[Home Delivery Food] PAUL French Bread, Grandma's Handmade Lemon Cake, Maca Red Out of the Box! One day French afternoon tea!

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When it comes to brand representatives of French bread and desserts, the first one must come to mindPAUL, noble and extraordinary sense of luxury, every time I pass through the store, I am amazed by their beautiful decoration! It's inconvenient to go out during the epidemic. I didn't expect that PAUL also has a home delivery service. This time I came to experience their home.Classic French Bread,Granny's Handmade Lemon Cake,and alsoSovereign Maca Red Gift Box, it is really recommended, be sure to see the end!

PAUL|Home Delivery Food Order

PAUL originated from a small shop in the north of Paris in 1889, and then slowly expanded to the world. It has a history of more than 130 years.French bread, desserts, afternoon tea” and other authentic French cuisine. In addition to the above, I did not expect that PAUL has also launchedCustomized lunch box, Camping picnics, company events, parties and gatherings (minimum 12 boxes or more can be ordered) Immediately after I think of it, our baby's various ceremonies are also super suitable~

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▲PAUL's home delivery food service, you can experience French afternoon tea at home!
▲PAUL's classic bread series
▲The long French bread is also a must-eat sign!
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Open the package of PAUL, the mood is better all day long, the packaging is very beautiful, and it is suitable for gift and personal use! In addition to the brand DM, the food and preservation methods of various items are also attached, which is quite considerate.Don't worry if you buy too much bread at a time, put it in a sealed bag and it can be stored in the freezer for three weeks, after seeing it, quickly freeze the bread and eat it slowly as a breakfast for these few days ~ as long as it is refrigerated the night before to de-icing, it can be heated in the oven or electric pot the next day, and it is more delicious hot! The cake and maca red have a shorter shelf life, the cake is eaten within 24 hours, and the maca red is based on the date marked on the package.


PAUL|Sovereign Maca Red Gift Box

Not only bread, but also the maca red of PAUL is very famous!Maca RedIt has the reputation of "French National Treasure Dessert". It is the dessert that best represents Paris, and it is also a top dessert that has become very popular in recent years. There are 12 pieces in PAUL's Grand Maca Red Gift Box, with different flavors.Raspberry, Lime, Vanilla, Chocolate, Pistachio, Coffee. The black carton and bronzing LOGO look very high-end, and it is also very suitable for gifting to good sisters. Those who like desserts will definitely like it!

▲PAUL exclusive maca red gift box
▲There are 12 in 6 flavors in the gift box

The colorful and gorgeous maca red is really reluctant to eat it. The fashionable color matching is a work of art in itself! The outer shell of macaroons is hard and crispy, which is different from the soft and soft taste of desktop macarons that I have eaten before.

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When I saw the green one, I thought it was lemon or matcha, but it turned out to be pistachio, which is too novel! PAUL Maca red colorColoring formula using pure natural ingredients such as plants, everyone can eat with peace of mind. becauseBeet sugar is used instead of normal sugar, which reduces the sweetness.Compared with other maca reds, it is not too sweet to eat! It is very suitable with sugar-free black tea or green tea, and you can fly to Paris for afternoon tea in a second!

▲ Maca red colorful fashion color matching

PAUL|Grandma's Handmade Lemon Cake

unpretentiousGranny's Handmade Lemon Cake, we gave a high score: "It's the best lemon cake we've ever eaten!" PAUL's grandma's handmade lemon cake is all natural ingredients, the lemon juice on the cake body, smeared with lemon icing, and finally with lemon peel Embellishment, sweet and sour taste! Not only the icing on the outer layer has a lemon flavor, but even the cake inside is very flavorful, not dry, moist and delicious, highly recommended!

PAUL 檸檬蛋糕 工作區域 1 1170x906 1
▲ The red ribbons that are packaged are especially gift-like!

PAUL here comes with paper plates, candles and knives, which are used as birthday cakes to celebrate (I think I might as well buy them for my own cravings, haha) It's really delicious, and I'll order another one right now. Sister who loves lemon cakes, Bao Zhun also likes it~ PAUL's lemon cakes are best eaten after 2-4 hours of freezing, and they don't have the sourness of lemons. Even Jeffy who doesn't dare to eat sour has always praised them, it's amazing !

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come to the classicbread seriesLa! PAUL is very particular about the ingredients of French bread, using its own winter wheat and home-made fresh yeast. I think these should be the secret of delicious PAUL bread!

▲PAUL's signature bread: French Bread and Chobada!

PAUL|Double Olive France

There are two kinds of olives in Double Olive France. The precious Mediterranean green olives are mixed with black olives. You can see when you cut them. Salty bread slices are delicious with jam and honey. You can also use your creativity to arrange sliced fruits. Strawberries, blueberries, bananas, kiwis, etc., transformed into more powerful French snacks~

▲The bread is full of olives~
▲It is also delicious with strawberry jam!

PAUL|Dutch Cheese and Sesame Toast

PAUL's bread is really real! When I cut it open, I saw a large piece of cheese, full of sincerity. This ingredient makes the toast, which is often a supporting role, not ordinary, and it is delicious to eat directly without sticking anything! In addition to Dutch cheese and sesame toast, PAUL's toast series also has two flavors of honey beta fresh milk (milk, honey diced, carrot) and British golden fresh milk (wheat flour, salt, cream, milk), and I want to try them all. try it~

▲ There are large pieces of cheese in the toast
▲ Not only is it delicious, but its appearance is also 100 points!

PAUL|Mentaiko Cream French

It is really special to hear the French bread in the taste of Mentaiko, which combines Japanese and French exotic dishes. Come and try it! The salty mentaiko sauce tastes even better after it is baked. It is paired with the baguette with Q soft and elastic teeth.

▲Mentaiko Cream French

PAUL|Garlic Cream French

The classic among the classics, French bread with garlic flavor is sold almost through bakeries~ Thick minced garlic with a hint of creamy fragrance, sprinkled with the right flavor of Brazil, the taste is even richer! Here, PAUL also suggests that it can be dipped in olive oil and balsamic vinegar, which is closer to the exotic flavor!

▲ Garlic Cream French

PAUL|Bacon Cheese Choba

With cheese, bacon and black pepper, Chobada has a strong milky flavor, and it tastes softer and chewier than French bread! I don't know why PAUL's bread is really delicious. It comes out slowly after biting and smelling, and it tastes better after eating. Sprinkle some water on the bread before eating, and it's even better after heating it in the oven!

▲ Bacon Cheese Choba

PAUL|Pepper Cheese Chobada

Although it's called Jiaoxiang, don't be frightened by the name, it's not spicy at all, but very fragrant! There are Parmesan cheese powder and jalapeno peppers in it. The taste is not too heavy. I personally think that the ratio of the toppings to the bread body is perfect. It tastes light but very comfortable, and the salty is just right~

▲ Chili Cheese Chobada

PAUL's food introduction has come to an end. After writing this, my saliva will flow out. Whether it is salty or sweet, PAUL will not disappoint, and every product is unexpectedly delicious! When it is not easy to go out, it is really convenient to have a home delivery service, so hurry up and order a romantic French afternoon tea for your friends!

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