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During the pregnancy stage, I really used flying, and it passed in a hurry~ There is also a lot of homework to do, such as maternity inspection hospitals, confinement centers, baby supplies, etc. There is also something that is needed immediately after unloading, Miyue Gift Box! Since she became pregnant, Allie has often searched the Internet for some information related to the Miyue gift box, hoping to prepare as soon as possible and choose the Miyue gift box she likes, so that she will not be in a hurry when the time comes. Today, let's unpack Taichung's recent popular food "My Blessing”, the appearance of the gift box is colorful and cute, and the best-selling “French style tower” is also in love as soon as you eat it. Not only Miyue, I wish hall also has wedding cakes, New Year gift boxes, and souvenirs, let's take a look!

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台中名產伴手禮 我願堂3 scaled
▲Taichung's popular souvenirs - I Wish Hall
台中名產伴手禮 我願堂2 scaled
▲Colorful and lovely textured packaging
台中名產伴手禮 我願堂1 scaled

My Blessing|【Tuileries Garden】French Tower

This super-beautiful French-style tower is the best-selling champion of my wish list, and its popularity index is very high. When I opened the box, I was immediately amazed by the picture in front of me. The shape was inspired by the Tuileries Garden in Paris, France. The colorful hand-squeezed flowers on the top made the whole girl's heart explode, and it was beautiful!

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Gift Box Information

  • A box of NT$599 (9 in)
  • Shelf life: 14 days in the freezer
  • Gift box size: 19.5×19.5x8cm, with thick pound texture bag
  • lacto-ovo
  • The size of the French small tower is about 5.5cm in diameter (French top Ithini tapas)
  • Contents: Shut your eyes, classic lemon tower 2pcs, Belgian 70.5% raw chocolate tower 2pcs, Impressionist rose raspberry tower 2pcs, adult Shizuoka matcha cheese tarts 2pcs, blooming rose lemon tower 1pcs

台中名產伴手禮 我願堂5 scaled
▲The best-selling French tower
台中名產伴手禮 我願堂4 scaled

There are five flavors in the French style tower, including rose, raspberry, matcha, lemon, raw chocolate, and various colors are lined up, which is a visual enjoyment! Originally, I was a little worried that it just looked pretty, but when I ate it, it was exactly the taste we liked, with just the right acidity and sweetness.

台中名產伴手禮 我願堂8
台中名產伴手禮 我願堂9

The most important soul of the lemon tart is the tart skin. The pie crust of the I Wish Tang Lemon Tart is made of "French top lsigny natural fermented cream". It is very crispy and the size is just right. .

台中名產伴手禮 我願堂7

Jeffy likes to eat their classic lemon tower the most, although he is usually afraid of sour, but this taste is delicious! Using fresh Taiwanese limes, the top ball is also very cute, inspired by the sparkling water of the Seine.

台中名產伴手禮 我願堂10
▲Close your eyes, classic lemon tower
台中名產伴手禮 我願堂11

There is only one smeared rose lemon tower in a box, the soft combination of pink and light yellow, the layers of modeling look so relaxing, I can't bear to eat it. Slightly sour lemon with sweet raspberry, the taste is quite good.

台中名產伴手禮 我願堂6
▲Dyeing rose lemon tower

My Blessing|Double Star Thick Cheesecake

Allie usually likes to eat cheesecake, and I wish the cheesecake unexpectedly delicious! The flavor we eat is "velvet blueberry + classic original flavor", a concept of double combination The exclusive sugar-reduced formula tastes sweet but not greasy.

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Gift Box Information

  • A box of NT$479
  • Shelf life: 14 days in the freezer
  • Gift box size: 19×9.5x8cm, with textured bag
  • Each thick cheesecake has been cut into 6 pieces, suitable for 3-6 people.
  • Flavor: Velvet Blueberry + Classic Original
  • This product is delivered frozen, please refrigerate and thaw for 5-6 hours, or defrost at room temperature for 40-60 minutes

台中名產伴手禮 我願堂13
▲Double Star Thick Cheesecake (Velvet Blueberry + Classic Original)
台中名產伴手禮 我願堂14
▲Classic original flavor

The classic original flavor cheesecake is very rich in flavor, and has a delicate texture that melts in your mouth. With the crispy biscuits below, you can't stop one bite after another! Come to a cup of hot tea or coffee, one of them will be eaten up immediately, it seems that the heat today is going to explode again~

台中名產伴手禮 我願堂12
台中名產伴手禮 我願堂15
▲ There is a crispy biscuit bottom under the cheesecake

Take a closer look and see if you can see the fruit in the blueberry cheese? I want to make it by hand and use natural ingredients. The blueberry cheese here is made from imported wild blueberries and is slow-cooked, which is very time-consuming. As soon as I opened it, I smelled a faint fruity fragrance, and before I even started it, the whole saliva flowed out!

