[Cebu Bohol Food] Bohol Bee Farm, creative organic cuisine, eat delicious food and enjoy the sea view!

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As gluttons, food is our priority. Every time we go abroad, we will do a lot of homework. Google what restaurants are near the tourist destination with high ratings, and read the articles shared by people who have been there. We are afraid of stepping on landmines. This trip to the Philippines is only a few days, we have prepared ten stomachs, and hope that every meal can leave a deep taste bud in our hearts! The first day is to eat this well-known "Bohol Been Farm Bohol Been Farm"Not only are the meals delicious, but the scenery is also quite beautiful. It is a restaurant facing the sea, and it has a holiday atmosphere. Share it with everyone!

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Bohol Bee Farm bee farm|Transportation

Bohol Been Farm The Google map of the bee farm is still easy to find, but there is no public transportation on Bohol Island, so you can only ride a bicycle or charter a car. When you arrive, you will see a conspicuous big bee on the signboard. Compared with a restaurant, this place is more of an ecological farm, surrounded by lush green plants, passing through the original trails, the restaurant is completely integrated with nature.

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Bohol Bee Farm|Environment

The seats in the restaurant are divided into indoor area and outdoor area. I originally sat in the viewing area to eat and watch the sea view, but due to the weather getting darker (we came too late), and I forgot to bring mosquito repellent, there are many mosquitoes outdoors , I changed to an indoor seat to sit, so as not to spoil my mood.

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▲The sky is getting dark
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▲Looking at the sea is a bit romantic
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▲ I saw the sunset

Bohol Bee Farm|Meals

On that day, we ordered Honey Herb Grilled Chicken, Shrimp Set, Seafood Pasta, and Seafood Shrimp Salad. We also ordered Mango Shake, a must drink every time we come to the Philippines. Bohol Been Farm specializes in creative organic dishes. The meals are delicious and the dishes are beautifully presented. Although the price is high in the local area (similar to the price of restaurants in Taiwan), I think it is worth eating and it suits our taste. I have heard that Filipino food is not very delicious, but we had a very happy meal!

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If you pass by, I recommend everyone to come in and have a seat. There are delicious food and beautiful scenery. It is as good as the reviews on the Internet. It is a restaurant with both environment and delicious food. It can be included in the pocket list of all gourmet tourists. If there is If you come to Bohol Island, you must include this place in your itinerary!

Bohol Bee Farm

  • Opening Hours: Daily 05:00–22:00
  • Address: Dao, Dauis, Bohol, Philippines
  • Tel: +63 38 510 1822

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