[London, Iceland] How much does it cost to self-help in Iceland in winter? Air tickets, accommodation, itinerary, meals, nine days and seven nights of Iceland travel expenses are reported to you!

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Although the scenery in Iceland is unbelievably beautiful, the local prices are also expensive. How much does it cost to go to Iceland? Because everyone is quite curious about our Icelandic expenses in February this time, we decided to organize this article for your reference. JEFFY was in the R&D alternative service at the time, and the time to go abroad was limited, so we did not stay in Europe for a long time this time. Otherwise, it would be worthwhile to stay longer for the same air ticket price! The cost before the article is divided into lines, includingAir tickets,stay, And directly contact the local travel agency to purchaseDaily itinerary. The cost of the itinerary will include some souvenirs, snacks, and restaurants.

London+Iceland nine days and seven nights full audio and video recording

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Iceland Self-Help | Iceland Airfare Cost

It’s difficult to take a long vacation for ALLIE to work, so we chose toLunar New Year HolidaysSet off. The air ticket price will definitely be much higher, but due to the leave relationship, it can only be done like this. We fly AirChina fromTaoyuan International Airport (TPE)arriveLondon Gatwick Airport (LGW), In the middle ofChengdu Shuangliu Airport (CTU)Turnaround. The departure time is in the evening in Taiwan, but in London it is early in the morning, just the beginning of the day! The return trip is at 17:40 in the local evening, which can be regarded as the concept of going early and returning late, so that we can play more London! The average cost of all air tickets is about 35,000 per person.

Taipei-London round-trip air ticket 61006 yuan / 2 people (including foreign transaction fee 902 yuan)
London-Iceland round-trip ticket 9739 yuan / 2 people (including foreign transaction fee 144 yuan)

▼Outbound flight: Taoyuan-Chengdu-London-Iceland

  • Taoyuan International Airport (TPE) 2019/02/02 19:55 → Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport (CTU) 2019/02/02 23:25 
  • Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport (CTU) 2019/02/03 01:45 → London Gatwick Airport (LGW) 2019/02/03 05:15
  • London Luton Airport (LTN) 2019-02-03 16:10 → Reykjavik Keflavik International Airport (KEF) 2019-02-03 19:10

▼Return flight: Iceland-London-Beijing-Taoyuan

  • Reykjavik Keflavik International Airport (KEF) 2019-02-08 19:55 → London Luton Airport (LTN) 2019-02-08 22:50
  • London Heathrow Airport (LHR) 2019-02-09 17:40 → Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK) 2019-02-09 12:05
  • Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK) 2019-02-09 14:05 → Taoyuan International Airport (TPE) 2019-02-09 17:20

We reserve a lot of time from London to Iceland to avoid flight delays. At that time, I chose WizzAir which departed at 16:10 in the afternoon, and the return flight was at 19:55 in the evening. European low-cost airlines heard that luggage is more expensive than people. I found out that it was true. Because winter clothes were too heavy, we dragged a suitcase by one person. At that time, we bought two 20kg luggage to check in, and could bring two personal luggage on board. (<10kg, 40x20x30cm).

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▲ Take the WIZZ low-cost flight to Iceland

Iceland Self-Help | Iceland Accommodation Costs

During the nine-day itinerary, two days were on the plane, so six nights' accommodation was booked.
We booked five nights in downtown ReykjavikIsland Apartment(Including kitchen), the total price is22,819 yuan / 2 people(including foreign transaction fee of 337 yuan). We expect to go to southern Iceland for two days and one night in the middle, and then go back to Reykjavik for the last night, and then fly back to the UK the next day. But at that time, the price of booking four nights on the booking website was similar (almost the same) as booking five nights, and we were afraid that it would be inconvenient to move our luggage around, so we booked five nights accommodation in Reykjavik, which is equivalent to Brunnholl in southern Iceland The accommodation actually overlapped with the Island Apartment in Reykjavik for one day. For accommodation in Brunnholl in southern Iceland, please refer to the following article👇

[Recommended accommodation in Iceland] Follow us to chase the aurora! I recommend staying in the Brunnhóll chalet, where the aurora is directly shot from the window of the room!

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And stayed in a cheap hotel the night back to England in IcelandHoliday Inn Express London Luton Airport, Located next to the airport only, the price is2234/two people(Including the foreign transaction fee of 33 yuan). In addition, after getting off at Luton Airport, because it is late at night, I don’t know how the security is going there at night. For safety, we have booked a taxi to take us to the accommodation. The price is1053 yuan(Including a foreign transaction fee of 16 yuan). But it turned out that there is no need to add a reservation, and the accommodation is not far from the airport.

