[Preparation before trip to Iceland] Winter self-service preparation: air tickets, clothes, 7 essential items, itinerary, currency, from head to toe!

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With the increasing popularity of low-cost flights, traveling to Northern Europe does not seem to be so far away. Even after Sui Tang visited Iceland recently, there was a gust of Icelandic wind. In order to narrow the distance with Iceland, let us say Tell me what you have prepared before the parade!

Start arranging your Iceland tour

✔ Preparation before departure

Airport transportationWiFi sharing device, Internet SIM card

✔ One-day tour package itinerary

Jiegu Salon Glacier Lake & South Bank Day TourExploring the Blue Ice Cave of Vatnajökull Glacier

Featured accommodations in downtown Reykjavik

Odinsville HotelAndre Guest HouseFirst Hotel Kopavogur ReykjavikR13 – A Townhouse HotelOdson Hotel


IcelandAir tickets

There are no direct flights from Taiwan to Iceland, and all have to be connected. Many European countries provide connecting flights (the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, etc.). In the past, low-cost airlines were not expensive in Iceland. Jeffy and Allie chose Taipei→London→Iceland this time. They first flew from Taiwan to London, and then transferred from London to Iceland by low-cost airline. They stayed in the UK for two or three days, and only went to the attractions we particularly wanted to visit. Although European low-cost airlines are cheap, they also need to add the cost of luggage. Sometimes the luggage is expensive for others. You can bring as little luggage as possible and use your back or board the suitcase. Just add a piece of luggage together, which can save a lot of money.

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▲We took the WIZZ low-cost flight from the UK to Iceland
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▲It was already night when I arrived in Iceland

Iceland currency

How many krona did we exchange in Iceland for six days this time? The answer is 0 yuan! Iceland's credit card is really super developed. We stayed in Reykjavik, and almost all of our consumption can be swiped. We haven't encountered a store that can't swipe. But if you’re really worried, or if you’re going to take a bus, you can bring some cash with you. After all, Icelandic currency is so cute, and many patterns of marine life are worth collecting.

Iceland winter wear

Compared with Taiwan’s warm climate, Iceland is super freezing in winter! We went to Iceland in the coldest February. The temperature in downtown Reykjavik is about 2°C to -3°C. If you participate in outdoor activities such as glacier hiking, waterfall watching, snorkeling, etc., the temperature will be even lower. . When Jeffy and Allie participated in the Sifra crack snorkeling, the temperature was even -11°C. Here is what we wear for reference.


I prepared two to three for the fur hat, mainly because I hope the photos can be changed a little bit more. Allie is more afraid of the cold, so she went to buy a hat with thick bristles inside. If you want some changes, you can also prepare earmuffs. In fact, the main thing is to cover the ears, otherwise the "ice wind" will really cause headaches.


Some scarves can be prepared for the neck part, and the top should wear a high collar as much as possible. However, because of the wetness and coldness of Iceland, the scarf is often wet or uncomfortable because it is too long to wrap around. Therefore, Jeffy and Allie don't have many opportunities to use scarves in Iceland. Instead, they put a warm bag on the back of their necks before going out every day, which is warmer than a scarf!

Upper body

The most important thing is that the outer layer must be windproof and waterproof! Otherwise, no matter how much you wear it, it won't be warm! The onion-style multi-layer dressing method allows you to take off your heavy coat when you are indoors. Many restaurants also provide hangers for hanging. It is expected that there should not be many opportunities to take off the jacket and take pictures, so we spent a lot of time choosing the jacket style we like. The upper body is made of sanitary clothing or heating clothing, and then wear a fitted sweater. Finally, it will be very warm with a windproof jacket!

For the outerwear part, we first bought the outerwear of a well-known brand, and then after considering the price, we bought the more affordable ones.Go fun sport, A lot cheaper with special events. It is also windproof and waterproof. On the contrary, Gaofeng's activity is very light, less heavy and warm. It doesn’t matter if you can’t find a jacket you like in Taiwan. You can buy jackets and woolen products from many well-known local brands in Iceland. Although the price is not cheap, it is a bargain when compared with local prices!

Lower body

Wear heat-generating underpants first, and then wear windproof and waterproof pants on the outer layer. Try not to wear cotton trousers or jeans. They are easy to absorb water and do not dry, and they do not keep warm.


