[Hualien Ji'an Attractions] Keishuin traditional Japanese temple, courtyard landscape pond, full of Japanese style! (tickets, traffic, environment)

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When you come to Hualien Ji'an, a well-known scenic spot, Keishuin, is a tertiary historic site with a long history, and it is also a good place to escape from the heat in hot weather. Although the park in Keishuin is not large, it has many landscapes such as traditional Japanese buildings, landscaped courtyards and ponds. Come to Hualien to play a historical tour and feel the unique atmosphere of tranquility and tranquility here!

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Hualien Keishuin|Transportation

Drive by yourself

Just google "Jian Keishuin" and drive on National Highway No. 5 - get off at Suao Interchange - Provincial Highway 9 - Provincial Highway 9 C - Zhongxing Road.

mass transit

  1. Take Taiwan Railway to Hualien Station - transferTaiwan Good Travel 303 Rift Valley Hualien LineGet off at Ji'an Township Office (Kingshuin) Station.
  2. Take the Taiwan Railway to Hualien Station - transfer to Hualien Bus 1131, 1139 and get off at Ji'an Township Office Station.

Ji'an Keishuin

  • Opening hours: 08:30–17:00 every day except Mondays
  • Address: No. 345-1, Zhongxing Road, Ji'an Township, Hualien County
  • Tel: 03 853 5479
  • Related links:Keishuin official website

Hualien Keishuin|Tickets

  • Full ticket 30 yuan, half ticket 15 yuan, group ticket 15 yuan (more than 20 people).
  • County residents who are registered in Hualien County, children under the age of six, persons with a disability certificate and one accompanying person, and those who hold a tour guide license can enter the venue for free.


  • Small dogs can be held, leashed or caged (not on the ground), while large dogs need to wait or leash at the door (except guide dogs).
  • Paid tours cost 800 yuan per group, reservations are required 3 days in advance, and the reservation line is 03-8535479.
▲ The tickets for Keishuin are as cute as the Japanese imperial guards!

Hualien Keishuin|Environmental Guide

When I come to Hualien, the weather is so good that I want to find a place to rest and hide from the sun. Keishuin is a good choice! Keishuin is almost a classic attraction that we must visit every time we come to Ji'an. Tickets are cheap and there is no time limit. It is suitable for adults and children. Although I have been here many times, I still feel very beautiful every time I go in, with an antique Japanese style, like flying to Japan to visit a shrine in seconds!

▲Jian Keishuin Ticket Office
▲The hawker selling bananas at the time
▲The courtyard is full of Japanese garden style
▲ Landscape Japanese-style pond
▲ Tourist sales department and souvenir shop
▲Prayers for everyone are hung under the eaves

Keishuin was originally an overseas branch of the Shingon sect of Japanese Buddhism. It was the belief center of the Japanese who immigrated to the area at that time. After World War II, it was changed to worship Sakyamuni Buddha and Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva. It was nationalized by the government in 1997, but it still has the function of religion. It is also the best preserved Japanese temple monument in Taiwan.

▲ Japanese architecture with traditional wooden structure

The whole building is made of wood. You need slippers to step on the temple. You can't go inside. You can only watch it from the outside. You don't need to light incense. You can simply complete the worship according to the worship method on the sign.

▲How to visit the shrine

There are also many precious historical heritages preserved in the courtyard, some of which were obtained by the master when he traveled all over Japan and Shikoku.Eighty-eight Buddha statues, guarding the central positionFudo Mingwang, praying for a cureBright mantra a million times stone tablet, the cornerstone of the templeBaidu Stone.

▲It is said that the stone tablet of "Bright Mantra Millions of Times" can get rid of illness and evil
▲The stone statue of Daishi Hongfa
▲ Fudo Mingo
▲Baidu Stone, the cornerstone of the temple
▲There is a hand-water house for worshippers to wash their mouths with a ladle. Currently, it is not open for use due to the epidemic.

The park in the monastery is not big, and you can walk through it all at once. It is recommended to stay for about half an hour to an hour. In addition, there is also a Japanese yukata experience here. There is an unlimited time for 300 yuan, and there is a special dressing service, but the current epidemic situation is not open. If you want to take pictures, you have to add more time!

▲Japanese yukata experience in the hospital
▲The restaurant and sales department on the side

Although it is a religious tourist attraction, it is always full of people every holiday, and the heat is not reduced. Even if you are not a Buddhist tourist, it is highly recommended to walk in and feel the peaceful atmosphere in the park, a touch of coolness under the shade of greenery, and then set off after a rest!

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