[Iceland Snorkeling] The achievement of snorkeling in Silfra at minus 11 degrees is achieved, swimming in the cracks of the North American and Eurasian plates! Precautions and experience sharing.

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On the first day when we came to Iceland in winter, we chose the difficult plate crack-Silfra snorkeling.
Silfra is located in the Eurasian plate and the North American plate, the junction of the two plates, is also the worldonlyA place where you can snorkel in the cracks of the plate! If the crack is narrow enough, as long as you open your hands, you can touch it at the same timeEurasian PlateandNorth American Plate, Is a very special experience! Here to share with you our experience of Icelandic snorkeling activities, friends who like water highly recommend this activity to Iceland~

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Snorkeling in Iceland | Documentary Film

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▲Frozen to runny nose, the facial expression in every photo is very hideous

Let’s see how we both got cold and runny noses and snots in the movie, and the hideous and awkward looks of hoods ? It seems that it’s impossible to take a beautiful photo of Dreamnet here~?

Snorkeling in Iceland|Itinerary

Those of us who like diving agree that this is a must-attend activity when coming to Iceland! After all, in the icy and snowy environment, being able to float in the cracks formed by the two major plates is definitely an achievement in life! However, you must pay special attention before purchasing this activity. It is stated on the website that participants of this snorkeling activity must be good at swimming. Therefore, if you are really not familiar with the water, don't buy it rashly. The coach will evaluate the condition of the participants during snorkeling, and will suspend their activities if they are not in good condition.

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After entering the water, empty your head, follow the coach’s route and kick freely! The scenery of the entire snorkeling route is incredibly beautiful. Lower your head. Although there are no creatures, you can clearly see the ridgelines of all the rocks. If you look down along the ridgelines, you can also see the bottom of the water. , I have never seen the clarity of the visibility broken! Looking up, he found that he was surrounded by several snow hills, his body was soaked in the water, and his vision was full of ice and snow, which was indeed a very contradictory phenomenon.

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▲The water quality is very clear, you can see the ridgeline of every stone

Snorkeling in Iceland | Related Questions

What do I need to prepare on the day of snorkeling and what equipment do I have?

Just wear yourself very warm that day! Equipped stores will be prepared, and the store will provide overshoes, fins, masks, snorkels, and headgear on the same day. The headgear will cover the entire head, as well as the hair. On that day, I wear dry-type cold-proof clothing, take off the heavy coat and scarf, and still wear a sweater, just put the dry-type cold-proof clothing directly on the outside of the body. After entering the water, only the face will touch the water, and the rest of the body will be dry. During the activity, only a little water will seep into the body, which is normal, so you don’t need to be too nervous.

Special, special attention!

You must not be nervous after entering the water. The coach will depend on his personal circumstances. If he is too nervous after being launched several times in a row, he will be disqualified at the moment! (Disqualification needs to be launched in another day)After all, life safety is still important, and you must adjust yourself before going into the water and not be overly panicked. Basically, anyone who is not afraid of water and knows how to swim can participate. Jeffy is a land duck who can really paddling in his twenties, and he has successfully completed the activity. ? Check the snorkeling equipment before going into the water before queuing up. Check whether the breathing tube is broken, otherwise, if you find it after entering the water, it may cause excessive panic.

Are there really people who are in bad condition and are forced to stop?

really have! After entering the water, the coach will evaluate everyone's reaction and state. There was a Chinese girl in the same group. According to her, she felt that there was a problem with the breathing tube, which caused her to panic. The coach thought she was not suitable for this activity and asked her to go ashore first. But then she said that she was very good at swimming and she also had a wet diving license. Because in such an extreme environment that I have never touched before, it is difficult for the body to adapt to it, which leads to panic. The best way is to adjust your mood and keep breathing slowly, but if it's not suitable, don't force yourself!

What is the snorkeling temperature? Will it be very ice?

At that time, the temperature on the shore was minus eleven degrees, and our group was dressed in the open outdoors. It was really cold, and our bodies were so cold that they were trembling! Hurry up in the car to keep warm whenever you have time. However, when I entered the water and started snorkeling, it was not cold because my body was always active. Allie is a super cold girl (people who wear socks to sleep in winter?), she also said that she is not cold at all when snorkeling, but she is very excited! After the snorkeling ashore, the store offers marshmallow hot cocoa for us to drink very intimately. It is true that the only cold time should be before snorkeling and after offshore.

How deep is the snorkeling?

Silfra is sandwiched between the cracks between the two plates, and the snorkeling process is deep and shallow. At the beginning, the depth cannot reach the bottom, and there is a section of shallow water in the middle, and the body can touch the rock underneath.

What should I do if I accidentally drink water?

It’s okay if you accidentally drink water, even if you are thirsty, just drink it! The water here is very sweet. It is clean water from melting icebergs. Jeffy and Allie especially filled a few mouthfuls of Icelandic water into their stomachs.

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▲Drinking iceberg water

How long is the whole activity time?

It takes about an hour or so from the beginning of the activity to wear the equipment to the end of the snorkeling, and the actual snorkeling time in the water is about 40 minutes.

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