【Marriage Record】What are the marriage ceremonies? Our marriage process, marriage game, and traditional customs are all sorted out.

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We have been married for more than a year ㊗ In addition to experiencing various marriage issues, large and small, we have also started blogging and planning new goals in life. I recently flipped through the photos of the wedding, and wanted to make time to organize them properly and record them all at the time! Although the marriage process at that time was very complicated, and there were various taboos to pay attention to, the elders actually hoped that we could have a happy marriage and prepared carefully~ Let's take a look at our wedding ceremony and process on that day!

Wedding Ceremony|Marriage Video Record

Wedding Ceremony|Tied car color

Before setting off to get married, the man needs to tie a red ribbon on the handlebars of the gift, and tie a red ribbon on the front of the gift car (also known as the bridal car) carrying the bride and groom, as well as a love car with cute dolls. , You can set off when everything is ready~ I remember that I used to see a car tied with a ribbon on the road and I would be very happy for the people in the car. This time I became the protagonist, but I felt a little nervous!

  • Traditionally, the limousine will be arranged as an even number other than 4, and the passengers in the car are usually even numbered. If there are not enough vehicles, you need to start at an odd number, and you can also consider working vehicles without ribbons~
2020.06.07 200617 0004 结果
▲The man's relative tied a red ribbon on the handle of the car
2020.06.07 200617 0186 结果
The front of the bridal car is tied with a big red ribbon andLove car color

Wedding Ceremony|Fire the cannon, worship the sedan chair

When the wedding convoy approaches the bride’s residence, the leading vehicle will fire a cannon to indicate that the man has arrived, and the woman will return the cannon after receiving the message. After arriving at the door, the younger woman will bring the apple symbolizing peace or the orange symbolizing auspiciousness to ask the groom to get off the car. The groom can get off the car after giving the red envelopes prepared in advance to the younger generation~ I have to say that it is better to prepare more on the wedding day. Some red envelopes are on the body in case of emergency!

  • Because Jeffy is from Chiayi and Allie is from Taipei, the wife's family and the bride first checked into the Chiayi Hotel the night before, and the Chiayi Hotel was used to replace the bride's house, eliminating the need for the man to drive to Taipei early in the morning to get married.
  • Some hotels have launched bridal pavilion projects, providing services such as bridal rooms, guest room decorations, wedding accessories, etc. You can also ask for reference.
2020.06.07 200617 0198 结果
▲The groom prepares to marry the bride with a bouquet
2020.06.07 200617 0199 结果
▲The relatives of the woman brought apples to greet the groom and get off the bus

Wedding Ceremony|Pass throughgame

Then come to test the most headache of the groom and the best man! This level is also the link where young people are most able to develop their creativity among all the complicated ceremonies. Our barrier-breaking activities are divided into four levels, the main theme is after eating sour (sour candy), sweet (sweet tea), bitter (raw bitter melon), and spicy (mustard biscuits). We hope that the couple can share the ups and downs of life together after marriage! After completing the level, the groom can enter the bride’s room to marry the bride~

  • When entering the game, the bride stays in the bridal room and cannot come out, waiting for the bridegroom to get started and get married. The caring bridesmaids can also chat with the bride in real time, allowing the bride to participate in it.
2020.06.07 200617 0425 结果
2020.06.07 200617 0009 结果
▲The groom and the best man play the game
2020.06.07 200617 0206 结果
2020.06.07 200617 0015 结果
2020.06.07 200617 0433 结果
▲The groom enters the room to marry the bride after passing the customs
2020.06.07 200617 0437 结果

Wedding Ceremony|Goodbye to parents

After passing through many hurdles and successfully obtaining a bride, the newlyweds came to kneel in front of the parents of the bride. The bride thanked her parents for their nurturing grace, and the groom promised to take good care of the bride. The two faced various difficulties in life together. This is also the part where Jeffy and Allie feel the most tears! Although everyone was still laughing and laughing because of the customs clearance activity ten minutes ago, after entering the farewell ceremony, there was a feeling of being separated from their parents (although they lived very close to Allie's parents after marriage). After saying goodbye, the parents covered the bride's veil, and the wedding caravan was about to return home!

