[Unboxing of Textured Home Appliances] OZEN TS-V100 Vacuum Wall Breaking Conditioner is a multi-purpose machine for juice, soup, smoothie and non-staple food!

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Recently, I became obsessed with making fruit juice by myself. I took out the old juice machine, but found that no matter how I beat it, there were a lot of bubbles, and the granular fibers were also very thick. Over time, I gave up making juice myself.Korean brand OZENOn special offer, launched "Whole Nutrition Vacuum Wall Breaking Conditioner”, which focuses on independenceVacuum Antioxidant,super high speed, the smooth taste like mousse, let us order one without hesitation and try it at home!

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OZEN Vacuum Wall Breaker|Product Features

  • Powerful patented 85000pa vacuum technology makes the taste more delicate and dense
  • Independent vacuum function: can be connected to a vacuum tube, with a vacuum preservation container
  • Hot or cold: food-grade heat-resistant conditioning cup, in line with BPA-FREE material
  • Multifunctional and easy to operate: easily switch between juice mode, smoothie mode, hot soup mode
  • 6-piece double cutter head for high-speed wall breaking, up to 25000RPM
  • Anti-shock suction cup design to avoid high-speed shaking and dumping

OZEN Vacuum Wall Breaker|Physical Unpacking

The new generation of OZEN vacuum wall breaker, although the appearance is not as eye-catching as the previous generation, but the price is also cheaper than the previous generation, and it also pays more attention to functionality! HaveClassic White, Pearl Powder, Mint GreenThree colors, all three colors are easy to see and difficult to choose. In the end, we chose the all-match white, which feels more attractive~

OZEN全營養真空破壁調理機5 scaled
OZEN全營養真空破壁調理機9 scaled

OZEN vacuum wall breaker is easy to operate, you can easily switch by rotating the button in the middleJuice Mode, Smoothie Mode, Hot Soup Mode. One machine can handle a variety of dishes at the same time, which is really convenient, better than the traditional juice machine! The use of the panel is also very simple,Press the button in the middle to start, press it again to pause, you can use it intuitively.The numbers 1-7 on the right can be manually selected, the higher the number, the greater the horsepower, After making the juice, if you want to clean the wall breaker by stirring, you can choose the manual method after putting it in clean water.

OZEN全營養真空破壁調理機6 scaled
▲ The juice, smoothie, and soup modes on the left, and the manual 1-7 horsepower options on the right.

There are two different lids for cold or hot soup,The black lid can be vacuumed, suitable for juices and smoothies, and the white lid is not vacuumed, suitable for cooking soups!Buying a wall breaker will come with a cookbook. With the cookbook, you don’t have to worry about how to match the ingredients. Lazy mothers need it very much~😂 Follow the recipe, and novices can get started quickly and can squeeze out every day. A delicious detox juice!

OZEN全營養真空破壁調理機4 scaled
▲A black lid for juice/smooth/vacuum mode and a white lid for hot soup mode are attached.

The first time I used the vacuum wall breaker, the sound of the operation is really loud! Because the horsepower is very strong, if you have to beat the juice very carefully, the sound will definitely be loud. When stirring, the machine is quite stable. There is an anti-shock suction cup design below, which will not vibrate and shake. At the beginning, it will vacuumize first, and then start stirring. The real stirring time is actually not long.

OZEN全營養真空破壁調理機8 scaled
▲High-speed double-headed knife, the motor rotates at 25000rpm, with SUS420 all stainless steel 6-piece double-headed knife.

OZEN Vacuum Wall Breaker|Ring Button Vacuum Storage Box

This is the vacuum storage box that is purchased with the OZEN conditioner. It is highly recommended that you can match it together.Vegetables, fruits, dried fruits, and pickled products can all be vacuumed using a conditioner, so that the food can be kept fresh for a longer time. The vacuum wall breaker is very convenient, and there is no need to buy another vacuum machine. The vacuum storage box can delay oxidation and maintain the freshness of food. The shelf life of fresh ingredients varies, and can be stored for up to 14 days. The following is the recommended number of days for freshness.

  • Fruits and vegetables: 7-10 days shelf life.
  • Dry goods moisture-proof: 12-24 months.
  • Fresh meat: 5-7 days.
  • Pickled dishes: It can speed up the taste and save cooking time.
OZEN全營養真空破壁調理機1 scaled
▲Purchasing the vacuum storage box added to the OZEN conditioner
OZEN全營養真空破壁調理機2 scaled
OZEN全營養真空破壁調理機3 scaled
▲The evacuated tube is used with the wall breaker.
OZEN全營養真空破壁調理機7 scaled

OZEN Vacuum Wall Breaker|Fresh Juice

A while ago, I would drink a cup of green vegetables and fruits from time to time. Because Allie doesn't like eating vegetables, but needs to take it every day, he started to put green vegetables into the juice and turn it into a green latte. The green latte has no vegetable flavor at all, it is covered by the sweet juice flavor, and you eat all the vegetables without realizing it! Let's sort out two green latte recipes that I love to drink👇

✔ Pineapple + Kiwi + Green River Vegetable (or organic sweet potato leaves) + a small amount of nuts
✔ Organic spinach + cucumber + apple + banana + yogurt

After I started making juices, I became very fond of pineapples. Green vegetables really go well with pineapples. The sweetness of pineapples is very high, and often there is no need to add additional sugar. If you usually like to drink a little sweeter, you can add honey to the juice instead of the traditional sugar, which is also delicious!

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After using the wall breaker to beat the juice, I was really scared. The juice tasted super delicate. There was no filtration in the process, but I couldn't drink the thick fiber at all! For example, Jeffy likes to drink ice, I will add a little ice and hit it, and it tastes super delicious~ The ice is cold and very smooth! If you gradually get used to drinking green latte, you can gradually reduce the fruit, increase the amount of vegetables, and get more fiber!

ozen4 1
▲The juice made by the wall breaker has an extremely delicate taste and is as smooth as mousse!
ozen2 1
ozen3 1

With this wall breaker, I buy a lot of fruit every day, and I can make juice if I can't finish it. I've been busy recently, so I can only test its juice function, and I'm quite satisfied! Later, I will have the opportunity to try the thick soup again. When the little orange grows up, I can also make non-staple food for her to eat. I look forward to that day~

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