[Nantou Puli Baodong B&B] The Four Seasons House in the Forest Garden on the mountain, as a neighbor to nature, wakes up with cicadas and birds. (Can barbecue/sing)

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When you come to Nantou, surrounded by mountains, you can live in the sounds of birds and cicadas in nature, and feel the comfortable atmosphere that you don't usually have. This time we came to Puli to play and stayed at the hillsideMountain Forest Garden Homestay, I thought it would be a long mountain road, but I didn’t expect to get down from the Ailan Interchange on National Highway No. 6 and it would take about 10 minutes to reach the homestay. The traffic is fairly convenient. Nearby attractions include Puli Winery, Head of State Hall, Love Story Hall, etc. You can visit together, and the must-see Sun Moon Lake in Nantou is about 30 minutes away by car. Relaxed and comfortable environment, diverse entertainment facilities, the focus is that the price is not high, it is a very good affordable accommodation, and it is also a good choice for a private homestay in Puli, Nantou!

Mountain Forest Park|AccommodationSmall information

  • The room price is about 2500 yuan to 3300 yuan
  • Double rooms, quadruple rooms, private rooms
  • Comes with open kitchen and large refrigerator for barbecue
  • KTV singing
  • Mahjong table
  • With parking space

Mountain Forest Garden|Access

Take public transportation

  • Bus: Take the bus to Puli Transfer Station and then transfer to a taxi to arrive at "Puli Accommodation‧Mountain Forest Garden"
  • Train/High Speed Rail: Transfer to Taichung Train/High Speed Rail Station to Puli Transfer Station, then transfer to a taxi to arrive at "Puli Accommodation‧Mountain Forest Park"

Drive by yourself

Merge from National Highway No. 3 Wufeng System Exit to National Highway No. 6 → Get off at Ailan Exit Interchange → Turn right at Section 4 of Zhongshan Road → Turn left at Shanxin Bridge → Turn left at Xiangshan Road → Turn left at Xiangshan 1st Lane and arrive according to the signsMountain Forest Park". Or navigate directly to "No. 33, Xiangshan 1st Lane, Puli Township, Nantou County," and stop directly at the large open space next to the hotel.

南投埔里 山上林園38
Mountain Forest Garden B&B with parking space

Mountain Forest Park|Park environment

The hinterland of the forest garden on the mountain is very vast. In addition to the rooms of different shapes, the open grassland in front of the hotel allows visitors to move around freely. A landscape wooden stack platform was built on the side, and the view was quite wide and tranquil. Sitting here for a cup of coffee or afternoon tea, time seemed to slow down. The boss also told us that if we get up early, we can watch the sunrise directly from here, without any shelter, and appreciate the appearance of the sun rising from the top of the mountains!

南投埔里 山上林園24
南投埔里 山上林園33
南投埔里 山上林園34

The homestay has been established for a while, but it has only recently been renovated and the environment has become more beautiful! The whole plants are well maintained, which makes people feel refreshed. Also because it is a distance from the city, the air is very fresh and there is very little light pollution at night. You can see the sky full of twinkling stars when you look up. In addition to couples or families staying together, there are a variety of facilities such as karaoke, barbecue equipment, and outdoor cinema, and there is even a large activity space to play group health games. It feels super suitable for college students to come together~

南投埔里 山上林園35
南投埔里 山上林園31
▲Landscape wooden platform outside the restaurant
南投埔里 山上林園32

The B&B also has a cute little yellow dog, Kumar, who is very lively and clingy. He has strong muscles on this grassland. The look of rolling is likable and very popular with the residents. When we were going home, we were chasing us all the way, so I was too reluctant to say goodbye to him!

南投埔里 山上林園39
▲The dog housekeeper of the hotel-Kuma
南投埔里 山上林園17
南投埔里 山上林園19

Mountain Forest Garden|Facilities

The facilities of the mountain forest garden are very suitable for private housing. There is a large kitchen for self-cooking. Barbecue equipment, mahjong table, and karaoke are also readily available. There is also an open-air projection screen full of atmosphere, eating biscuits, drinking beer, and watching movies under the stars, it is so cozy!

# kitchen

The kitchen is located at the rear of the restaurant. Various equipment such as gas stoves, electric cookers, rice cookers, etc. can be used freely. Passengers only need to bring their own ingredients to cook a large table of hearty meals. The ingredients will be broken when you put them in the car. You can take them to the homestay first, or send them home delivery a few days before departure.

