[Iceland attractions] One-day trip to Iceland's Golden Circle: Silfra snorkeling, Geysir Geysir, Gullfoss Golden Waterfall, how can you miss it when you come to Iceland!

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Before leaving for Iceland, I watched countless geyser eruption videos and saved this magnificent photo on the computer tablecloth. I imagined how interesting it would be to see the geyser right now. The Icelandic Golden Circle is a itinerary that every tourist in Iceland will definitely take part in. On the day's one-day itinerary, in addition to snorkeling, we also visited the well-known scenic spots Thingvellir National Park and Golden Falls. The following will give a detailed introduction to this day's itinerary and attractions!

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★One day itinerary: Depart from downtown Reykjavik-Thingvellir National Park Þingvellir (snorkeling)-Geysir and Strokkur geyser-Gullfoss waterfall-Return to Reykjavik Area

Thingvellir National Park (Þingvellir)

Thingvellir is one of Iceland’s three major national parks, about 50 kilometers northeast of Iceland’s capital, Reykjavik. We took a minibus from a travel agency early in the morning to take part in snorkeling. The streets of Iceland in winter are so beautiful that people can't bear to close their eyes. There is white snow everywhere, and when the weather is fine, you can take super dreamy photos with your mobile phone.

In addition to the rich natural landscape of Thingveli National Park, the most famous is the Silfra Trench. The Silfra Trench lies betweenNorth American PlatewithEurasian PlateIn between, it is also an activity site for snorkeling and diving in Iceland. We came here for snorkeling at the first stop, wearing a dry-type winter jacket. You don't need to take off the outer jacket, just put on the winter jacket. Regarding Icelandic snorkeling, please refer to the article below for detailed precautions and experience experience?
[Iceland Snorkeling] The achievement of snorkeling in Silfra at minus 11 degrees is achieved, swimming in the cracks of the North American and Eurasian plates! Precautions and experience sharing.

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▲One side is the North American plate, and the other is the Eurasian plate

Thingvellir National Park (Þingvellir)

  • Address: Thingvellir, 801 Selfoss, Iceland
  • Business hours: Monday to Thursday: 11:00-18:30/Friday: 10:00-19:30/Saturday: 10:00-18:00/Sunday: 12:00-18:00
  • Price: 28,900 ISK (including a full-day trip to the Golden Circle)

Geysir and Strokkur (Geysir and Strokkur)

Departing from Singh Videli National Park, about an hour’s drive to the super famousGeysir Geyser. Geysir Geysir is a very famous geyser in Iceland, andStroke GeyserCompared to Geysir, it’s a bit smaller, because the two attractions are close to each other, and they are usually arranged to visit together. A large number of spectators waited around the geyser and witnessed the hot water suddenly erupting from the ground to the sky. It was really cool~

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The cause of the geyser is that the groundwater is heated by magma, and the pressure is too high to cause the eruption. The height of the geyser can be as high as tens of meters during the eruption. We stayed here for about an hour. Although we already know that the geyser will erupt, we are still shocked every time we record, showing its power?

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This is one of Iceland’s few places that don’t feel cold. It’s very warm next to the hot springs. However, pay attention to the distance from the geyser. There are ropes around the site to keep a safe distance. Melting ice on the ground is easy to slip and you need to pay attention to safety. In addition to the Geysir and Strokke geysers, there are also some small hot springs nearby that do not erupt. Be careful not to step on them when you walk!

▲Geysir eruption video

Geysir and Strokkur (Geysir and Strokkur)

  • Address: Haukadalsvegur, Iceland
  • Business hours: 24hr


Iceland's second largest waterfall-Gullfoss waterfall, Gulfoss means Golden Waterfall in Icelandic. I believe that 99% of people who travel to Iceland will definitely visit this famous attraction. We admired from the observation deck above, the water splashed from the waterfall, even standing aside, you can feel the water vapor of the waterfall, as if it is raining~ The white snow and the frozen icicles merge together, looking from a distance It's like layers of cotton blocks being pushed down by a waterfall. Due to the high position of the observation deck, there is no shelter around it, so the wind blows so cold in winter! Endure the bitter wind, quickly take out your phone and take this memorable photo!

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▲The frozen Gullfoss waterfall flows down
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photo from pixabay


  • Address: Gullfoss Parking, Gullfossi, Iceland
  • Business hours: 24hr

The above three main attractions are connected to the so-called Golden Circle! In addition to visiting Iceland, you must come to see the Golden Circle. If you are not afraid of water, snorkeling is also highly recommended to leave memorable Icelandic memories!

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