【Attractions in Keelung】One day trip to Heping Island Park in Keelung, swimming pool, beach, mountain climbing, drinking coffee, it is not boring to play all day!

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Every summer, Keelung Heping Island Park is always crowded with people, exceptThe Zhengbin Fishing Port of the Taiwan Version of Venice, I can't think of where else to play in Keelung, just come here to cool off~ Heping Island Park hasParent-child pool, young waterway, beachplay for children, andsaltwater swimming pool, pets can also enter the park, the whole family can play all day! and alsoMountain trailcan climb mountains, explorespecial rocky terrain, you can also enjoy coffee and light meals in the castle-shaped visitor center, overlooking the coastal scenery, a rich and fulfilling itinerary!

Keelung Peace Island Park|Ticket

  • Full ticket: 80 yuan
  • Keelung citizens: 60 yuan, 40 yuan discount this year, except for Zhongzheng District, Keelung City.
  • Respect for the elderly ticket: 65 years old or above / no nationality, 40 yuan.
  • Student tickets: 6-12 year olds/students, 40 yuan.
  • Group tickets: more than 30 tickets, 20% off tickets,More than 30 tickets, 20% off ticketsYou need to buy a full ticket and enter the park at the same time, 64 yuan.
  • Free preferential tickets: Citizens whose household registration is located in Zhongzheng District, Keelung City, children under the age of 6, the volunteer honorary card issued by Keelung City, the handicap handbook and the necessary companion, the tour guide driver and the team leaderCitizens whose household registration is located in Zhongzheng District, Keelung City, children under the age of 6, holders of the volunteer honorary card issued by Keelung City, a handbook with disabilities and one necessary companion, ​tour guide drivers and team leaders.
基隆 和平島2
▲ Keelung Peace Island Park Ticket

Keelung Peace Island Park|Transportation


  • 101: Get off at Heping Island Park and walk there.
  • 1579 (via Zhongzheng Road): Get off at Zhongzheng Road Zhengbin Road Station and walk there.
  • 1579 (via Xiangfeng Street): Get off at Haida (Xiangfeng School Gate) stop and walk there.
  • Taiwan Good Travel - Binhai Qi Base Line (T99): Get off at Heping Island Park and walk there.


  • Get off at Taiwan Railway Keelung Station, take bus 101, get off at Heping Island Park, and then walk there.

Drive by yourself

  • ​National Highway No. 1 (Zhongshan High): Dahua System Interchange → Taiwan 62 to Ruibin → Ruifang Exit and get off the Interchange → Harmony Street → Beining Road and then turn → Pingyi Road and turn right.
  • National Highway No. 1 (Zhongshan High): Get off at Ruifang Interchange in Keelung→Zhongzheng Road→Turn left at Zhengbin Road→turn right at Pingyi Road.

Keelung Peace Islandgarden

  • Business hours: 08:00-19:00 daily from May to October, 08:00-18:00 daily from November to April (ticket sales stop 1 hour before closing)
  • Address: No. 360, Ping 1st Road, Zhongzheng District, Keelung City
  • Tel: 02-2463-5452
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Keelung Peace Island Park|Parking

The nearest parking lot on Heping Island is the "Heping Island Park Parking Lot" next to it. Parking fees are required. If there are many people on holidays, you need to find a parking lot outside and walk a little further.

Peace Island Park Parking Lot

  • Address: No. 360, Ping 1st Road, Zhongzheng District, Keelung City
  • Parking seats: 9 seats for buses / 134 seats for small buses (3 seats for disabled persons and 2 seats for women and children)
  • Opening hours & billing standard: Small passenger car: 50 yuan/time on weekdays, 30 yuan/hour on holidays (the maximum limit on holidays is 200 yuan), bus: 150 yuan/time on weekdays and holidays

Eight feet gate parking lot

  • Address: Lane 2, Heyi Road, Zhongzheng District, Keelung City
  • Parking seats: 90 passenger cars
  • Opening hours & billing standard: 24 hours, minibus: 30 yuan/hour on weekdays, 40 yuan/hour on holidays

He Road Parking Lot

  • Address: No. 42, Heyi Road, Zhongzheng District, Keelung City
  • Parking seats: 300 passenger cars (with 10 special parking spaces for the handicapped and 0 special parking spaces for women and children)
  • ​Opening hours & billing standard: 24 hours, daytime (08:00-20:00): 30/hour, nighttime (20:00-08:00): 10/hour

Badouzi Tourist Fish Farm Parking Lot

Area B

  • Address: No. 211, Beining Road, Zhongzheng District, Keelung City
  • Parking seats: 182 seats for passenger cars, 25 seats for buses (5 seats for disabled persons)
  • ​Opening hours & billing standard: 24 hours, 30 yuan/hour​

Area C

  • Address: No. 211, Beining Road, Zhongzheng District, Keelung City
  • Parking seats: 157 passenger cars (with 4 disabled parking spaces)
  • ​Opening hours & billing standard: 24 hours​, 80 yuan/time​

Keelung Peace Island Park|Day Trip

Tickets include swimming pools, beaches, mountain trails, etc. in the entire park, butExcludes Alabau Bay, Alabao Bay is only open from May to September, depending on the weather every year.Official website to book seven days in advance, the in-depth explanation of the whole area is 180 yuan per person.

