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Under the outbreak of the epidemic, the time at home has become longer, and everyone has become a little chef. We have also begun to explore various convenient and delicious cooking instant packs! Because we miss Thailand so much, this time we decided to cook the classic Thai boat noodles by ourselves, which is very popular out of the box Le Ros Boat Noodle Thai food package. With your favorite ingredients, it is convenient, fast, and easy to serve. The moment you eat, all travel memories will emerge~

▲ Seeing the Thai text on the package, it really came from Thailand!

Le Ros Boat Noodle | Contents

When it comes to the popular boat noodle brand in Thailand, it is said that this Le Ros Boat Noodle is delicious, it comes from the traditional Thai water food, and it has a sauce recipe that has been passed down for 40 years. The Le Ros Boat Noodle instant pack has two types of noodles, one isfine rice flour, the other ismillet powder, millet flour tastes more like winter flour. The package contains noodles (Noodle), spice sauce (Spices sauce), chili paste (Chili paste), coconut milk powder (coconut milk powder), fried garlic (Garlic).

  • Suggested additional ingredients: meatballs, hot pot pork or beef slices, shrimp dumplings, coriander, spinach, basil.
▲The super popular Thai boat noodle Le Ros Boat Noodle
▲ Contents of Le Ros Boat Noodle millet noodles
▲ Contents of Le Ros Boat Noodle Rice Noodle Cooking Pack

Le Ros Boat Noodle | Cooking Steps

The cooking method of Le Ros Boat Noodle is very simple. It can be done in five minutes, as fast as cooking instant noodles.

Step 1: Prepare 350ML of water, boil it, add in Spices sauce and coconut milk powder and mix well.

  • If you like to eat a lighter soup, you can also add a little more water here to adjust the taste you like.
▲Prepare 350ML of water, Spices sauce, coconut milk powder
▲Spice sauce (Spices sauce) and coconut milk powder (coconut milk powder) stir well

Step 2: Add your favorite slices of meat or vegetables, add noodles, and wait for it to boil.

  • Put the noodles in the boiling water and let it stand for about 10 seconds, those who like soft noodles can keep it longer.
▲Add Le Ros Boat Noodle rice noodles
▲ We added our favorite hot pot pork slices

Step 3: Pour all the cooked ingredients into a bowl, add chili paste to taste and stir, and finally sprinkle with fried garlic.

  • Here you can add it according to your own taste. If you don’t like it too salty or too spicy, you can add less.

Le Ros Boat Noodle Thai Boat Noodles|It's on the table!

As soon as I opened the package, I smelled the fragrant smell, which is the taste of Thailand. Here we also filled up the ingredients, and threw all the ingredients in the refrigerator (the idea of clearing the freezer), we added meat slices and tribute balls. , the full ingredients look invincible and rich! Because Allie likes to eat seafood, she secretly added a few shrimps to cook, and the soup became sweeter. The advantage of cooking at home is that you can add whatever ingredients you like at will!

▲Le Ros Boat Noodle fine rice noodles
▲Wow, such a super hearty bowl of boat noodles is on the table in less than five minutes!

Le Ros Boat Noodle's millet noodles and fine rice noodles have their own flavors, but Jeffy prefers millet noodles. The noodles are juicy and juicy. They are dipped in a fragrant special soup, spicy and strong, very enjoyable!

▲Le Ros Boat Noodle millet powder

Cooking Thai food at home is not difficult at all, even a novice cook can complete it quickly, novel and delicious! In the days when we can’t think of going abroad, Le Ros Boat Noodle adds a sense of exotic ritual to us. I hope that soon, we will be able to fly to Thailand to eat authentic boat noodles again!

Le Ros Boat Noodle Thai Boat Noodles, Thai Rice Noodle Soup, Thai Cuisine Pack

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