[Good things out of the box] JaFun souvenir food box, Japan-limited snack subscription, a surprise feast that does not repeat every month!

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The impression of Japanese snacks has always been that they are small, chic, and a bit fancy. Every time I visit Japan, I will definitely go to a convenience store. Among the dazzling array of products, I will look for the popular local biscuit snacks! Although the recent outbreak of sightseeing groups after the epidemic, Japanese tourism is booming, but if you want to eat snacks, you can't fly to Japan every month! Japanese souvenir platform"JaFun"Recently launched a special subscription service - Souvenir Food Box,Turning Japanese snacks that were difficult to come by in the past into daily healing delicacies, you can also connect to Japan in Taiwan, and become an international foodie 😂

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JaFun Souvenir Food Box|About JaFun

JaFun focuses onSnack Subscription Service, there is a choice of 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 12 months, and a gift box will be provided every month, which contains4-7 kinds of selected Japanese products and 3-5 kinds of Japanese special souvenirs, the content is different every month, there are food and drink,Like unpacking a surprise bag, Eating snacks can also enjoy a full sense of ritual. If you eat the type you like, you can repurchase it from the platform again, and you won’t buy a lot of souvenirs with different tastes all at once! Jafun has a wide variety of snack items, including delicacies from 47 prefectures in Japan. There are many special souvenirs, limited snack biscuits, authentic ramen, local drinks, etc. on the platform. The content of the website is clearly classified and the layout is beautiful. yesA Japanese souvenir platform with a wide variety of products.


▲JaFun’s subscription service makes eating snacks a ritual!

A gift box like this was delivered home, and I opened it and ate it when I thought about it, even if I was bored, it immediately became beautiful❤️I thought the packaging for snacks would be ordinary, but it turned out to be very careful. The texture is suitable for giving to others as a gift, or for yourself! The appearance of the gift box is a gradient pink color, with romantic cherry blossoms, very Japanese flavor, looking at it makes my heart itch and I want to fly to Japan!

▲The appearance of the JaFun souvenir food box
▲The pink cherry blossom carton packaging is very suitable for the occasion

JaFun Souvenir Food Box|Content Unboxing

The price of Japanese snacks is relatively high. Like this, a full box is shipped directly from Japan by air. The price of a one-year subscription is only 720 yuan per month. The price is not too high~ It’s like trying to eat~ Souvenir food box In addition to full of snacks, insideThere is always a ramen and local drinks, the contents are salty and sweet, and the taste changes are not boring!

▲When you open it, it is full of Japanese snacks!

Various places in Japan often launch limited edition snacks with unique tastes, bringing daily snacks to another level! Another benefit of choosing the JaFun souvenir food box is that the snacks have been filtered and selected, and they are all delicious. We are only responsible for enjoying them😂 After opening, hold back first and keep it to taste slowly, otherwise it will be too tempting People, put them on the table and eat them up in no time!

▲The contents of the JaFun gift box

First of all, this chocolate surprises our taste! I thought it was just a simple chocolate biscuit, but it tasted like a cake, with a wonderful texture of hard and soft, it turned out to be a chocolate brownie! The taste of chocolate is very strong, each square is covered with chocolate sauce, not only the taste, but also the appearance is perfect! The only regret is that there are only 7 pieces in a pack, and the meaning is still endless!

▲Chocolate Brownie

From a century-old brand-Nakajima Daishodo’s Original Kudzu Cake, I thought it was a pudding-like texture, but the texture turned out to be like mochi, soft and elastic. After adding soy flour and Okinawa black molasses, the sweetness is good, and the taste is more fragrant and layered! It was the first time to experience traditional Japanese desserts like kudzu mochi. It was very novel and unexpected, and the packaging was so cute!

▲Kudzu Cake with black molasses and soy flour

JaFun souvenir food boxes will come with a type of ramen, so you don’t have to worry about supper tonight! This time we gotYuzu Ramen, The special taste has also won many praises! The feeling of eating is completely different from ordinary instant noodles. The noodles are more springy and smooth, thin straight noodles, without the greasy feeling of instant noodles. The soup is refreshing with the sweetness of pomelo, sprinkled with green onion and egg seasoning, it is worth a try~


▲Three packs of seasoning for yuzu ramen
▲ Refreshing and non-greasy yuzu ramen!

Another super deliciousGlick CRATZ Black Pepper Chicken Crispies, there are a few nuts in it, the taste is salty, the more you eat, the more you rinse your mouth! The small square biscuits taste a bit like toasted toast, the salty taste is more obvious after biting, and the strong aroma lingers in your mouth for a long time!

▲Salty black pepper fried chicken crisps

I just bought a lot of French fries and biscuits to eat a while ago, and the JaFun gift box is several times more delicious than the French fries we have eaten before.It should be the best French fries and biscuits! ! !Here is Calbee Jagabee with a large capacity of 90g. The French fries are very crispy, as if freshly fried, with salt powder, the saltiness is just right, so delicious that it is a foul!

▲Looks like real French fries! Crispy and salty!
▲French fries and biscuits that were immediately popular after eating!

After eating salty, then sweet! The limited-time orange jelly candy turned out to be familiar Morinaga HI-CHEW Hi Chirp~The shape is a cute little ball, with a thin hard shell on the outermost periphery. After biting open, it becomes the soft candy body, which slowly melts in the mouth and is chewy.

▲Orange-flavored Morinaga HI-CHEW

As soon as you open it, you will smell full of frankincense. It is rare to eat well-made sweet biscuits, which are usually very sweet, but this one will not! Looking at its packaging it seems to be fromHokkaido milk ingredients,white chocolate flavor, very thick milky aroma. I don’t know why the JaFun souvenir food box has a feeling of becoming more and more addicted after eating. I love every item!

▲Hokkaido White Chocolate Bar Cookies

This is the largest package of snacks in the gift box this time! The salty potato has an extremely special shape, and the layers of sliced spirals add a lot to the taste! It tastes a bit like a baby's breath, but it feels crisper and more solid. It's very enjoyable to eat after a big bite. The entertainment after get off work is to eat snacks while watching dramas.

▲Specially shaped salted potatoes

JaFun souvenir food box will have every timea can of local drink, this time I gotCafe Drip's Black Tea Drink, It tastes a bit like fresh milk tea. The tea taste of the drink is quite strong, but not bitter, with a touch of sweetness, very smooth, just right with these snacks!

▲Cafe Drip's black tea drink

The JaFun souvenir food box has come to an end, and this experience has also opened our eyes. There are so many amazing Japanese snacks waiting for us to discover! A snack subscription service like this one, to look forward to every month, adds to the zest of life. Staying at home without going out, you can also eat rich exotic food!

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