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During the period of running blogs, running around to work has become our lifestyle. Drinking a cup of coffee in the morning wakes up, occasionally goes to the convenience store to buy a bottle of water to drink, and orders a hand shaker in the afternoon. Unknowingly, I use a lot of large and small cups, and the accumulation of time has also produced a lot of garbage. andI'm going to turn the cupJust to solve this need, the main theme is "In fact, you only need a cup" to be able to cope with various situations in life. With a patented design, it can be combined into cups of various sizes in a rotating manner, and it can be stored and stacked, which does not take up space and is easy to carry. With the gradual rise of environmental awareness, many beverage shops or restaurants have also launched their own environmental protection cups, reducing plastic and loving the earth, but also saving their own pockets~

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I'm going to turn the cupCommodity information

  • Designed in Taiwan, made in Taiwan
  • The capacity is suitable for both espresso machines and hand-crank beverage shops
  • The minimum height of the rotor is 11.3 cm, the maximum height is 22 cm
  • SGS inspection is qualified, in line with Taiwan and U.S. regulations
  • Food-grade materials, using Ecozen approved by the European Union, bio-based materials extracted from plants and synthesis of natural materials
  • No bisphenol A, no plasticizer required during manufacture, and no toxic substances after inspection
  • Temperature resistance -20 degrees to 100 degrees Celsius
  • Microwave can be used, each heating does not exceed 600W, and does not exceed 3 minutes
  • Dishwasher cleanable

Yiwo turn the cup|Appearance

Yi Wo Zhuan Zhuan currently comes out in four colors, solid color models are availableMisty transparent colorandSweet milk tea color, And the mashup hasFoggy Milk TeaandFoggy black. In addition, you can also purchase cup lids, bottom cups and cup bodies of different colors to mix and match each other to create your own style.

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Misty transparent color

The misty transparent color is a favorite of Jeffy. The transparent cup body with a matte surface looks very textured. Putting water in it makes it look good, and you can drink a large bottle without knowing it. In addition to rotating the cup, the kraft carton also contains a food-grade silicone straw and a rope, which is very practical. The straw is a thick straw, which conforms to the habit of Taiwanese people who love to drink supplementary drinks, and is also relatively easy to clean.

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▲The rotating cup comes with a straw and a carrying rope
IMG 9234 结果
▲ Open the carton with a top cover, a bottom cup, a bottom cover, and two cup bodies

In addition to the rope, there is also a reusable non-woven bag in the packaging, which emphasizes environmental protection and no waste.

IMG 9329 结果
▲The non-woven bag included with the rotating cup

Sweet milk tea color

The elegant and gentle milk tea color is a color that many girls will like, and you will feel better when you see it! The first time I saw the Zhuan Zhuan Cup, I felt incredible. The super storage design can combine so many components into a small cup, just like playing Lego, spelling out the shape you like, and I can’t help admiring the designer. My mind.

IMG 9267 结果
▲ The full storage of the rotating cup
IMG 9272 结果
▲ When opened, it becomes two cups
IMG 9275 结果
▲When the paper box is opened, there are a top cover, a bottom cup, a bottom cover, and two cup bodies

Milk tea with mist

Get creative! It can also be combined with other colors. It looks better. Keep the milk tea-colored lid and bottom of the cup, and change the body of the cup to a misty transparent one. It looks like another refreshing feeling. Soak some lemon slices, the water looks good, and you can lie to yourself a lot. Drink some water~

IMG 9282 结果
▲Mixed with milk tea with a transparent rotating cup

Yiwo turn the cup|Capacity combination

The minimum body of the Yiwo Rotor Cup is 11.3 cm. It is stored in the bag and can be combined after rotating.390ml,590mlas well as790mlThree sizes, suitable for various take-out scenes. Some cups on the outside are due to material problems. After the cup is filled with juice, the essential oil released by the fruit will be attached and atomized. It is better for me to rotate the cupUse acid and alkali-resistant food grade ECOZEN, It will not be atomized or deteriorated after use. After a few days of use, we also feel that the quality of the cup is very good, and it can be washed quickly when cleaning it!

IMG 9254 结果
IMG 9351 结果
After rotating and combining, three sizes of 390ml, 590ml and 790ml can be formed
IMG 9214 结果
IMG 9222 结果
IMG 9217 结果
▲Using acid and alkali-resistant food grade ECOZEN, it will not be atomized and deteriorated after use

Yiwo Zhuanzhu is mainly divided into upper lid, cup body, bottom cup and bottom lid. The upper lid + bottom cup will form a 390ml cup, which is almost the size of a breakfast shop drink. The cup body capacity is about 200ml, so the upper lid + two cup bodies + bottom cup will have a maximum of 790ml, which is the common capacity of hand-cranked cup shops. Of course, if there are more cup bodies, a larger capacity cup can be formed~ In addition to the above combinations, the cup body can also be used as a heat insulation sleeve by covering the bottom cup.

IMG 9331 结果
▲390ml composed of upper cover + bottom cup
IMG 9225 结果
▲ 590ml composed of a cup body + bottom cup

The design that we both like most is the bottom cup on one side, and the two cup bodies and bottom lids on the other side. The cup is directly divided into two and becomes two cups. Sharing drinks is environmentally friendly and hygienic! It is also very convenient to store, just turn the two cups directly outside the bottom cup.

IMG 9239 结果
IMG 9243 结果
▲One rotating cup can be turned into two cups, which is environmentally friendly and hygienic.
IMG 9257 结果

Yiwo turn the cup|Intimate design

In addition to being able to rotate to form cups of various capacities, the revolving cup also has the following features, which solves almost all the incurable diseases of environmental protection cups at present!

IMG 9337 结果
▲The instructions clearly show the combination of the rotating cup

Covered upper cover

The cover-type cover that opens with one lift and the dust-proof design make drinking beverages more hygienic.

Convenient storage of external threads

Each rotating part has threads and waterproof silicone. The overall waterproofness is quite good. Jeffy also shakes it several times and found that the water does not leak out. However, it is recommended to use the rotating cup.uprightUse it!

IMG 9366 结果
▲Rotate the two cups directly outside the bottom cup for convenient storage.

Dual purpose

In addition to drinking directly from the mouth, if you drink a beverage with added ingredients or a person who puts on lipstick, you can also use the complimentary straw to drink it.

IMG 9342 结果
IMG 9338 结果
IMG 9339 结果

Hidden straw

The straw made of silicone can be directly pressed into the cup, which is more hygienic and convenient to use!

Hand rope

A portable rope made of non-toxic PP fiber webbing is included in the rotating cup, which is good-looking and convenient after being tied.

IMG 9294 结果
IMG 9303 结果
IMG 9317 结果

The design of the Yiwo Rotary Cup is novel, with different cup bodies to form different capacities. Almost all possible combinations are included in this cup. It is really a versatile cup and full of designer's ingenuity! The design of the cup is rich and diverse. When Allie brought the drink to the store, he was often asked where he bought it. It is really a good gift for personal use. I recommend it to everyone.

IO felicity

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