[Recommended accommodation in Iceland] Follow us to chase the aurora! I recommend staying in the Brunnhóll chalet, the room directly shoots the aurora!

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Before coming to Iceland, I was obsessed with the Aurora. Iceland is the only country where it is possible to see the aurora in the whole country. With such a romantic factor, we feel that we will definitely see the aurora in Iceland! This time I will share our stay in the Brunnhóll chalet in Iceland. The accommodation is very new and just built. The inside is also very clean and beautiful. The most important thing is that you can watch the aurora directly from the house. Is it a super bonus? ❤️

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Iceland Aurora

There are many aurora bus tours in Iceland. We originally expected to participate in this night chasing aurora tour and ride to the suburbs with less light damage. In the chilly night for several degrees below zero, wearing a thick coat and holding a warm bag, waiting for the aurora to break out.

It's a pity that I didn't have any luck, and I didn't expect to make the trip on the day of departure. It’s very lucky to see the aurora erupting. It depends on cloud cover, aurora index, light pollution, etc. We never thought that it was because of the bad weather and too much snow that day, all tour groups were cancelled, and there was no chance to drive out. . In the past few days in the urban area of Iceland, I didn't even see the shadow of the aurora. I thought I had missed the aurora.

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Later, fortunately, during the two-day and one-day LOCAL trip in the south and southeast, I was lucky enough to encounter the aurora. Recalling that day, the tour guide suddenly ran to knock on the door and told us: Aurora has appeared! Excited, we ignored the low temperature outside and rushed out with the camera. Although there was no aurora erupting that day, it was not very obvious to the naked eye, like a fog, but with the camera for a long time exposure, the green aurora appeared, it was amazing!

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Those of us who have never seen the aurora before are so happy, regardless of the pain of the cold fingers, we kept pressing the shutter. Later, we both walked into the snow without lights, and our feet fell into the soft snow. It was really ice. But for this beautiful scenery, the pain is nothing, the current mood can only be admired.

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Each exposure should be more than 30 seconds faster. Although we have set up the tripod, the photos we took with the feet of photography will still be accidentally shaken. It is really difficult to freeze in such a low temperature night. It was a bit of a failure to take several frontal photos, so in the end we just took a back photo!

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▲The front of the photo shoot is always swaying
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▲Freeze frame for more than 30 seconds, making the back view much easier.
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  • Can the aurora be photographed with a mobile phone?

Aurora can be divided into strong and weak. Because the aurora we encounter is weak, it is almost impossible to take pictures with mobile phones. It needs equipment that can adjust the exposure time. However, if you are lucky and encounter the Aurora Eruption, you can also take pictures with your mobile phone!

Accommodation in Brunnhóll, Iceland

The homestay we stayed at isBrunnhóll, Is a coordinated accommodation in the itinerary of the LOCAL group. At that time, some places were still under construction and renovation, and they were very new. There are many rest spaces in the aisle, where travelers can sit and read or chat, and the decoration is very delicate everywhere. There are wooden floors and wooden walls in the room. It feels like a warm wooden house. It is clean and comfortable to live in.

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BrunnhóllAccommodation, pictures taken from the official website.

There is also a large multicolored woolen blanket on the bed. I really want to take it back to Taiwan. There are many different colors and styles of woolen blankets on sale in the lobby. If you come to Iceland, you can seriously consider bringing home a woolen souvenir.

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BrunnhóllThe aisle of the homestay, the picture is taken from the official website.

BrunnhóllLocated on Highway 1, about a 40-minute drive from Jergu Salon Glacier Lake, it is a homestay, a ranch, and a well-known ice cream shop. Because it is a ranch, it is said that the ice cream here is made of milk produced by the house. If you drive around the island, almost all travelers will come here to taste their ice cream.

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BrunnhóllThe pictures of the dining area in the hotel are taken from the official website.

At three or four o'clock in the middle of the night, Jeffy got up because of excessive excitement, and suddenly saw a lot of stars visible to the naked eye outside the window, and a white band of aurora! At this time, I couldn't sleep even more. I quickly set up the camera and turned off the lights in the room. We started to take the feeling of silhouettes ~ also because of the ranch, the captive fences can be seen in the photos, which are especially embellished with these photos. This is the best memory of the whole journey. Looking out from the glass in the room, you can see the entire starry sky and aurora, which is really romantic!

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▲Taking the starry sky and aurora outside from the window in the house

IcelandBrunnhóllHomestay Meals

Breakfast is a self-service bar, with muffins, boiled eggs, ham, bread, etc. The drinks are simple juice, milk, coffee. Dinner is a la carte style. In the cold winter, we order a bowl of mutton soup. Jeffy also ran outside to experience the feeling of eating ice cream several times below zero.??

img 5582 1
▲JEFFY said that he wanted to experience eating ice in the snow, and in the next second he rushed to the window and asked me to take pictures

Two days and one night with itinerary

Day1: Reykjavik → Seljalandsfoss → Skogar Waterfalls → Black Beach → Jegu Salon Glacier Lake → Diamond Beach → Brunnhóll Homestay
Day2: Vatnajökull National Park (Glacier Hiking, Blue Ice Cave) → Look at the black sand beachBack to Reykjavik

Starting from Reykjavik, first go to the two well-known waterfalls in southern Iceland, Seriaran Waterfall and Skogar Waterfall, and walk along Highway 1 until you reach the black beach. After that, we will stop in the town of Vik, and then we will go to the Jökulsárlón Glacier Lake and Diamond Beach. After we set off from the hotel the next day, we mainly went to Vatnajökull National Park to participate in glacier hiking activities.

Brunnhóll Bed and Breakfast, Iceland Room Types

Room types are divided into Single Room, Eco Double Room, Standard Double/Twin, Family Room, Comfort Double, Comfort Triple. There are shower facilities, hair dryers and TVs in the rooms. The prices are as follows:

Room TypePrice (in Euros)
Single Room91.80 (1 person)
Eco Double Room109.65 (2 people)
Standard Double/Twin134.10 (2 people)
Family Room137.60 (2 people)
Comfort Double137.60 (2 people)
Comfort Triple137.60 (2 people)

Where to stay at Brunnhóll Guesthouse, Iceland

  • Address: Mýrar 781 Hornafjörður
  • Phone: +354 478 1029

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