[Home-delivery food] Kefulai x Pili Sanxiantian comprehensive nut gift box, the common memories of the elders, and many flavors to wrap your mouth!

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As we get older, we start to pay attention to health slowly, and nuts have always been a small snack that we regularly supplement with oil, which is nutritious and burden-free! Known as the "King of Nuts", "Koffrey Fine Nuts" is slow roasted at a low temperature for 8 hours, and develops exclusive patented dual-living bacteria, Bacillus natto and Lactobacillus spore, which retains the most original nutritional value of nuts. This time, Kefley and "Three Innate" have jointly launched a comprehensive nut gift box with the most Taiwanese flavor, which is very suitable as a souvenir for friends who like Pili puppet show!

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CoffleyNut Gift BoxGift Box Information

  • The original price is $600, the official website limited price is $500, free shipping over 1500 yuan
  • Gift box length 32.5cmx width 15cmx height 5.7cm
  • No added chemical ingredients​, no added preservatives​
  • Product is vegan
  • 8 hours low temperature slow roasting to lock in nut nutrition
  • Contents: Pineapple Nut Seed Bag 25g*3, American Ginseng Maple Syrup Mixed Nut Bag 25g*3, Dual Live Bacteria Pistachio Bag 25g*3

▲Comprehensive nut gift box co-branded by Kefulai X Pili Sanxiantian

CoffleyNut Gift Box|Three Congenitals of Thunder

The package of the comprehensive nut gift box has the classic combination of Pili puppet show.Legend of Swordsman, Theory of Buddha and Sword, Shulou Longsu, There are also single-flavor packaging for a single character on the official website. If you like a specific character, you can buy it directly. But we think that if you want to give it to the elders as a collection, it is better to have three together. The colorful gradient design on the gift box contains three different classic characters, and the matching nuts are different, so you can eat a lot of flavors at once!

▲Three different packages with different kinds of nuts

Koffrey's Nuts areVegan, vegetarians can also eat with peace of mind. Originally thought it was an ordinary nut flavor, but I didn't expect that each package has its own small ideas, which are not the same as the nuts sold outside, and have richer flavors. It is a good partner for watching dramas at night!

▲Buddha Swords X American Ginseng and Maple Syrup Nuts (left) Shulou Longsu X Pineapple Nuts (right)
▲JianzixiantraceX double viable pistachio

CoffleyNut Gift Box| Nutty flavor

JianzixiantraceX double-livebacteriapistachio

Allie likes to eat pistachios very much. She will eat them during Chinese New Year and festivals, but they seldom appear in the comprehensive nuts. When she opens them, she finds pistachios, which is a surprise. The original pistachios have no other flavorings, but they taste the natural aroma of the nuts themselves. The more fragrant the bite! Pistachios are low in fat and calories, which are good for cardiovascular. The small package is just right, and you can eat a little bit every day without overdoing it.

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▲The pistachio shell is like a smile, just like the relaxed and humorous personality of Jianzi Fairy.
▲The more you bite the more fragrant pistachios

Shulou Longsu X Pineapple Nuts

This pineapple nut seed is literally a collection of nuts, withAlmonds, Pumpkin Seeds, Walnuts, Butternuts, Pineapple Chips, a variety of combinations and rich taste. We especially like to eat pineapple crisps. We have almost never eaten this in a nut gift box. It is very special. It is light and crispy when you bite into it, and the sweetness is especially delicious! The pineapples here are made by quick freezing, which retains intact nutritional enzymes, and pineapple enzymes can also promote digestion!

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▲The sweet and sour pineapples and nuts are harmoniously matched, just like Shulou Longsu's diverse personalities and gorgeous appearance, very charming.
▲A wide variety of comprehensive nuts

Buddha's Sword Analysis X American Ginseng, Maple Syrup, Nuts

It tastes a little bitter, but it has the aroma of maple syrup. The elders like it very much. It is not too sweet and smooth. there areCashews, Walnuts, Pecans, It is wrapped with a kind of ginseng from Wisconsin in the United States called "American Ginseng". American ginseng has a precious active ingredient "ginsenoside", which can help nourish and strengthen the body and adjust the body.

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▲ American ginseng can help nourish qi and replenish the body, just like a Buddha sword with a righteous and awe-inspiring personality, which is admirable.

In addition to giving gifts to silver-haired people, it is also very suitable for office workers who are stressed and need to relieve stress. Not only will you feel full, but the calories will not be too high. The key point is that it is very nutritious. After work, you should also take good care of your body! recommend this Coffrey x Thunderbolt Three Innate A comprehensive nut gift box for everyone, during the New Year and festivals, send a unique gift!

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