[Home Delivery Food] Quanlian is on sale! O Kasang fungus dew, the first zero particles, regularly replenished with collagen.

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I've heard it from my motherO Casan fungus dewThis brand insists on using natural ingredients and no other additives, but the fungus dew made is very delicious and meticulous, and we have repurchased it many times because of this! This article will introduce our super recommended black and white fungus dew:Wood-fired Longan and Black Fungus Dew and Red dates and white fungus dew. Allie also ordered a box of home rations for her parents-in-law in the south on Mother's Day this year. The elders are full of praise, and it is suitable for gifting and personal use!

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O Casan Fungus Dew|Brand Introduction

drinkO KassanEveryone feels that the fungus dew is more meticulous than others, with "The first zero particle fungus dew"The name! O Kasan in Japanese means mother, all of which came from a well-meaning pharmacist mother, her son couldn't chew food due to hemangioma surgery when he was a child, and could only eat liquid food. The mother is worried that the son's nutritional supplement is not enough, and it takes 8 hours to cook itextremely detailedThe fungus, almond pulp, etc., are fed into the son's mouth with a syringe to supplement nutrition. Then when the son grows up, he will carry forward the health drinks made by his mother, so that more people can drink the warmth from mother's love, which is whyO KassanThe fungus dew will be finer than others because of zero particles.

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This time we drank sugar-freeWood-fired Longan and Black Fungus Dew"and"Red dates and white fungus dew",O KassanThere are also many different flavors developed, such asHoney Lemon, Brown Sugar, Strawberry, CranberryWait, it's also quite delicious. After buying it once, I will try it out and become a customer. I want to drink it with different tastes~ Fungus dew has sugar-free and slightly sugar. People who are not used to drinking sugar-free, like to drink a little sweet , you can also choose micro sugar. Allie drank micro-sugar before and thought it would not be too sweet. It is a sweetness that I like very much. It tastes very smooth.

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O Casan fungus dewRed dates and white fungus dew

In the past, as soon as I heard "health drink", I always felt that healthy things were not good to drink.O KassanThe fungus drink is very in line with our taste, changing the stereotype of healthy drinks, you can take into account the taste and health!white fungus drinkYou can drink it whether it is after illness, postpartum, confinement, or even the usual beauty and beauty. The rich dietary fiber makes you feel fuller. Allie, who is currently pregnant, also drinks it. It has no sugar and no burden, and supplements more colloids. It is also a good partner to increase appetite during pregnancy!

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▲O Kasang red dates and white fungus dew
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O Casan fungus dew will taste slightly different from bottle to bottle, because each bottle isfrom natural ingredients, not a blend of additives. Each batch of fungus will vary in sweetness and intensity, and because of this, we can drink with peace of mind! O Kasang fungus dew can be refrigerated and drink directly. Girls who don’t like cold can also use microwave oven or electric cooker to heat it without destroying its nutrients. It can even be cooked in soup or curry instead of thickening, which is very healthy How about cooking~

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▲You can drink it directly or heat it after refrigerating, and it will not affect the nutritional content.
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▲O Kassan pioneered the zero-particle fungus dew, which tasted thick and delicate.
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O Casan fungus dewWood-fired Longan and Black Fungus Dew

The ingredients of wood-fired longan and black fungus dew are:Black FungusandDongshan Dried Longan, as soon as you open the bottle cap, you can smell the light longan fragrance, which is a cool and cool entrance! For office workers who are busy with their brains like Jeffy, they usually don't have time to handle healthy dishes by themselves, but they need regular nutritional supplements. At this time, O Casan Health Drink is really a great blessing!

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▲O Kasang wood-fired longan and black fungus dew
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O Cassan's black fungus drink is really delicate ~ I can't feel the particles at all, and it's super smooth to drink! The low-calorie health drink will not gain weight no matter how you drink it, and it can help defecation. It is highly recommended for those who are in diet control. Allie's mother is also because of the high nutritional value of black fungus, so she keeps repurchasing it. She takes it out and drinks it from time to time when she is thirsty, so she won't eat high-calorie snacks all the time!

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▲ Low-calorie and full of satietyblack fungus drink
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▲The zero-grain fungus dew is so meticulous!

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Now book O Kasan fungus dew online on the official website, join the official member, you can enjoy 100 yuan shopping bonus. The two most popular flavors Wood-fired Longan and Black Fungus Dew and Red dates and white fungus dew, It is also sold in the refrigerated area of Quanlian. I heard that it was snapped up by nearby residents immediately after it was put on the shelves. something very important! Recommend O Kasan, which we all like, to everyone, and give it to those who care about it!

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