2020.06.07 200617 0184 结果
2020.06.07 200617 0229 结果
▲The bride and groom kneel down and pay respect to their parents
2020.06.07 200617 0443 结果
▲The bride's parents put a veil on the bride, and the daughter is about to get married.
2020.06.07 200617 0235 结果

Wedding Ceremony|Out of the cabinet

When the bride goes out of the cabinet, because of the custom, the god of the bride is the greatest on the day of the wedding, but to avoid fighting with the gods, he will cover the bride's head with a rice sieve or a black umbrella (or a black umbrella if the bride is pregnant). At this time, the man’s relatives and friends will bring bamboo (symbolizing the chastity of the bride), sugar cane (symbolizing the sweetness of the husband and wife), and pork (in ancient times to seek good luck and avoid evil) tied to the bridal car. In order to symbolize feelings, both bamboo and sugarcane need to be rooted. It was Jeffy who went to the countryside to cut the roots the day before at Grandma's house!

  • The Taiwanese "sieve" of Misi is the same as "fetus", and it is hoped that the bride will give birth to a child if she enters the door with Misi.
  • A pregnant bride is replaced by a black umbrella. According to the custom, the gossip picture of Mi Siai will destroy the fetus, and the black umbrella with a "handle" is expected to be used for the husband's belt.
2020.06.07 200617 0008 结果
▲RootedBamboo and sugar cane tied to the bridal car
2020.06.07 200617 0448 结果
2020.06.07 200617 0411 结果
▲Tie pork
2020.06.07 200617 0390 结果
▲The rice sieve prepared on the day
2020.06.07 200617 0389 结果
▲Use rice sieve to cover the bride's head
2020.06.07 200617 0054 结果

Wedding Ceremony|Throw fan

The woman’s family will prepare two fans. The two fans are cut into strips of red paper and pasted so that the fans will not be easily opened. One symbolizes the bride's new life in the future, and the other symbolizes the bride's bad temper in the past. After the bride gets in the car, she must throw away her bad temper fan, which means not to bring her bad temper to her husband's house. After the car is started and left, the wife's family will pick it up and put it away properly.

  • The bad fan thrown out can be tied with a red envelope, symbolizing that the bride will leave her fortune and wealth to her natal family.
  • On the same day, our fans were provided by the wedding dress company. You can also ask whether the wedding dress company has delivered them, so you don't need to buy them specially.
2020.06.07 200617 0047 结果
2020.06.07 200617 0446 结果
2020.06.07 200617 0449 结果
▲The bride throws out the bad fan, which symbolizes not to bring bad temper into her husband's house.
2020.06.07 200617 0049 结果
▲After the bridal car leaves, the woman’s family picks up the fan on the ground

Wedding Ceremony|Send to Zhangren's Post

Zhangren's post is also called "in-law's post." In ancient times, the bridegroom gave the bridegroom to his father-in-law after the bride was married to the family, and invited the mother's parents to attend the wedding banquet. However, most of the modern wedding ceremonies are the same day as the banquet. On that day, our wedding team drove a little bit forward to symbolize that the team has left, and the groom gets off the car and handed it to the bride's father.

  • The father-in-law's post is written to the woman's parents in the name of the man's parents, with the names of the bride's parents and the groom's parents (without the groom's name). Our father-in-law's post of the day is provided by the wedding company.
丈人帖 结果
▲Get off the groomSend the husband's post to the bride's father

Wedding Ceremony|Worship a sedan chair

The wedding caravan carries the bride and groom, ready to go back to the groom's house. Before arrival, the limousine will set off firecrackers near the door, and the man’s family will return to express welcome. Upon arrival, the boy from the man’s house brought an apple or orange to ask the bride to get out of the car. The bride touched the fruit and gave the boy a red envelope.

