[Good things out of the box] Niu News Daily Coffee Gift Box, one box contains 16 coffee pods from all Taiwanese craftsmen, come here for coffee control!

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After unpacking the last timeNiu News Pineapple Cake Gift BoxLater, this time we are going to open the box Niu News’s new Japanese coffee gift box, which is includedSixteen craftsmen cafesThe filter hanging coffee has its own characteristics. Make a cup of coffee every day to start the morning ceremony. With the works of illustrator Johnnp, the texture adds a lot of points. It is a good gift to drink.

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Niu News Daily Coffee | Gift Box Information

  • A box of 850 yuan
  • Gift box size: 27(L)*22(W)*13(H)cm
  • The stocking period takes about 7~15 working days
  • Free shipping for two boxes
  • The storage time varies from six months to one year. It is recommended to unpack and confirm as soon as possible

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Niu Shimbun Daily Coffee|Included Cafe

Niu News Daily Coffee Gift Box contains the following cafes, a box of 16 craftsmen coffee! Each coffee pod is packaged with a paper card, and the detailed introduction of each coffee is written inside.

  • Akau Coffee
  • CoffeeStopover
  • KroX Coffee
  • mojocoffee
  • Okalo Specialty Coffee
  • gaze. coffee
  • Good drink is supreme
  • Small ruin cafe
  • SingleOrigin espresso & roast
  • Mountain kids coffee
  • Yamada Jiayan Store
  • Lead the way coffee
  • There is a forest cafe
  • Some coffee
  • Nao Chan Baked Bean Studio

Niu News Daily Coffee|Introduction to the cafe

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Okla Specialty Coffee – Costa Rican Canet Musician Series Mozart Filter Pouch

Oklao Specialty Coffee is the only coffee chain in Taiwan that is directly operated by a farm and integrated production and sales. It uses Tara beads coffee beans, and uses raisin honey processing and gold roasting. It has a bit of rose nectar, pineapple and banana flavors, and has a strong fruity aroma. The taste is multi-layered.

Guide Coffee – Marstrawberry

The name of this bag of follicular coffee is so cute 😆 Just like humans are looking for their next place to live, the roaster also thinks about the taste of coffee that humans will pursue next, and then develops a new flavor-Martian berry. Rich strawberry jam flavor with a touch of rose, a touch of peachThe final rhyme is very special.

SingleOrigin espresso & roast – Colombia Finca EL Rubi Washed Follicle Bag

SingleOrigin espresso & roast is located in the streets and lanes of Wuxing. It is one of the well-known coffee shops around Xinyi District. It uses Colombian coffee beans, washed and lightly roasted, which perfectly presents the flavor of coffee.

CoffeeStopover-2021 formula SKATEBOARD

CoffeeStopover started in Taichung in 2015. It mainly wanted to convey the spirit of specialty coffee. The filter-hanging coffee uses coffee beans produced in Ethiopia. It consists of washed Sidham and washed Guji.

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Mojocoffee – mojoblend classic integrated filter hanging coffee

Mojocoffee was founded in 2003 and firmly believes that good coffee should come from the natural flavor of coffee seeds, sweet rather than bitter. The filter coffee is made from coffee beans from India, Ethiopia and Honduras, washed with water, and roasted in a medium-deep manner. It has an aroma of apple, caramel, hazelnut and almond.

Yamada Jiaxun Store – Well-prepared on the tree in Brazil

The Yamada Jiaxiu Store was founded in 2009 by the manager, Yamada Kiyotaka, and promotes hand brewed coffee. The coffee beans produced in Brazil are processed by the method of sun drying on the tree, so that the coffee fruit stays on the tree beyond the harvest period, and the taste is stronger. It is roasted in a medium-deep roast, and the overall taste is nutty and milky.