If you don't have gloves, your hands will start to tingle soon after being outdoors, so you must give yourself a pair of gloves! For those who like to take pictures, it is recommended to choose gloves that can touch the screen. When buying, first try to see if the phone is slippery. When in Iceland, Jeffy's gloves are not touchable. You have to take them off every time you take a photo, and because the wind is very strong and cold, you have to put your hands back in the gloves to warm up after taking a few photos, so it's easy to use. Mobile phone gloves may be important. If you don't wear gloves, the degree of freezing is as uncomfortable as riding a motorcycle in the rain in winter in Taiwan, so gloves are very important!


This time I wore wool socks and snow boots in Iceland. The socks were medium-length socks over the ankles to keep warm. The boots are waterproof on the surface and non-slip at the bottom, making it easy to walk freely on the snow without falling down. However, if you are hiking on the glacier, you will slide around like an ice skating while wearing boots, and it is still not effective in anti-skid. At this time, you need crampons provided by the industry.

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▲There is often icing on the ground


Considering the difficulty in Iceland in winter, apart from unstable weather, we have never experienced snow driving, so we adopted a radial gameplay, with Reykjavik as the center point, running out day by day. . Part of the itinerary is mainly through the local IcelandTourist industryAfter contacting them, we purchased detailed itineraries separately. Due to insufficient time, we could only stay in Iceland for six days. Therefore, we purchased the Golden Circle and Plate Cracks Snorkeling Day Tour, Chapel Mountain Day Tour, and Iceland’s southeast coast. Day and night. Due to unstable weather on Chapel Hill that day, all roads out of the city were closed, so we went shopping in Reykjavik instead. Tickets and transportation for the Blue Lagoon are directly toOfficial websiteTo order, please refer to the link below for related articles?

【Icelandic Glacier Hiking】A must-attend activity in Iceland! Glacier Hiking for more than 10 kilometers, looking for the crystal blue ice cave!
[Snorkeling in Silfra in Iceland] The achievement of snorkeling at minus 11 degrees is achieved, swimming in the cracks of the North American and Eurasian plates! Precautions and experience sharing.
[Iceland Blue Lagoon Hot Spring] The dream-level Blue Lagoon hot spring, the hair is frozen, but the body is soaked in the 38-degree hot spring, a peculiar experience of ice and fire!
[Iceland self-help] I can’t get out in a snowstorm! Had to visit Reykjavik, the Penis Museum, Hallgrímskirkja Church, Lamb Soup, Toning Lake.

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▲We choose the local LOCAL TOUR itinerary, with a driver driving
▲The scenery shot from outside the window
▲I watched the sunset many times in the car

Essential items for travel in Iceland

Camera and tripod

In Iceland in winter, there is a romantic element that can see the aurora in the whole country, so bring a good camera! The tripod can help not to shake the picture during long time exposure, so as to smoothly capture the splendor of the aurora. We are not professional photographers, but we have the opportunity to shoot beautiful aurora!

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▲Aurora photographed in Hofn, southeast Iceland

Warm package

The warm bag here is really invincible. Girls who are afraid of the cold can prepare more warm bags. Allie probably bought almost 20 bags and brought them there! Whether it is the grip or stick, it can help you keep warm! Allie's limbs are easy to get cold, and some of them are stuffed in the boots, which is very useful!

Power bank

In a low temperature environment, the power consumption of mobile phones and other electronic products will increase significantly, so multiple power banks are absolutely necessary!


If you are worried that the white snow in Iceland will reflect strong sunlight, you can bring your own sunglasses to prevent excessive glare.

Dry food and instant noodles

The prices in Iceland are terribly high. The simplest bowl of mutton soup costs more than 500 (I miss Taiwan 30 yuan tribute ball soup at this time). If you want to save money on food, you must bring Taiwanese instant noodles. what! In many other activities, you will have to pull the cart. You can prepare snacks and biscuits on the bus to avoid starvation (you may not be satisfied with the food at the rest stop). In short, before going to Iceland, buy it at a Taiwanese retail store!

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▲Instant noodles and seaweed snacks brought from Taiwan, with frozen shrimps bought by Icelandic supermarkets
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▲Experience eating outside restaurants, two people eat a set meal, asking price is about 4000 Taiwan dollars (later I felt that the taste was not worth it ?)

Lip balm or lotion

The weather in Iceland is dry and cold, and heating is always on indoors, so the body tends to be drier. Girls can bring some anti-drying lip balm, lotion and other products.

Thermos cup

Those who are more afraid of the cold can prepare a thermos cup with soup or hot water in it, and drink to keep themselves warm after getting on the bus from outdoor activities.

The above is what we think we need to do before going to Iceland! If you have booked your flight tickets, accommodation, and the itinerary, you can pack your luggage and mood, and you're ready to go!

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