2020.06.07 200617 0050 结果
▲The boy from the man’s family, Duan Pinguo, came to greet the bride

Wedding Ceremony|Entering the house

When the bride gets out of the car, the matchmaker will also cover the bride's head with a rice sieve or a black umbrella, and lead the bride across the fire, stepping on the tiles. Because tiles are usually not easy to obtain, it is recommended to buy more spares when preparing. I remember that on the day of our wedding, relatives accidentally broke the tiles. We were still waiting for the family members to buy the tiles and go home after we married the team!

  • When the bride enters the house, the man’s elders also need to avoid it first, so as to prevent the elders from staying at home and waiting for the younger ones to enter the house.
2020.06.07 200617 0451 结果
▲The groom assists the bride to get off the car and prepares to enter the groom's house!
2020.06.07 200617 0452 结果
▲The bride stepped on the tiles across the stove to get rid of bad foul air for the bride.

Wedding Ceremony|Into the bridal chamber

After entering the bridal chamber, the newlyweds will sit in chairs together. A pair of trousers is placed on the chair, and the bride and groom sit on the same pair of trousers together, which symbolizes that they wear the same pair of trousers and are forever tied together. Then the little boy from the man’s family will be invited to jump on the bed of the new couple, hoping that the new couple can give birth to a child sooner in the future. Seeing the boy jumping and jumping on the bed, everyone was also infected by this lively and lively breath~

  • The trouser pocket on the chair is stuffed with a red envelope. There are wealth and trousers, which means "to sit in the treasury."
  • Note that when entering the house, people who belong to the tiger are not allowed to enter the bridal room, and no one else can touch the bridal bed that day.
  • If you can't find a little boy, you can also ask a boy of the Chinese zodiac dragon to roll the bed to bring good pregnancy and auspiciousness for the bride.
2020.06.07 200617 0244 结果
2020.06.07 200617 0454 结果
▲The little boy jumps out of bed lively

Wedding Ceremony|eat rice balls

The groom lifted the bride's veil and kissed the bride. The matchmaker first feeds the bride to the glutinous rice balls, and then the bride feeds the bridegroom. The glutinous rice balls are made from red dates, peanuts, longans and lotus seeds.datepregnancyGuizi) means it~ After running around all morning, it is so happy to be able to eat sweet glutinous rice balls!

2020.06.07 200617 0246 结果
▲The groom lifts the veil for the bride
2020.06.07 200617 0457 结果
▲BrideFeed the groom to glutinous rice balls
2020.06.07 200617 0453 结果

Marriage Ceremony|In-law’s Purse

Then we came to the groom’s parents to say hello to our parents. The woman became a member of the man’s family. I don’t know why this scene is so touching. It may be that Jeffy rarely said emotional words to his parents since he was a child. I am very pleased to see that my child has successfully started a family, and everyone is crying red eyes! On the same day, Allie prepared to give her parents-in-law a purse, which contained a red envelope of 120 yuan, which symbolized blessing her parents’ safe and long life.

2020.06.07 200617 0061 结果
▲The bride prepares her parents-in-law's purse for her parents
2020.06.07 200617 0463 结果
▲Everyone is crying again after talking about their sensuality
2020.06.07 200617 0464 结果
▲Hug each other and become a family
2020.06.07 200617 0261 结果
▲A group photo at the door of the man's house

Wedding Ceremony|Bong Cha

After the wedding and banquet, the groom accompanies the bride to serve tea to the elders of the man, and introduces the title of each elder to the bride in order. After drinking the tea, the elders will put the red packet into the cup and say blessings to the bride. A gift box will be sent back to compliment you.

2020.06.07 200617 0387 结果
▲The bride serves tea

The above are all the customs we went through when we got married. Although it is not the most traditional, it is basically finished according to the requirements of the elders! We believe that these customs vary from person to person and are adjusted according to the points that each family values. In the process, the two sides communicate with each other, and joy and happiness are the most important. Although the traditional process is complicated, I still think it's quite interesting in retrospect. I hope that the newlyweds who are preparing to get married in this article can also complete these ceremonies smoothly~

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