[Icelandic Lamb Soup Recipe] Aftertaste Iceland with your taste buds, let's make a look at the traditional Icelandic Lamb Soup!

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One night, I suddenly missed everything about traveling in Iceland. The most impressive time was a traditional mutton soup in a cold winter... So we decided to make our own soup in Taiwan and let our taste buds accompany us to Iceland. La! This time is a pure sharing article, sharing the Icelandic mutton soup recipe, because we are not expert Icelandic food experts, please forgive me if there is a mistake ?Also welcome everyone to share with us the cooking method of Icelandic mutton soup, everyone learns from each other ❤️

There are really few recipes on the Internet. We refer to some websites and foreign teaching videos to make the following soup. Among them, the ratio of potato, carrot, and lamb can be adjusted according to your preference. It is recommended that the lamb should be boned and larger in order to make sweet lamb soup. Because I found many stores and did not see suitable ones, I bought After I took the mutton, I decided to use a larger bone, and the amount of meat would be more so that the soup would taste better!

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▲Pre-prepared materials

As a novice wife, it took me almost half an hour to prepare materials without knowing it?

Prepare the ingredients

Pieces of lamb, two potatoes, one carrot, a little garlic, ginger for seasoning, two onions, half a cabbage, and a little brown rice. In addition, thyme is needed for seasoning. Usually the kitchen does not have this. I went to the store to look for this bottle. It turned out to be there. A can of forty yuan was not expensive, so I bought it and used it.

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▲Thyme seasoning

I saute the ginger and garlic first, then throw in the mutton pieces and fry them. They will be picked up if they are not cooked well and set aside first. Then add onion, sprinkle some black pepper and stir-fry until transparent, then pour all the potatoes and carrots in, add hot water, and slightly submerge all the ingredients. After a while, add half of the sauteed lamb and a few spoons of thyme. Because the pot was too small, I switched it all into a big pot and stewed it.

Later, I will share with other people on the Internet. Most of them are cooked by adding raw mutton in cold water, or you don’t need to fry them first. I want the mutton to be more fragrant before using it. Next time, just throw it in and cook it. Up ??

I did it for the first time, and I don’t know how it would look more like Icelandic mutton soup, so I just made it like an experiment and made it so fun!

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▲Saute ginger and garlic, throw them into the surface of the mutton and fry until the color changes and pick up

After all the heat is boiling, turn to medium and low heat and simmer for about 40 minutes. Then add cabbage and simmer for about 20 minutes.

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▲Add cabbage and stew
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It's done~ It looks like this when you open it. It really resembles the mutton soup you eat in Iceland! Take a bite, um~~ I think it looks like it's like it! In fact, it’s delicious if you eat it right away, but if you want to be more delicious, you can leave it overnight to make it more fragrant.

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▲Mutton soup with costco garlic bread for breakfast is not bad

Looking at the finished product again, I am quite satisfied! This is not bad for breakfast or supper. With bread and souvenir cups brought back from Iceland, it really feels like returning to Iceland! Learned another delicacy, waiting to make it again in winter, it should be more delicious!

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