台中名產伴手禮 我願堂16
台中名產伴手禮 我願堂17
▲Velvet blueberry flavor

My Blessing|[Jinhuasheng] Imperial Treasure Box A

The room-temperature gift box of I wishtang biscuits also has its own characteristics. It contains the most famous nut tower from the Japanese royal family's annual dessert - the signature Kumanosuke. You can eat all the best-selling desserts in one box. I don't know how to choose a gift. , Jiugongge looks very generous, there are many kinds, just buy this box directly! In addition to handmade biscuits, there are nut towers, thousand-layer egg rolls, pineapple cakes, thinly salted walnuts, delicious and healthy gift boxes, which are also quite suitable for elders!

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Gift Box Information

  • A box of NT$649 (18pcs)
  • Shelf life: 30 days at room temperature
  • Gift box size: 28x28x6.5cm, with a thick pound texture bag
  • Contents: 1 pack of Kumanosuke's most middle nut tower, 2 pieces of sea salt cheese reunion nut tower, 4 boxes of handmade thousand-layer egg rolls (3 pieces per box), 2 pieces of hand-feeling pineapple cakes, 1 box of low-temperature baked thin salt walnuts (about 30g per box), 8 handmade biscuits 

台中名產伴手禮 我願堂18
▲Jinhuasheng Royal Treasure Box A (18 pieces)
台中名產伴手禮 我願堂27
▲Kumanosuke's most middle nut tower (upper right and lower right), 2 pieces of sea salt cheese reunion nut tower (upper left), low temperature roasted thin salt walnuts (lower left)
台中名產伴手禮 我願堂25
▲ Feel the soil pineapple cake
台中名產伴手禮 我願堂26
▲ Feel the soil pineapple cake

I wish the hall's signature popularity, Kumanosuke is the most in the nut tower, the appearance is quite cute. At first I thought it was something like a chicken cake, but it turned out to be the best! The middle is the imperial confectionery in the Japanese imperial palace, and the production process is complicated and labor-intensive. I wish to introduce Japanese baking and roasting technology. The outer shell is rice-flavored thin skin, and the inside is not filled with common red bean filling, but with nuts, which is very special.

台中名產伴手禮 我願堂20
▲The royal dessert in the Imperial Palace of Japan - the signature Kumanosuke most in the nut tower
台中名產伴手禮 我願堂21

There are four flavors of handmade Melaleuca egg rolls, roasted sesame/bittersweet chocolate/salted seaweed/original classic, I really like this kind of egg roll that can be stuffed in one bite, and I won’t eat the table full of cookie crumbs~ and I would like to Tang's egg rolls do not add any drop of water, which is also the secret to delicious food! The handmade biscuits are thick but light and crunchy. They taste very solid, and the flavors are shipped randomly.

台中名產伴手禮 我願堂24
▲Handmade Melaleuca Egg Roll (left), Handmade Biscuits (right)
台中名產伴手禮 我願堂23
台中名產伴手禮 我願堂30
▲Handmade Melaleuca Egg Roll

My Blessing|[Spring Elegance] Collection Gift Box Type B

The Collection Gift Box B is very suitable for small families or for a light taste. It also has the signature Kumanosuke most nut tower, with handmade biscuits and thousand-layer egg rolls, delicate and small.

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Gift Box Information

  • A box of NT$399 (14pcs)
  • Shelf life: 30 days at room temperature
  • Gift box size: 19.5×19.5x8cm, with textured bag
  • Contents: Kumanosuke Nut Tower x 1, handmade biscuits x 10 (wine-stained rum grape oatmeal/original sabre/bitter-sweet chocolate walnut/black sesame multigrain/cinnamon almond), handmade egg roll x 3 boxes (3 packs per box, roasted sesame/bittersweet chocolate/classic original/salted seaweed, random flavor)

台中名產伴手禮 我願堂19
▲Spring Elegance Collection Gift Box B
台中名產伴手禮 我願堂22
▲Handmade Melaleuca Egg Rolls and Handmade Biscuits
台中名產伴手禮 我願堂29

We all liked My Blessing, which was unpacked this time. The food is really unbearable, and I have eaten several boxes while taking pictures. Not only the appearance is eye-catching, but also the gift is good. The ingredients and techniques of each biscuit Also very particular. Among them, we especially like to eat their French style tower, friends who have not tried it yet, come and try it!

My Blessing

  • Business hours: Monday to Sunday 09:00-18:00
  • Address: No. 680, Section 2, Nantun Road, Nantun District, Taichung City (special pickup point)
  • Contact number: 0966494761 
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