[Recommended beverages in Banqiao] The forest-based beverage of the Tea Moose Brewery, the signature thick fresh milk tea, has a unique taste of black lemon!

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In recent years, the summer has really become more and more hot, and I want to have a drink every day to cool off and heal! On this day, we came to the Yumin Night Market in Banqiao, and opened a new beverage shop on the street lined with various food and beverage vendors.tea moose drink”, come and try it out~ The main signature of this restaurant is fruit tea drinks and fresh milk tea, insist on using real materials, and the drinks are really delicious~ There is a large punch-in wall in front of the store, the decoration is very beautiful, and you can take pictures when you buy a drink!

Tea Moose Brewery|Traffic Location

Take the MRT

Take the MRT to Xinpu Station or Xinpu Minsheng Station, then walk to No. 103 Yumin Street, about a 15-minute walk.

Take the bus

Take 658 and Orange 5 to Xinhai Station and get off, turn right and enter Yumin Street, and walk for about 3 minutes.

Drive by yourself

Navigate to "Tea Moose Brewery - Banqiao Yumin Store” or “No. 103, Yumin Street, Banqiao District, New Taipei City”, you can park nearbyRose Park Parking LotorPublic parking lot.

Tea Moose Brewery Banqiao Yumin Store

  • Business Hours: Daily 12:00–22:00
  • Address: No. 103, Yumin Street, Banqiao District, New Taipei City
  • Tel: 02 2255 3345
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Tea Moose Brewery|Store Appearance

The Tea Moose Concoction is located in the middle of Yumin Night Market. The LOGO is an elk with a lot of tea leaves growing on the antlers on its head. With cute fonts, it is quite easy to find after passing through! Although this beverage shop has just opened, people have been coming to buy it one after another. I heard that the nearby residents are regular customers. If you like drinks, you will always buy them again~

茶麋調飲所 板橋飲料推薦13
茶麋調飲所 板橋飲料推薦11

Although the scale of the store is not large, the owner has also put a lot of effort into the decoration! There is a large ornate punch-in wall at the entrance of the store, which is filled with various plants, creating a fresh jungle style as a whole. I heard that these flowers and plants are all put together by the boss himself, and they are inserted one by one! The decoration also reflects the store's emphasis on natural materials, which makes people feel more at ease~

茶麋調飲所 板橋飲料推薦40
茶麋調飲所 板橋飲料推薦41
茶麋調飲所 板橋飲料推薦45

Tea Moose Brewery|Beverage List

There are quite a variety of products sold at Tea Moose Concoction, and basically any type of beverage you want to drink! From the most simple and pure tea products, to fresh milk tea products, milk-covered tea products, and many kinds of tea products, the options for adding amount are pearl, taro, fairy grass jelly, coconut fruit, OREO and pudding, the overall taste Extra points!

▲The drink menu of the Tea Moose Brewery

Tea Moose Brewery|Signature Drinks

Since the base drink of tea moose has a very special taste, it can be said that each item is a signature~ We are also looking forward to the taste combined with other ingredients, and I feel that every cup is worth trying! On that day, everyone drank six cups, namely fresh milk tea, hundred flowers green tea, rhyme black lemon, lili mango green tea, sugarcane green tea and honey honey fruit black tea.

茶麋調飲所 板橋飲料推薦64
茶麋調飲所 板橋飲料推薦66

Rhyme Black Lemon

The first time I saw a drink with black lemon, I felt so special! I thought black lemons were some kind of fruit more sour than lemons, but later found out that black lemons areLemons that have been fermented for a long time,food with high nutritional value, Tea Moose actually made black lemon into a drink~ Although the name has lemon, it is not sour at all, but has a little taste similar to Chinese herbal medicines such as Luo Han Guo, and the end rhyme will have a bit of bitterness. The overall flavor is very unique. If you want to try different drinks, you can try the signboard!

茶麋調飲所 板橋飲料推薦67
▲ Tea moose blended with black lemon

fresh milk tea

The color of the gradient is so dreamy, I had to let the camera drink it first! Tea Moose's fresh milk tea is made of fresh milk with a strong milk flavor, which goes well with the base tea and tastes quite smooth. Although it is fresh milk tea,Tea moose's fresh milk tea is particularly strong,enough fresh milk, makes people drink more and more!

茶麋調飲所 板橋飲料推薦29
▲The fresh milk tea at the Tea Moose Brewery

Hundred Flowers Green Tea

Jeffy will buy a cup of sugar-free green tea from the hand shake shop every now and then. It can be said that he is a green tea lover~ If you drink more ordinary tea, it usually only tastes bitter. With a little bit of sweetness. After drinking the Baihua Green Tea of Tea Moose this time, I feel very special. In addition to the taste of green tea itself, the base also hasslight floral fragrance, goes well with the taste of green tea, it is a good partner for boring workdays!

茶麋調飲所 板橋飲料推薦1
茶麋調飲所 板橋飲料推薦3
▲Hundred Flowers Green Tea from Tea Moose Brewing House

Grain Mango Green Tea

In the hot summer, it's time to have a cup of mango drink! The boss is very generous,diced mango fruitAlmost half a cup full of drinks, drinking real mango, it is enjoyable! The slightly fragrant green tea is eaten together with the fresh and sweet mango granules, which unexpectedly goes well together, and the mango is also full of taste when you bite it~

茶麋調飲所 板橋飲料推薦62
▲The tea moose drink is made of mango green tea

Sugarcane Green Tea

Although it is made from sugar cane, it is not too sweet or too greasy to drink. The green tea is paired with the strong aroma of sugar cane. Jeffy can't help but think of when he was a child, he chopped and cut sugar cane to eat at his grandmother's house. At that time, he had to bite his teeth until he could taste the sweetness of sugar cane. This cup of sugar cane green was effortless. You can taste the aroma of sugar cane, making people suck a whole cup at once~

茶麋調飲所 板橋飲料推薦9
茶麋調飲所 板橋飲料推薦10
▲The sugarcane green tea from the Tea Moose Brewery

Honey Honey Fruit Black Tea

If you don't want to drink black tea too monotonous, you can drink this cup of honey and honey fruit black tea, which is sweet and smooth.Tea baked with fruit, has a very strong fruit aroma, the sweetness of honey just reconciles the sourness of the fruit.

茶麋調飲所 板橋飲料推薦68
▲Honey and honey fruit black tea from the Tea Moose Concoction

The store often launches many activities. Recently, as long as you buy more than 100 yuan, you can participate in a turntable activity, and you can get a few discounts when you turn around, and the minimum can even be free for the entire order! Next time you pass by Yumin Street, why not order a few glasses and try it!

茶麋調飲所 板橋飲料推薦69
▲Tea Moose Distillery Turntable Sweepstakes

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