[Home delivery food] Guliu Guliu healthy and healthy drink, low-calorie and no burden, Taitung Organic Rice Soup Tongxin is newly launched!

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Guliu Guliu, a name that sounds memorable and cute, turned out to be a brand of health drinks. It can be found in Dayuanzi Beverage Store, Carrefour, and RT-Mart! During the epidemic, there is less movement, and it is necessary to control calories. Guliu Guliu is made of natural ingredients. It tastes low in calories and has no burden, full of satiety, and has a variety of tastes. Allie especially likes to drink their white fungus "Jingliyue" and honey lemon aloe "Xiayu", which are our favorite health drinks recently, and the recently launched Taitung organic rice soup "Tongxin" is also very special. Let's introduce it to everyone!

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谷溜谷溜 健康養生飲品1
▲ Guliu Guliu is packed in a colorful gift box, so cute as a gift!
谷溜谷溜 健康養生飲品2
谷溜谷溜 健康養生飲品3
谷溜谷溜 健康養生飲品5
▲The thoughtful lifting rope on the gift box is super convenient to hold directly!

Guliu Guliu|Product Introduction

The gift box of Guliu Guliu can be purchased as a single item (six in a box), or you can directly purchase the gift box set prepared by the store, and taste a variety of flavors at once! Let's introduce the popular products of Guliu Guliu~

child core

The latest new product, Tongxin, is the flavor that Allie's mother likes to eat very much! Since she was a child, Allie's mother has always loved to eat porridge for breakfast. She always said that rice is very nutritious, and every meal must have rice! Guliu Guliu's child core adoptsTaitung Organic Rice, After a long time of cooking, it becomes a thick rice soup, which is very suitable for the appetite of the elders. For example, the grandma at home often has a bad appetite and can’t eat without food. At this time, drinking Tongxin is very suitable!

谷溜谷溜 健康養生飲品4
▲Guliu Guliu's new Taitung organic rice soup "Tongxin"
谷溜谷溜 健康養生飲品12
谷溜谷溜 健康養生飲品11
谷溜谷溜 健康養生飲品6
谷溜谷溜 健康養生飲品7

There are no additives added to the child's core, which is naturally sugar-free and burden-free, and can be eaten by children and seniors. Sometimes you are too busy at work and you are hungry between meals. You can also drink this to fill your stomach and keep you in a good mood! Tongxin has a light rice fragrance when drinking, it will not be too sticky, and it is ice-cold and very comfortable.

谷溜谷溜 健康養生飲品8
谷溜谷溜 健康養生飲品9
▲Drink some Tongxin when you are busy, and it will also make you feel full if you pair it with nuts!
谷溜谷溜 健康養生飲品10
谷溜谷溜 健康養生飲品27

Also highly recommend their homefull of love, there are six flavors, namelyJingliyue, Naked Heart, Wugu Dengke, Tong Yan, Purple Acaciaas well asHei Qionglu, taste all popular products at once! If you drink by yourself, you can chooseCarton, the price is 489 yuan, you can choose it as a giftgift box, priced at 519 yuan. Divided into two kinds of packaging is really considerate~

谷溜谷溜 健康養生飲品13
▲Cherish the six flavors of beverages in the full-bodied gift box

Jing Liyue

Jingliyue is a drink that both of us like to drink.Fresh white fungus, red datesandwolfberryMade from other ingredients, each bottle has only 71 calories. Jingliyue is very refreshing to drink, and the white fungus Q bomb is chewy, and it is very enjoyable to drink with the slightly sweet soup~

谷溜谷溜 健康養生飲品14
▲Jingliyue made of fresh white fungus, red dates and wolfberry

bare heart

Naked uses a large number ofDongshan Smoked Longan, Red Dates, Goji Berry, and with a little brown sugar, boiled for a long time, the heat is 90 kcal. Naked Heart tastes sweet but not greasy, with a rich fruity aroma. In a groggy afternoon, drinking a cup is very refreshing!

谷溜谷溜 健康養生飲品15
▲Brown sugar-flavored naked heart, paired with fragrant smoked longan.
谷溜谷溜 健康養生飲品16

Wugu Dengke

This bottle of Wugu Dengke is amazing~ It combines peanuts, walnuts, black beans, pumpkin seeds, cashews, and various nuts together. It is rich in dietary fiber, vitamins, and minerals. It is very nutritious! Guliu Guliu's health drinks can be heated, and the taste is quite good as a hot drink in winter. Girls who are afraid of the cold can also drink it!

谷溜谷溜 健康養生飲品17
谷溜谷溜 健康養生飲品18
▲The five-grain denke made from a variety of rich nuts

bright face

Girls who love beauty can't miss this can! Tong Yan is mainly composed ofJob's tearsas well asBarleyIt is composed of barley, which is said to be the holy product for beauty, and the appearance of the drink is also full of girlish pink~

谷溜谷溜 健康養生飲品19
谷溜谷溜 健康養生飲品20
▲The red face composed of barley and foreign barley

purple acacia

Purple Acacia bypurple riceandPingtung Wantan Red BeanIt is boiled and has 165 calories in a bottle. It will not be too sweet to drink, and it is both delicious and healthy. There is a lot of purple rice and red beans under the glass jar, which tastes very satisfying! I remember that Allie was hungry in the middle of the night during her pregnancy, so she got up and secretly drank this bottle, and immediately regained her vitality.

谷溜谷溜 健康養生飲品21
谷溜谷溜 健康養生飲品22
▲Purple Acacia composed of purple rice and red beans

Hei Qionglu

Black Qionglu is the same as Naked Heart, adding longan to boil, but using black fungus as the base, the overall taste is thicker. Each bottle of Hei Qionglu has only 62 calories. Drinking a bottle when you are hungry will not make you fat at all!

谷溜谷溜 健康養生飲品23
谷溜谷溜 健康養生飲品24
▲Heiqionglu made from black fungus

summer rain

Xia Yu is Allie's favorite flavor, and the packaging in the glass bottle is fresh and eye-catching! Xia Yu is mainlyhoney, lemon juice, chia seedsas well asaloe veraMade, one bottle has 105 calories, and it tastes sweet, which is a taste that girls will like, and one bottle will be consumed immediately!

谷溜谷溜 健康養生飲品25
▲Summer rain made with honey, lemon juice, chia seeds and aloe vera
谷溜谷溜 健康養生飲品26

Guliu Guliu|Store information

Guliu Guliu has sales bases in hypermarkets and Shin Kong Mitsukoshi. It also cooperates with Dayuanzi Beverage Stores throughout Taiwan. You can buy it directly in the store. For more information about channels, please refer toGuliu official websiteYo!

Guliu Guliu Taichung Dream Practice Store

  • Business hours: 11:00–20:00 daily
  • Address: No. 117, Zhonggong 3rd Road, Xitun District, Taichung City
  • Tel: 04 2359 9449

Guliu Guliu|Limited time offer

Guliu Guliu's Mid-Autumn Festival gift box is now available for pre-order! The packaging of the gift box has also been replaced with a new one. The coffee color is matched with dark blue. From now until 7/24, enter on the official website95 MOONYou can get 5% off. Mid-Autumn Festival is the most fattening day every year. While eating barbecue and moon cakes, pair them with delicious and healthy health drinks. Let’s watch the moon together!

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谷溜谷溜1 1
▲Guliu Guliu Mid-Autumn Festival gift box
谷溜谷溜2 1

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