【Coffee Box】Golden Phoenix Coffee/Boutique Manor Coffee is produced and sold in Linkou Terrace to support local small farmers in Taiwan!

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Generally speaking, when you hear Taiwanese coffee, you only knowYunlin Gukeng Coffee, Few people know that it turns out that Linkou can also grow coffee!Linkou MesaThe average annual temperature is the same as that of Alishan, as well as that of the world championgeisha coffeeSimilarly, the average falls around 20 degrees, so the coffee grows slowly and has a higher sweetness. This time, we went to Linkou for a coffee tour to experience and understand the production process of coffee beans, and found that growing coffee beans is not easy! Jinfeng Coffee is a boutique coffee carefully selected by hand. It took a lot of time to control the quality. I just want to let everyone know that there is also good coffee in Linkou!

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Linkou Golden Phoenix Coffee|Coffee Park

The coffee park of Jinfeng Coffee is located near Dahu Park in Taoyuan. During the wisteria season, Dahu Park always attracts a lot of flower-viewers.


Linkou Jinfeng Coffee|Brand Introduction

The name of Jinfeng Coffee comes from the owner's grandmother. Because of her grandmother's hard work in caring for the fields, she uses her grandmother's name as the brand name. The coffee variety of Jinfeng Coffee is 100% Arabica. Arabica is a high-grade coffee bean with excellent aroma and flavor. It is often used as single-origin coffee or specialty coffee. After trying many methods, the boss chose the honey processing method for light roasting, which can keep the sweetness of the dried fruit and drink the slightly sour taste of the fruit.


Although I have heard that coffee is made from seeds, this is the first time I have seen coffee cherries! The boss told us that coffee cherries can be eaten raw. The pulp on the outside is sweet, and there are two beans inside, which are coffee beans. It is really special!

▲Coffee Cherry

The honey processing method is very time-consuming. After the peel of the coffee cherry is separated from the coffee beans, the coffee beans retain the sugar and acidity of the pectin layer. After complicated methods such as exposure and fermentation, it becomes the last small bag of filter hanging type. coffee. During the process, the bad beans are removed layer by layer, leaving only good quality coffee beans.

▲ Honey processed coffee beans
▲Coffee beans after honey treatment
▲ Try sun-processed coffee beans
▲ Low temperature roasting coffee beans

Linkou Golden Phoenix Coffee|Coffee Box

A box of Jinfeng coffee filter hanging gift box is 420 yuan (590 yuan with a love handle mug), and the coffee sold alone is 46 yuan per pack. The appearance of the coffee gift box is a blooming wisteria flower, and it can be drunk hot or cold.

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hot punch

  • If you like a stronger taste: 95°C hot water, first brew about 30-50cc of water, let the coffee powder exhaust for 30 seconds, slowly pour 150cc of water, and remove the coffee bag within three minutes after dripping.
  • Prefer a lighter flavor: Same as above, but add 250cc of water at the end, lift the filter bag and remove within three minutes.

cold coffee

  • After hot, let it cool and place in the refrigerator to chill.

cold brew coffee

  • The filter bag of Jinfeng Coffee is hot and cold. Do not tear the filter bag, put it directly into the boiling water at room temperature of about 250-400 °C, put the container on the lid and put it in the refrigerator for 12 hours, then you can enjoy the ice. Cool cold brew coffee!
▲The brewing method of Jinfeng coffee
▲Golden Phoenix Coffee Filter Hanging Coffee Gift Box
▲ Folding the coffee filter bag a little will make it more obedient to the edge of the cup

The mother at home has a special favorite flavor of coffee. She doesn't like to drink many coffee bags, but this bag of Jinfeng coffee especially won her heart. Just after brewing, it smells like dried longan fruit at first, followed by slightly sour fruit aroma and toffee aroma. It is very smooth to drink. Friends who like light baking with a little fruit acid can try it!


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