There is a Forest Cafe-Forest Fruit Recipe Bean Series

There is a forest cafe in Yuanlin. The simple and clean space is matched with some plants. It is called "the powerful cafe with the skin of net beauty." It uses coffee beans from Ethiopia, Panama, and Guatemala, and uses sun-dried, water-washed, and honey-treated, medium-roasted roasted beans, with the ingenious taste of hazelnut and fruit candy.

Transcup Coffee – The X Force

Kuoshi Coffee is a local brand in Taichung. It uses Brazilian and Colombian coffee beans, sun-dried + washed with water, and roasted in medium to deep. It will give off a nutty and cocoa aroma when brewed, and it will have a slight acidity when drinking.

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Mountain Kids Coffee – Colombian Jordan Manor single-producing area coffee filter bag

Mountain Kids Coffee has a CQI Q grader coffee quality appraiser qualification team, carefully selecting high-quality coffee beans, using the Jordan Estate coffee beans in Tolima, Colombia, using the washing treatment method, roasting with medium and shallow roasts, showing brown sugar, citrus and grapes The flavor of

Root coffee

Xuanwu Coffee is an independent roasting laboratory in Pingtung. Its name comes from the Pingpu dialect of Pingtung. It uses Colombian (washed), Ethiopian (sun-dried) and Guatemalan (washed) coffee beans. Medium-baked baking, with floral and fruit aroma and berry sweetness, presents a unique flavor.

gaze. Coffee-Luanda Chikamei Treatment Plant Washing

Gaze at Wanhua District, Taipei City. Coffee, ingeniously combines vision and taste. In addition to selling coffee, the stores can also be equipped with glasses ~ what a special combination. The coffee uses Luanda beans, washed with water and light roasted to bring out the aromas of citrus, vanilla, peach and flowers.

A little coffee-a little formula 2.0 hanging ear bag

A little coffee is also located in the streets and lanes of Wuxing. It is committed to providing specialty coffee at a reasonable price. It uses coffee beans from Yegacheffe, Colombia and Guatemala, and is roasted in light and medium roast. In this way, it presents a hint of lemon, floral, vanilla and hazelnut flavors.

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Good drink is supreme-filter hanging coffee

OC Blooming To Go, a delicious drink for takeout and delivery, has branches in Tainan and Kaohsiung, and the Tainan store is a well-known online beauty landmark! It is made from Guatemala and Colombian coffee beans, processed by the sun+washing method, and medium-deep roast. It has the flavors of hazelnut, cream and cocoa~

Naozen Baked Bean Workshop – Recipe Sen Hanging Ear Bag

Nao Chan Roasted Bean Studio is the second brand of Mori Coffee. It uses beans from Indonesia, Guatemala and Kenya, washed with water, and roasted with medium-deep roasting. The whole has a woody aroma and is mixed with earthy fragrance. taste.

VWI by CHADWANG – VWI coffee follicle bag

The brand name comes from the three states of water—Vapour, Water, and Ice. It is also one of the most important elements in coffee. The owner of the brand has even won the World Brewing Championship in the past. ! Brazilian coffee beans are used in the follicle bag, which is sun-treated and roasted, with peanut butter, cocoa, hazelnut endings, and a little malic acid.

Small Ruin Coffee – Sun-dried ears at Santayin Manor, Brazil

The small ruined coffee by the Jingmei Creek was transformed into an abandoned warehouse into the current coffee shop. It was awarded the Silver Award for the New Life of the Old House by the Cultural Affairs Bureau. We can't help but think of a visit. The coffee beans from Brazil's Santayin Estate are treated with yellow bourbon in the sun, and roasted in a medium roast. They have the flavors of orange peel, honey and toffee.

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Niu News’s daily coffee can be drunk at 16 craftsman cafes at once. Jeffy, who needs to drink more than one cup of coffee a day, really needs it. Let these coffee bags add freshness to the boring life! In addition to buying and tasting by yourself, a coffee tour across Taiwan is perfect for those who want to give it to coffee-controlled friends~~ Hurry up and order a hand knife!

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