南投埔里 山上林園1

# barbecue area

The homestay also provides barbecue equipment, tables and chairs, and visitors need to bring their own food and consumables, such as charcoal and fire, up the mountain.

南投埔里 山上林園6

# restaurant

The environment of the restaurant is very spacious, in addition to dining, it can also be used as a coffee shop to work or rest, which provides free tea bags and coffee machines for use. The homestay currently does not provide breakfast and other meals. It will only be provided if there are enough people in the home. You need to ask the homestay for more details.

南投埔里 山上林園18
南投埔里 山上林園14
南投埔里 山上林園16
南投埔里 山上林園15

# outdoor projection screen

The outdoor projection screen is a new device that the boss has recently installed. It is rare to see that the hotel will provide an outdoor projection screen. Watching a movie under the stars has always been a must-do romantic list in life! At present, the hotel is also slowly planning some outdoor activities. I think it will become more beautiful in the future.

南投埔里 山上林園7
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# Karaoke # Mahjong Table

I originally saw the coin-operated style and thought I had to pay to sing. Later the boss said that the guests here can use the chanting for free, and there is also a mahjong table next to it. Because there are no other residents in this building, you can sing without worrying about disturbing others~

南投埔里 山上林園4
南投埔里 山上林園5

Mountain Forest Garden|Room Types and Prices

Mountain Forest Garden B&B is mainly divided into double room and quadruple room. The double room has atrium and photo-printing room. The price is 2500 yuan on weekdays and 3000 yuan on holidays. The quadruple room has universe room series and four seasons room series, and the price is on weekdays. It is 2,800 yuan and 3,300 yuan on holidays. For four people, the price is really cheap.

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Quadruple Room-Four Seasons Room

Four-season rooms are divided into spring, summer, autumn and winter rooms, which are also relatively new room types in the current B&B. The two rooms are outside in spring and summer, and the rooms have a good view. They have a large ring of windows and you can directly see the sunrise in the morning. The ceilings of the four four-season rooms have a small part of glass windows, which allow you to open the curtains to see the sky directly, and the sun shines directly in during the day.

南投埔里 山上林園9
南投埔里 山上林園26
▲The "Summer" quadruple room type of the Four Seasons Room
南投埔里 山上林園25
"Summer" quadruple room type of Four Seasons Room
南投埔里 山上林園29
▲The ring-shaped glass windows of the "Summer" room can see the sunrise in the morning

The mountain forest garden is about 600 meters above sea level. Although it is not high, it is still cooler in winter. The summer room we stayed in that day was also equipped with air-conditioning and heating machines. In addition to the quilt on the bed, there are also extra quilts beside the clothes rail that can be taken by ourselves. Those who are used to covering larger quilts also use the side quilts to cover at night.

南投埔里 山上林園21
南投埔里 山上林園30
▲The "winter" quadruple room type of the Four Seasons Room
南投埔里 山上林園12
▲The "Spring" quadruple room type of the Four Seasons Room
南投埔里 山上林園13
南投埔里 山上林園22
▲Bathroom equipment in the Four Seasons Room
南投埔里 山上林園8
▲Universal room in quadruple room

Double Room-Heart and Heart, Xiangyin

The two double rooms in the courtyard downstairs are named Xinxin and Xiangyin, which should symbolize that the feelings of the travelers who live in will get better and better. The whole room presents a Chinese-style atmosphere, especially the lanterns and dolls in ancient costumes. , Red curtains and round mirrors are the styles that elders will prefer. It looks like a bridal chamber for newly married couples in ancient times.🤣

南投埔里 山上林園37
▲A heart-to-heart room of ancient Chinese style
南投埔里 山上林園36
IMG 1122
▲Double room photo printing room
IMG 1121
▲Double room atrium

The style of each room in the Mountain Forest Garden is quite different. You can choose the style you like to stay in. The homestay is also being transformed and renovated slowly. The four-season room "Xia" we stayed in that day was bright, clean and spacious. It was our favorite room. The ring-shaped glass of Wangmei was also very suitable for taking beautiful photos. I wake up in the morning and hear the crisp sound of insects. I have been a neighbor of nature for a night. It has been a long time to relax my body, mind, and soul, and feel the beauty of nature! Next time I come to Puli, I want to find cheap accommodation in a private building.Mountain forest garden is also a good choice~

Mountain Forest Park

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