▲Our stay at Holiday Inn next to Luton Airport in the UK

Iceland Self-Help | Iceland Itinerary Costs

We are throughLocal travel agencyOrder itinerary. Two days and one night itinerary in southeastern Iceland (including Brunnholl accommodation, glacier hiking, transportation)RMB 31,959/2 people, One-day tour of the Golden Circle (including snorkeling in the cracks of the Silfra plate)RMB 14324/2 people, Blue Lagoon hot spring tickets are booked from the official websiteRMB 5044/2 people(including foreign transaction fee of 75 yuan).

For detailed itinerary and Blue Lake booking method, please refer to the following article👇

[Iceland attractions] The dream-level Blue Lagoon hot spring, the hair is frozen, but the body is soaked in the 38-degree hot spring, a peculiar experience of ice and fire!
[Iceland Snorkeling] The achievement of snorkeling in Silfra at minus 11 degrees is achieved, swimming in the cracks of the North American and Eurasian plates! Precautions and experience sharing.
[Iceland attractions] Hiking over 10 kilometers of glaciers, looking for crystal blue ice caves! Equipment/Itinerary/Activity records.
[Iceland attractions] One day trip to Iceland's Golden Circle: Silfra snorkeling, Geysir Geysir, Gullfoss Golden Waterfall, how can you miss it when you come to Iceland!

Troll Blue Ice Cave Glacier Hike 4
Troll Blue Ice Cave Glacier Hike 11

Because it took a while to sort out, some may be missed, it probably cost the following table, the price written in the table is the total price spent by two people together.

dateprojectPrice (NT)Remark
2019-02-03Two aircraft neck pillows2305I forgot to take a long-distance flight. I bought one at Chengdu Airport. It was expensive.
London luggage storage847
Transportation expenses2279
2019-02-04Sandholt breakfast928Two cups of coffee with two pieces of bread
Lakjarbrekka dinner4035Shocked by the high prices in the restaurant, we still only order the set menu for one person
2019-02-05Te + kaffi breakfast617
Penis Museum Admission Ticket885
BONUS supermarket purchase2059I bought a lot of ingredients that I can cook myself
Lunch at Noodle Station427Hot beef noodles
Icelandic Street Food518Iceland must eat lamb soup
Bajarins Bestu Pylsur 122A lamb hot dog burger
Pullan Lamb Hot Dog Burger117I passed by and saw this one and bought another lamb hot dog burger
Miscellaneous Branches and Souvenirs1769Some small Icelandic objects (bottle corks, volcanic salt, decorations)
2019-02-06Dim sum at Vic Town gas station261A few packs of biscuits eaten on the bus
Svarta fjaran480Lamb Soup at Black Beach Restaurant for Lunch
Brunnholl spend649Lamb soup and ice cream
2019-02-08Joe and the Juice Laug breakfast765Two drinks and two meals
Consumption within the Blue Lake3939Lunch and Blue Lagoon Mask
Miscellaneous Branches and Souvenirs592
2019-02-09British Platform 9/4 Souvenirs647Two key rings
Beijing Capital Airport Souvenirs1369

All purchases in Iceland are done with credit cards, It's really super convenient, you can use no cash at all. Therefore, it is relatively easy to check the bill. In addition, we exchanged about 10,000 Taiwan dollars in pound sterling before departure, but almost all of it was spent later, so the total cost has to add 10,000 Taiwan dollars.

projectAmount (NT)
Air tickets70745
Spend during the trip29154
Carry-on cash10000
total182288/2 people

To sum up, the total cost of 9 days and 7 nights in Iceland + London this time was 182,288 yuan, and the average person spent about 91144 yuan.It is really expensive, because it is a Chinese New Year flight, and the flight is not particularly cheap. In addition, when I travel to Iceland in winter, I am not familiar with self-driving in the snow, so the cost of traveling with a tour group is still higher.In fact, I still feel that I must go with a group when I go to Iceland in winter. Iceland is very windy, and there are often squalls and snow when driving. If you are driving by yourself, it is really too dangerous!If it is summer, you can consider driving by yourself. The above is the cost of our New Year trip to Iceland. Share it with friends who are interested in traveling in Iceland in winter.

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