[Cebu Massage] Donatela Resort and Sanctuary five-star hotel signature top-level massage, a rare luxury in life!

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What do you think of when talking about Cebu~? Is it a super-giant super-healing whale shark? Or the oddly shaped chocolate mountain? In addition to the above two, I also love Cebu massage! This time I introduce a massage-Donatela Resort and Sanctuary, located in a five-star resort on Panglao Island.
Jeffy’s friends all went diving this day, but because Jeffy had done his pneumothorax a while ago, he couldn’t dive in the sea due to physical factors, so our travel agency-Island crazyHelped arrangeDonatela Resort and SanctuaryThe massage schedule allows Jeffy to wait for his partner to return in a pleasant massage, without feeling too boring about not being able to dive. Following Jeffy’s perspective, let’s take a look at the massage at Donatela Resort and Sanctuary!

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▲Five-star resort-Donatela Resort and Sanctuary
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▲There is a big swimming pool in Donatela Resort and Sanctuary Hotel

Donatela Resort and Sanctuary Massage|Programme

There are many types of massage at Donatela Resort and Sanctuary:Donatela Signature Massage(90 minutes),Aromatherapy Massage by Amu'In(75 minutes) andHilot(60 minutes), introduce the following three types respectively.

  • Donatela Signature Massage − Combining Western and Eastern essential oil massage.
  • Aromatherapy Massage by Amu'In − Amu'in is a Filipino word that refers to soothing and caring. It is the first aromatherapy series in the Philippines and is massaged with essential oils.
  • Hilot − Traditional aboriginal therapy, using heated banana leaves to warm the muscles and massage with a blend of therapeutic grade virgin coconut oil and organic lemon essential oil.

Hmm... It seems that you have to try the massage before you know it! After judging the name, Jeffy finally chose the famousDonatela Signature Massage,
The amount is about 1800-2000 Taiwan dollars. Although the price is relatively high compared to the local prices, it is still a very worthwhile experience overall!

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▲Lobby is carefully decorated, with tropical flavors everywhere.
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▲The overall environment is quiet and comfortable

Donatela Resort and Sanctuary Massage|Environment

Entering the Lobby, the staff at the counter are very kind and entertaining, and feel at home. I heard that the massage staff here are strict, and everyone who passes the resort’s high standards is top-notch. Build a small thatched house in the Lobby, and it feels more like being in the Philippines. Hurry up and post a limited-time update before the massage?

A few minutes later, the service staff took me to the thatched cottage for massage. The environment was very private, surrounded by green plants, and it was a relaxing atmosphere. After entering the thatched house, with the calming music in the house, it has completely relaxed and is ready to receive a complete physical and mental treatment.

S 4259850 结果
▲The service staff led us to the massage place

Jeffy's personal physique is super sleepy. Although he tells himself that he can't fall asleep every time he massages, he should enjoy the feeling of the muscles and muscles being massaged, but he still sleeps like anesthesia, but he feels comfortable after waking up. It feels like being reborn in such hot weather!

S 4259847 结果
▲Massage Philippine thatched cottage

Don't leave after the massage, the resort intimately attached the essential ginger tea for Southeast Asia SPA. I usually don’t like the taste of ginger, but I drank the whole pot here! The ginger tea does not taste spicy, and there was no one next to it when I drank it. Drinking tea leisurely in a relaxed and stress-free environment is really a great pleasure in life?

S 4259844 结果
donatela resort sanctuary spa village 2
▲The massage environment, the picture is taken toOfficial website

Before leaving the resort, I took some photos near the park. In addition to the large swimming pool in the park, there is a separate swimming pool in the thatched house. It feels like you can swim for a day and sunbathe on the sun loungers, which is super stress relief! Next time I have a chance to come to Bohol Island, it is okay to include this resort in the list!

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On the whole, if you want to find a high-end spa in Cebu, Donatela Resort and Sanctuary will be a good choice. Although the price is much higher than the massage in the downtown area, the resort atmosphere, environment and massage quality are also much better. , It is definitely the treatment of the uncle and the princess.

Donatela Resort and Sanctuary

  • Phone: +6338 5108472
  • Address: Km 16 Hoyohoy, Tawala, Panglao 6340, Bohol, Philippines

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