【Icelandic Glacier Hiking】Glacier Hiking for more than 10 kilometers, looking for a crystal blue ice cave! Equipment/Itinerary/Activity records.

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How can you not come to Iceland to see the magnificence of the entire dreamy blue glacier! Today, let’s introduce the must-attend outdoor activitiesGlacier Hiking! In winter, self-driving in Iceland is extremely difficult. It is easy to slip on the road and may encounter strong winds. As the saying goes, you never know how the weather in Iceland will be in the next second. It is not easy to reach the location of the glacier. The glacier hike that Jeffy and Allie participated in this time was purchased from a local travel agency. Let's share with you the scenery of our glacier hike in Iceland.

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Icelandic Glacier Hiking|Procedural Documentary Film

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Glacier hiking is an activity that requires professional coaches. In addition to teaching how to wear and use crampons and walk safely on the glacier, the instructor will also lead a group of people deep into the glacier to prevent getting lost in the endless glacier. Along the way, I will stop to explain the causes of these glaciers and blue ice caves. In addition to admiring this beautiful scenery during the whole trip, you will also be shocked by the physical causes behind it. Each glacier is hundreds of times older than ours! Have to admire the power of nature, human beings are so small in comparison!

At that time, we chose a two-day and one-night trip to the south. In addition to glacier hiking, the two-day trip also went to Seljalandsfoss, Skogar Waterfall, Black Beach, Diamond Beach and other attractions, and stayed at the Southern Chalet in the evening. Bed and Breakfast Brunnholl. I also saw the aurora smoothly on the night of the stay, which can be said to be a perfect journey.

Iceland Glacier Hiking|Itinerary Introduction

In the morning, we drove from our hotel to Vatnajökull National Park. Vatnajökull National Park is located in the southeast of Iceland, covering an area of more than 8,100 square kilometers. It is the largest and second largest glacier in Europe by volume. The 8%, which accounts for about the total area of Iceland, has an average thickness of about 400 meters, and the thickest ice layer can even reach 1,000 meters!

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▲ Two days and one night from Reykjavik on a car with oversized tires
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▲The iceberg scenery along the way is really beautiful and dreamy
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▲The beautiful scenery of the ice and snow outside the window on the way

Coming to the entrance of the glacier, under the demonstration of the instructor, a group of people put on crampons, helmets and equipment, and then immediately walked into the glacier! Although I have already put on crampons, it is still not easy to walk. I can't move forward too fast. The process is not only flat, but also steep hills. It can be said that the process is a bit difficult. The coach here will constantly help, and give a hand when everyone is unable to climb or stand unsteadily. There is also a girl in the same group who is stuck on the mountain because of fear of heights. It is also smooth with the assistance of the coach. Down the mountain. The scenery encountered by each hiking route is different. The blue ice cave you saw this year may move or disappear next year. Therefore, the glacier you see every time you set off has a different appearance!

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▲ Going to the glacier with full equipment

The scenery along the way will be so beautiful that people stop and capture frequently. The coach who walks fast will always look back to see if anyone has left the team or encounters difficulties. Therefore, don’t be too obsessed with taking pictures and pay attention to whether you are too far away from the team. NS.

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▲Slightly bright scenery, the weather was good that day
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▲The ice behind is super dreamy aqua blue
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▲A group of people go down the slope and prepare to climb the iceberg

Under the sun, the picture is full of snow white and dreamy water blue, which is incredible beautiful! We also crossed a small path. The thick ice on both sides is a high wall that has been accumulated by water for hundreds of years and kept compressed. In addition, the coach also took us to the Blue Ice Cave. To be honest, the Blue Ice Cave is not as amazing as the photos we saw on the Internet before. It may also be that we did not encounter a beautiful blue ice cave. In short, it is a hole. Not so dark blue, crystal-like feeling. After all, the scenery you can see during glacier hiking is different every time, and there is no guarantee of what you can see. After the whole activity is summed up, we are still very satisfied to see so many beautiful scenery!

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iceland 冰島3
iceland 冰島2
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▲The ice cubes piled up on the side are several times older than us

Iceland Glacier Hiking|Winter limited blue ice cave

The blue ice cave is a cave formed by the melting of the glacier at low temperatures. In summer, the melting water of the glacier will flow with the glacier and condense in winter. Therefore, the blue ice cave is formed at an unstable location. The amount of bubbles is low, so the oxygen content is low, and the color is darker blue.

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▲The appearance in the blue ice cave is surrounded by ropes and cannot move forward.
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▲At the entrance of the Blue Ice Cave
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▲A closer look at the blue ice cave is like a big block of ice

Questions about glacier hiking QA

Can I participate in glacier hiking in summer?

Yes, glacier hikes are available all year round, but only in winter you can see the seasonal blue ice caves.

What are the special preparations for glacier hiking?

Due to the high altitude of the glacier, the temperature is colder than that of the urban area, so warm clothing and jackets are absolutely necessary. In addition, to exercise, walking more than ten or twenty kilometers, a pair of hiking shoes that are easy to walk is a must. Other equipment, such as crampons, helmets, and ice axes, will be prepared by many event companies, so you don’t need to bring your own.

How much does it cost to participate in a glacier hike?

The cost of each travel agency will vary with the length of the hike and the location. Jeffy and Allie took part in a local tour in February 2019. The price is 17,800 kronor/person, about NT$4,000.

How long is the total duration of the glacier hike?

If you consider the time of the whole journey, from the equipment and entrance to the glacier, to the exploration of the glacier, stop and go all the way, and finally walk out back to the parking lot to meet, the total time is about four hours.

flatOften exercise very little, will the amount of exercise for hiking be large?

For Jeffy, who usually exercises, and Allie, who exercises very little, I think it’s not tired at all, because how tired I am will be diluted by the scenery along the way! In fact, when I checked my mobile phone later, the walking distance was about ten kilometers that day, but I would hardly be tired at the moment of walking! Since there are snow and glaciers along the way, it will be more difficult to adapt to the pace. It is better to focus on your own safety. If the coach walks too fast, you can respond appropriately to the coach, but if you feel that the coach is walking too slowly, just Slow down and take pictures! (But the coaches are all walking super fast, we are trying hard to keep up with those with short legs)

Which attractions can be matched with the surrounding area?

Vatnajökull National Park is located in the southeastern part of Iceland. Travelers departing from Reykjavik usually pass through the southern town of Vík. Vík is a small city with only more than 300 people. If you drive to the east by yourself Passengers, it is recommended that you can supply and rest here. If you continue to the east, you will reach the black beach of Reynisfjara, which is famous for its basalt rock group. If you continue to the east, you will come to the Jiegu Salon Glacier Lagoon and Diamond Beach, both of which are well-known attractions that must be visited in Iceland.

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Finally, glacier hiking is an activity that Jeffy and Allie believe is absolutely necessary to experience when coming to the ice! In addition to long-term hiking to burn body fat, it is definitely a place where you can take crazy photos and post time-limited dynamics!

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