[Hsinchu Food] Chuanniu Mu Shiting Guangfu Store, the most delicious roast pork rice, please come here! (with menu)

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It’s often said that Hsinchu is a gourmet desert. McDonald’s is the most delicious one. I’ve been in Hsinchu for a few years to vindicate this statement. Hsinchu’s gourmet food is actually quite a lot! Let’s share a family’s super-rich rice bowl-Chuanniu Mu Shiting Guangfu Store, Not only is the amount of roasted meat is enough, the price is also super friendly, as long as 150 yuan, it can be said that CP is super value! Chuanniu Mu Shiting has opened many branches in the Greater Hsinchu area, including Xinfeng Store, Beimen Store, Dazhuang Store, Zhudong Store, and Guangfu Store. Today, I will introduce Guangfu Store, which is close to Zhuke, at the gate of Zhuke. Outside, a good choice for nearby friends to have lunch!

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▲The signboard of Guangfu Store in Chuanniu Mushiting

Chuan Niu Mu Shi TingGuangfu Store|Transportation

Chuan Niu Mu Shi TingGuangfu Store is located in the section of Guangfu Road, about the opposite of Guangwu Junior High School, near the whole family, with a black background and yellow lettering on the sign, with a photo of the glutinous rice bowl on it.

Chuan Niu Mu Shi TingGuangfudian

  • Phone: 0903902711
  • Address: No. 599, Section 1, Guangfu Road, East District, Hsinchu City
  • Business hours:
    Monday to Friday 11:00-14:00 16:30-23:00
    Saturday and Sunday 11:00-23:00
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▲The seats inside the restaurant

Chuan Niu Mu Shi TingGuangfu Store|Menu

The space in the store is not too big, about 7-8 tables. I really like the decoration of the store. Japanese paintings are hung on the walls, which are simple and distinctive. The way of meals is very simple. The staple food is mainly divided into rice and ramen. The a la carte has fried food, side dishes, and grilled beef and pig to choose from. There is also free chicken soup in the store. Don rice has beef, pork, and chicken. Among them, beef and pork don rice can be made into "extremely heavier" portions, that is, super large portions.

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▲ Chuan Niu Mu Shi Ting Menu
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▲Self-picking soup

Chuan Niu Mu Shi TingGuangfu Store|Meals

Jisheng Beef Don Rice 150 RMB

The amount of meat slices in the Jisheng Beef Don Rice is so much! Although I didn't count the slices carefully, the amount of meat is probably close to 3 plates of all-you-can-eat roasted meat, so the price of only 150 yuan is really very cost-effective! The meat tastes good, it is not too old or too hard. It is served with a unique sauce, rice and a small piece of seaweed. It is super delicious!

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▲Hey beef don rice with a lot of meat!
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▲Heart egg, 30 yuan per serving

Big Mac Chicken Drumstick Rice 150 yuan

Just by hearing the name, you know that this chicken thigh must be very different, but it was still a surprise when it was served. The size of the chicken thigh fills almost the entire bowl, and the aroma of the roasted chicken thigh is tangy. The amount of meat is very good! The chicken is tender and tasty. It's so delicious with rice that you can't stop bite after bite!

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▲The whole chicken thigh fills the bowl

There are some special manufacturer information on the wall of the store, which is provided to those in need. If it is an employee of these companies, they can carry identification cards!

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▲Information of Special Manufacturers

This time, it was a good dining experience. It is difficult to find the location of nearby motorcycles, and it will be more inconvenient to drive. Especially during the dinner period, there is a lot of traffic on the road in Guangxi. Pay attention to safety when looking for a parking space! In addition to these, both the food and the store environment are good, and the prices are also affordable. For those who like to eat barbecued meat, Chuan Niu Mu Shi Ting is a good choice!

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