[Recommended Miyue Gift Box] JMI Handmade Bakery, Japanese Furoshiki tin box biscuits, super cute Japanese texture wrap!

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The day when Allie is about to unload the goods, we have been looking for the Miyue gift box recommended by netizens on the Internet these days. In addition to the delicious biscuits, the appearance of the gift box is also very important. It must be amazing! See JMI Handmade Bakery Release of Japanese Furoshiki Tin Biscuits, Immediately touched our hearts! The Japanese-style tin box with a sense of weight has 15 kinds of colors to choose from. No matter whether you have a boy or a girl, you can find the right color, and each color has a good texture, which made it difficult for us to choose at that time!

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JMI Handmade Bakery|Happy Cake and Miyue Trial

  • Provide newcomer certificate
  • 5 weeks pregnant ~ 1 month postpartum, show the cover of the mother's handbook, and the baby's handbook or birth certificate if the baby is born.
  • Miyue Gift Box Order to buy 20 boxes, you can get a custom Miyue photo card for free.
  • Prospective newcomers and expectant mothers can apply for a 15% discount to try it out, and the discount price is limited to one box only.
  • please joinJMI official line@ Return data.

JMI Handmade Bakery|Japanese Furoshiki Tin Biscuits

Fulu means bath in Japanese, and "Furoshiki" originated from the Japanese bathhouse culture, wrapping one's own bathing utensils and clothes with cloth and taking a bath in the bathhouse. Furoshiki has since evolved into a part of traditional Japanese culture. There are various delicate fabrics and various packaging methods. It is very common in daily life and gift giving. It seems that when something is wrapped, it will add points!

jmi 綠森林 彌月3
▲The peach sunflower pattern we selected, JMI has a total of 15 patterns to choose from.

Choosing the pattern of furoshiki is the most difficult, and each one is super beautiful! Because the little orange in the stomach is a girl, we finally chose "peach sunflower”, I hope she can always shine like a little sun, and I like the pink and orange color scheme. Furoshiki is a fabric that can be reused. Compared with paper boxes, it seems to have more preservation significance and is also environmentally friendly.

jmi 綠森林 彌月16

JMI Handmade Bakery|Biscuit Flavor

Japanese Furoshiki tin box biscuits contain10 Classic Handmade Cookies, each serving ispurely handmade, is a warm biscuit. The contents include: Squirrel Milk Shortbread X4, Lemon Lemon Frosting X4, Three Pots of Sugar Strawberry Snowball X4, Coffee Marlin X7~8, Creamy Yellow Seaweed X3, Earl Grey Black Tea X4, Black Eyed Peas X4, Black pepper cheese X4, Florentine macaroons X3, crisp sugar nuts X1 (about 30g), let's introduce the flavors of the cookies one by one!

jmi 綠森林 彌月4
▲ Contains 10 classic handmade cookies
jmi 綠森林 彌月5

Creamy Shortbread

The little shortbread with the squirrel pattern in the middle is really eye-catching. As soon as the tin box is opened, it is immediately adorable, super cute! Made from imported cream, the low-sugar formula is sweet but not greasy, leaving a mouthful of fragrant milk flavor. The milk-flavored shortbread here is mainly based on the squirrel pattern. If you buy more than 10 boxes, you can specify the pattern. You can choose from squirrel, owl, little cute rabbit, and little deer!

jmi 綠森林 彌月6
▲Milk-flavored shortbread

Strawberry Snowball

The strawberry snowball is small and cute. It is just right to bite down, and the taste is crispy and melts in your mouth. Using Japan's top three pots of sugar, adding pink strawberry powder, it can convey the joy of Miyue!

jmi 綠森林 彌月7
▲Strawberry Snowball

Mocha Coffee Marlin

How come JMI's hand-made cookies are all so cute, I can't bear to eat them! A ball of marin candy tastes super rich, full of mocha coffee flavor, and can't be dissipated for a long time! Baked at low temperature for a long time, the shell is very crisp, but it melts like marshmallows in the mouth, very special taste.

jmi 綠森林 彌月8
▲Mocha coffee marin sugar

Earl Grey Tea/Black Pepper Cheese

The square biscuits that must be in the classic gift box, the simple appearance can really show the strength of handmade biscuits, you can tell the difference when you eat it! The taste of black pepper is very special. It does not have the spiciness of pepper, but enhances the aroma. It is even more fragrant with cheese! Earl Grey tea has a strong taste, and the tea aroma is stronger after eating, and the more you bite, the more fragrant~

jmi 綠森林 彌月9
▲Earl Grey Tea/Black Pepper Cheese

Crispy Candy Nuts

The sugar-coated walnuts and almonds are crunchy, fragrant, and full of nutritional value! The sweet powdered sugar perfectly concealed the bitterness of the nuts, which made my sister, who didn't like eating nuts, scream in terror.

jmi 綠森林 彌月10
▲Crispy Candy Nuts

Florentine Almond Cookies

The caramel almond slices are paired with the bottom layer of chocolate shortbread. The layered texture has a very rich caramel flavor! The chunky combination is slightly sticky to the bite, but not overly sweet.

jmi 綠森林 彌月11
▲Florentine macaroons

Black Eyed Peas

There are small granules of chocolate hidden in the middle, which are made of top-grade Fafna cocoa powder.

jmi 綠森林 彌月12
▲Black Eyed Peas
jmi 綠森林 彌月13

Creamy Yellow Seaweed

The very cute-looking custard seaweed will not disappoint even the taste, it's salty and savory! Combining custard and Japanese seaweed, it is the first time to eat such a special taste, which is very impressive.

jmi 綠森林 彌月14
▲ Creamy yellow seaweed

Raymond Lemon Frosting

The appearance of lemon, with a thin layer of lemon icing on it, has a sweet and sour love. The lemon will not grab the flavor too much, and you can still taste the milky aroma of the biscuits below, which is very refreshing!

jmi 綠森林 彌月15
▲ Lemony Lemon Frosting

JMI Handmade Bakery|Mid-Autumn Festival limited edition

In addition to the original super cute colors, JMI also launched a limited gift box for the Mid-Autumn Festival.Pink Rabbit Furoshiki PackagingwithCute Rabbit Cookies, the pink color makes me feel better ❤️

👉 // Click here to pre-order [Pink Rabbit Playing in the Moon-Mid-Autumn Festival] Furoshiki Handmade Tin Biscuits // 👈

campaign 6270 2397 97975 1 20220728113519
▲JMI's Mid-Autumn Festival limited edition
campaign 6270 2397 97975 2 20220728113519
▲Pink rabbit furoshiki packaging and cute rabbit cookies
campaign 6270 2397 97975 3 20220728113519

JMI Handmade Dessert Handmade Bakery

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Delicious and beautiful Miyue gift box, not this oneJMI Furoshiki Tin BiscuitsNo, Miyue is full of sincerity in giving gifts! Each flavor in the tin box has its own characteristics, and the types of cakes are not repeated, so it will not become greasy after eating. Mothers who are still choosing the Miyue gift box, may as well come and try this handmade biscuits!

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