[Textured home appliances] Mini washing machine MOFIITECH MiniWash, UV light antibacterial, lightweight and easy to carry!

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noticed early onMini washing machine MOFIITECH MiniWash! Although there is already a large washing machine at home, but because I live with Jeffy only, there are not many clothes to be washed. Using a large washing machine often takes a lot of time and water and electricity, and it often becomes a long accumulation of clothes before washing together. Recently, there is a new member Xiaojuzi in the family, and the newborn's clothes must be changed and washed frequently.Gauze towel, wrapping towel, small towel for spitWait wait, and the mini washing machine is just perfect for washing baby clothes, making it all very convenient!

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▲Mini washing machine MOFIITECH MiniWash is just right for washing baby's clothes!
迷你洗衣機 mofiitech miniwash 16
▲ Although the capacity of the mini washing machine is not large, it is fast and convenient to wash!
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MOFIITECH MiniWash Mini Washing Machine|Product Information

  • 2-3 washable underwear, 3-5 underwear, 6-7 pairs of socks, 2-3 towels, 2-3 children's clothing
  • Product size 214.5*204*242MM
  • Divided into 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 20 minutes three time stalls
  • Type C power connector
  • UV light antibacterial
  • The weight is only 1.7Kg

MOFIITECH MiniWash Mini Washing Machine|Product Introduction

A mini washing machine is recommendedWash some special clothes independently, separate from the usual large laundry, such asWash socks, underwear, towels. If you have pets at home, you can alsoclothes for petsDedicated washing machine. It is separated from the washing machine we usually use. In addition to being more hygienic, it can also save the trouble of hand washing. Turn on the switch and wait for a few minutes to wash it!

迷你洗衣機 mofiitech miniwash 2
▲MOFIITECH MiniWash mini washing machine carton packaging
迷你洗衣機 mofiitech miniwash 5
▲The accessories of the mini washing machine are simple and easy to operate.
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The overall body of the washing machine isWater-repellent design, it does not need synchronous drainage during operation, and it is not limited to be placed next to the sink.Can be washed anywhere in the home, for us who have a small space at home, it is much more convenient. After the washing machine is finished, just take it out and drain it! The mini body and its simple white appearance look great in any corner of your home, such as a balcony, bathroom or living room!

迷你洗衣機 mofiitech miniwash 9
▲ The drain hole on the back of the washing machine is open, and it can be drained after washing.
迷你洗衣機 mofiitech miniwash 11
▲The drain hole on the back of the washing machine is closed
迷你洗衣機 mofiitech miniwash 13
▲The power hole on the side

MOFIITECH MiniWash Mini Washing Machine|How to Use

The use of the mini washing machine is very simple, and there is no too complicated mode. After putting in the clothes, you can decide the time you want to wash. The following is a brief description of the use method:

1. Open the upper cover of the main unit, pour in an appropriate amount of water, so that the clean water soaks the cleaning object, but the water level cannot exceed 4/5 of the barrel (or the Max line in the barrel).

迷你洗衣機 mofiitech miniwash 20
▲Pour the water directly into the mini washing machine
迷你洗衣機 mofiitech miniwash 25
▲The washing machine is very light, and it can also be taken directly under the sink to fill with water.
迷你洗衣機 mofiitech miniwash 26
▲The water level should not exceed the maximum water level marked inside.

2. Put in the clothes, pour in the laundry detergent, and completely soak the clothes in the mixture of laundry detergent and water. If necessary, apply laundry detergent to the dirt.

迷你洗衣機 mofiitech miniwash 28
迷你洗衣機 mofiitech miniwash 31
▲Put the clothes into the washing machine, here we are washing the baby's clothes with clean water for the first time.

3. Cover the outer cover, press the button knob, the standby gear is displayed at this time, and then turn the knob to select the time to be cleaned (choose 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 20 minutes).

迷你洗衣機 mofiitech miniwash 36
▲Rotate the button to select the cleaning time

4. After cleaning, you can continue to rotate the knob to change the cleaning time. If you press the knob once, you can pause the machine. If you press and hold it for more than one second, you can force the machine to shut down.

When the washing machine starts to operate, it will automatically turn onUV light bacteriostatic lamp, can inhibit the growth of bacteria, which is quite special! When it is in operation, it will rotate forward and reverse constantly. At this time, you can do your own thing. After cleaning, come back to dry~

迷你洗衣機 mofiitech miniwash 34
▲When cleaning, the ultraviolet light bacteriostatic lamp will be turned on

5. After cleaning, open the leather plug of the drain outlet, drain the water in the machine, and take out the clothes to dry. (When taking out the clothes, make sure the machine is turned off to avoid accidental injury by the bottom pulsator)

Even a washing machine filled with water will not be too heavy, and it can be taken directly to the bathroom and dumped. It is very easy for girls to use! We will wash ourselves twice. The second time we do not use laundry detergent, we use clean water directly, or we rinse the clothes with water at the end to wash away the residual laundry detergent.The process of washing once only takes 20 minutes at most, won't take much time.

迷你洗衣機 mofiitech miniwash 41
▲ Drain the water after cleaning

For renters or small families, it is really convenient to have a washing machine that is specially designed for washing! It is more hygienic and faster to wash socks with more bacteria and clothes that are easily dyed separately from ordinary clothes. Say goodbye to the trouble of hand washing. Otherwise, you often spend a lot of time washing clothes by hand, and your hands and waist are very uncomfortable. Children, pets, and want to separate laundry, it is also very suitable!

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