea level, you need to drive to reach it by yourself. The roads to the camp area are relatively narrow, and you need to be very careful in the car, but it is also because of its remote location. After arriving in the camp area, there will be a feeling of leaving the crowd and relaxing. ❤️

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▲This time I went to Glamping in the flying squirrel not thirsty camp

Flying squirrels are not thirsty | South African hunting tent

The South African hunting tent should be regarded as the perfect interpretation of Glamping that has been smashed in recent years! Glamping is a combination of Glamorous and Camping, translated into Chinese means luxury camping. This type of camping was first introduced in Europe and the United States, in order to sweep away camping to bring people a sense of hardship and overcoming difficulties. Glamping can be done without carrying all kinds of equipment, such as tents, sleeping bags, cassette stoves, food materials, etc. Spicy things, just bring some change of clothes and toiletries, you can complete lazy camping in the suburbs!

This way of camping is tantamount to benefiting those of us who don't understand camping, but want to try to live in the wild. Although there is a huge gap with real camping, if you want a simple experience of camping, you can try Glamping!

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▲The mountain is very quiet and comfortable at night
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▲It happened to be the Mid-Autumn Festival and the full moon to come here to have a barbecue
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▲Flying squirrel is not thirsty for the scenery on the mountain

Flying squirrels are not thirsty | camping area

Flying Squirrel is not thirsty mainly divided into three major areas, camp headquarters, camping area, and luxury hunting tent area (Glamping area). The camp is mainly used for activities such as campfires and barbecues at night. There is also a small swimming pool for children to play, and the camping area and luxury hunting tent area are provided for tourists to camp. The camping area is about 1,000-1,500 yuan, and you need to bring your own equipment, while the luxury hunting tent is about 2800-5400 yuan (depending on the date), and it contains two double beds. Since we happened to have a lot of people going there, the camp headquarters also provided us with an air mattress.

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▲Starting barbecue~ The ingredients are purchased together with the camp, which is super convenient!
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▲This plate of prawns looks terrific, and any food on the mountain becomes super delicious
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▲Bring my own marshmallows to roast snacks
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Flying squirrels are not thirsty | QA question

What do I need to bring up the mountain?

We live in a luxurious hunting tent, and we only need to bring toiletries and change of clothes. If you want to eat more barbecue, you can also freeze it yourself and bring the ingredients up the mountain. We are six people going up the mountain to play together, and we have brought a lot of board games for everyone to play games together.

What can you do on the mountain?

In addition to being the same as normal camps, you can have a fire and barbecue at night, and you can also walk around the back mountain. There is a trail around the back mountain. The scenery is very beautiful and you can overlook the mountain. Because there are many mosquitoes in the mountains, it is recommended to wear long trousers to prevent mosquito bites. In addition, there are some interesting activities in the park, such as guided tours by little hunters. In the middle of the park, we encountered children wearing traditional Atayal costumes and experiencing bow and arrow shooting in the forest, which can give you a deeper understanding of the aboriginal people. culture!

Will it be very hot to sleep at night?

We went in late summer and early autumn (September). A mobile air conditioner is provided in the tent, which can send in cold air and draw out the hot air in the tent, so it will not be too hot, but remember to turn on the air conditioner. Pull the hot air exhaust pipe out of the tent, otherwise it will be useless~~

About bathroom equipment?

There are three bathrooms in the park for everyone to use. We went there during the Mid-Autumn Festival, and there was no queue for the bathrooms. The bathroom is quite clean, and there is also a hairdryer.

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▲Walk a small circle around the mountain along the path

When Jeffy was walking in the back mountain, he accidentally took the wrong path and entered a grassy area. When he was about to take the next step, he suddenly saw a snake with a grass-colored protective color slid past his feet. Later, the park owner said that it was green bamboo. Silk, also comforted us that seeing snakes is a sign of good luck~ but we are really scared at the moment haha~ When walking in the back mountains, we must be careful with every step under our feet, although we know that if we are not actively attacking them, they will not Will take the initiative to attack humans, but it’s still itchy~~

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▲The flying squirrel is not thirsty for the mountain scenery

In summary, for us, in addition to vacationing, we also experienced some of the fun of camping this time. This is also the reason why Glamping has become more popular in recent years. The whole camping experience is quite fresh for us camping novices. In the future, we will try different Glapming camps and enter the embrace of nature after vacation!

Flying squirrels are not thirsty (luxury hunting tent)

  • Address: Xuewu Road, Fuxing District, Taoyuan City
  • Phone: 0981-650-878
  • Price: 2800 yuan on weekdays, 4800 yuan on holidays, 5800 yuan for consecutive holidays and Chinese New Year

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