基隆 和平島1
▲Map of Keelung Heping Island Park

Heping Island in Keelung has a long history and has many ecological resources. It has experienced the maritime era of Spain and the Netherlands. Not long after entering the park, I saw a circular square with the distances and directions of the world's major ports written on it. I suddenly felt that Taiwan was very close to the world, and I also found that we, under the epidemic, have not been abroad for almost three years!

基隆 和平島25
▲The distance between the major ports above the square

Everyone came in and ran in the direction of playing in the water first. Immediately, they saw many large and small swimming pools, just next to the sea, very close to the sea, and you can also see many strange rocks by the sea! The swimming pool is divided into two, one is safer for children to playhydrophilic pool,onlyabout 60 cm deep, suitable for adults and children to have fun together. And the other isWater depth 2.5 metersofblue water pool, a seawater swimming pool that introduces natural seawater through water channels.

基隆 和平島15
▲Blue sea and weathered rock terrain
基隆 和平島7
▲Natural scenery combining mountains and seas
基隆 和平島9
▲A hydrophilic pool suitable for parents and children to have fun together

There are lifesaving stations and professional safety maintenance personnel beside the pool, but there are many tourists. Parents should be careful to take good care of their children. It is safer. In the natural pool, you can see fish fry, tropical fish, swimming crabs and other marine creatures swimming under their feet. All crazy! However, if it rains, the park will suspend the opening of the swimming pool depending on the situation. Before entering the park, you can ask if the swimming pool is open, so as not to spoil the fun~

基隆 和平島16
基隆 和平島19
▲Liuxia Beach Recreation Area

The planning of the park is very good. There is a camping area next to the pool and a few camper vans above, but there is not much space inside. Next to it is the entrance of the mountain trail. The road conditions are good and it is very easy to walk. Friends who have time can come and exercise!

基隆 和平島17
▲The green camping area of Heping Island Park in Keelung
基隆 和平島23
▲ There are several simple camper vans in the camp area
基隆 和平島3
基隆 和平島24
▲The climbing entrance of the mountain trail next to the camping area

Keelung Peace Island Park|Visitor Center

The visitor center of Heping Island Park is really beautiful ~ imitating Spaincity of san salvador, looks like an ancient European-style castle, mottled yellow brick color, very good to shoot! The visitor center is very large. There are several cafes and gourmet restaurants on the second and third floors. If you are hungry, you can sit outside and enjoy the food, blow the sea breeze, and spend a leisurely summer afternoon.

基隆 和平島8
基隆 和平島10
基隆 和平島22
▲Visitor center imitating Spanish European castle
基隆 和平島21
▲ Food vendors outside the visitor center
基隆 和平島4

The first floor of the visitor center mainly provides tourist services, including toilets, water dispensers, and local specialty shops. If parents forget to bring swimming items, swimsuits and swimming toys can also be bought here, which is very convenient.

基隆 和平島5
▲The featured shop on the first floor of the visitor center

Keelung Peace Island Park|Cafe

visitor centerIsland on the second floorThere are handmade ice products, there are powder ball ice, red bean ice, rainbow ice, and there are also drinks and light meals. while the third floorLepin CandyThe scenery is even more beautiful, and the position facing the sea is full of people immediately ~ there are even people holding outdoor weddings here! Lepin Xitang provides beverages such as coffee, tea, sparkling drinks, and beer. The light food section includes hot-pressed toast, muffins, sausage platters, salads, etc. At the end of the menu, there is even a pet meal for furry children!

基隆 和平島18
▲Xiaoyu Ice Shop on the second floor of the Visitor Center
基隆 和平島20
▲Exotic cuisine on the second floor of the visitor center
基隆 和平島13
▲The gourmet cafe on the third floor of the visitor center
基隆 和平島14

Every summer, I always have to run to the beach to cool off. There is something to eat, something to play, and beautiful scenery. Heping Island Park is really a great attraction! I have been to Keelung a few times recently, and I feel that Keelung's sightseeing planning is getting better and better. The last time I participated in the Keelung City Expo, the night light sculpture show was also very impressive. Looking forward to slowly exploring Keelung and looking for more interesting and fun attractions!

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