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The baby in Allie's belly is about to be unloaded~ In order to have a smooth delivery, our daily routine is to take a walk and use our feet to explore our usual life circle! Walking around a few days ago, I found this "People's Coffee Unmanned Cafe" located near Dapinglin MRT Station. It is very convenient to operate 24 hours a day. The novel store name and dreamy decoration immediately caught our attention. Visited the environment of the cafe inside!

People's Coffee Unmanned Cafe|Transportation

Take the MRT

Take the MRT to Dapinglin Station, exit from Exit 1, and walk along Section 3 of Beixin Road for about two minutes.

Take the bus

Take Sub-Line 252, 290, Sub-Line 643, 644, 648, 819, Keelung Road Main Line, Songjiang Xinsheng Main Line, Brown 2, Green 10, Green 13 to MRT Dapinglin Station, there is an unmanned cafe next to it.

go by self

Navigate to "24 hours unmanned cafe” or “No. 151, Section 3, Beixin Road, Xindian District, New Taipei City”, there are “Taipei Silicon Valley Phase II Parking Lot", "Civil Rights Parking Lot".

People's Coffee Unmanned Cafe|Environment

People's Coffee is located beside the busy Beixin Road. There are a few fluffy clouds on the arcade. The overall style is very cute. There are many strange slogans next to it, "You will know how warm this society is when you eat popsicles." "It's hard to deal with Lu Xun, but it's easy to eat Luwei!" "It may not be rewarded for people who sincerely pay, but there must be a response to my mobile payment" makes people smile.

▲The newly opened People's Coffee unmanned cafe near Dapinglin MRT Station

The cafe is full of pink and colorful colors, which simply evokes the girly heart in everyone's heart. There are many lovely girls on the scene who come to check in here~ Every corner has been carefully arranged, no matter how you take it, it's dreamy! In addition to drinking coffee and eating popsicles with my sisters, the bright light is also very suitable for taking a computer to work and read. The space of the cafe is quite spacious, with several tables for four, and there are individual counter seats on the side. It is also very comfortable to come and take a rest by air-conditioning!

▲The pink and colorful colors in the cafe

There are all kinds of cute cones and popsicle models on the side of the popsicle maker, which are designed to look like dessert booths, very cute! Jeffy can't help but think of the vanilla poof from school when he was a child, and walked to the parenting class while licking the poof. It was the happiest time 🥰

▲Single bar seat at the ice cream dessert shop

There is a hanging hot air balloon in the innermost part of the cafe. I thought it was just a cute decoration at first, but after a closer look, I found that the air-conditioning remote control was placed in the basket of the hot air balloon! Because there is no clerk in an unmanned cafe, if the air conditioner is too strong or too weak, you can adjust it yourself, isn't it super considerate~

▲ Self-regulate the air-conditioning temperature of the cafe

This background should be our favorite background~ The color matching of macarons makes us so fascinated, taking a photo with a popsicle, I feel like a spokesperson for the popsicle, no matter how I take it, it looks good, I can’t help but press a few more Under the shutter!


People's Coffee Unmanned Cafe|Smart Popsicle Vending Machine

The most important thing in the unmanned store is all kinds of vending machines. The cool thing here is that there is a popsicle machine, which cooperates with major well-known brand beverage stores.tea party,don't scream at me,COMEBUY,CITYMILK,Maruzaku,who's tea Wait a minute, every flavor looks so special, it's going to be a headache for people who have difficulty choosing! The price of popsicles here is not too high, most of which fall around 45-50 yuan. In the hot summer, many people come in directly to buy a take-out!

▲ Self-service popsicle machine in the unmanned cafe
▲The popsicles jointly launched by various well-known beverage brands have super special taste!

The popsicle machine is a touch-sensitive screen. After choosing the flavor of popsicle, you can choose the card machine to checkout or swipe the barcode to checkout. The payment methods are very diverse, and the following methods can be used:

  • credit card
  • Easy Card
  • a cartoon
  • Line Pay
  • street payment
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Samsung Pay
▲ Touch-screen popsicle maker, choose the popsicle you want.
▲It is very convenient to use electronic payment!
▲After completing the checkout, the popsicle will drop to the exit, which is really convenient and fast!

People's Coffee Unmanned Café|Recommended Popsicle Flavor

Because it was too hot today, we threw in three popsicles to cool off the heat. They were all popsicles from different hand-cranked shops.City Milk Watermelon Milk Popsicles,Who's Tea Brown Sugar Pearl Thick Milk Popsicle,as well asMubai Peanut Sesame Milk Pearl Ice Cream.

▲The three popsicles we ate that day!

City Milk Watermelon Milk Popsicle

Anyone who knows Jeffy knows that Jeffy is a super watermelon lover and eats watermelon every summer! When you see the watermelon popsicles launched by City milk, you must order one! The taste of watermelon milk is very strong, the outside is red watermelon, and the inside is covered with white milk.

▲City Milk watermelon milk popsicle
24小時無人咖啡廳 Jeffy

Who's Tea Brown Sugar Pearl Thick Milk Popsicle

This is Allie's favorite flavor after eating it! The popsicle base is made of thick milk tea, and there are real pearls hidden in it, which is amazing! Gradual brown, with brown sugar pearls, it will not be too sweet after eating. I originally thought that the iced pearls would be very hard and lack elasticity, but the popsicles here are not at all, and they still taste strong and very enjoyable!

▲Who's Tea Brown Sugar Pearl Thick Milk Popsicle
▲ There are real pearls hidden in the popsicles!

Mubai Peanut Sesame Milk Pearl Ice Cream

This is a double combination flavor, which is very cute when taking pictures. The top is made of milk. The light milk flavor will not be too greasy, and the bottom is full of sesame flavor. You can also eat Q bomb pearls. , People who like sesame should love it~

▲ Mubai’s Peanut Sesame Milk Pearl Ice Cream

People's Coffee Unmanned Cafe|Luwei Smart Vending Machine

There are also Lumei machines from the Gai Gang Luwei, and there is a cute Luwei vendor. The lo-mei machine sells some simple drinks and all kinds of lo-mei. The 24-hour store is also a good partner for late-night snacks. If you are hungry in the middle of the night, you might as well come in here and sit at the bar to enjoy it.

▲The Luwei intelligent vending machine of the Beggars Luwei

People's Coffee Unmanned Cafe|Coffee Smart Vending Machine

Since it is a coffee shop, the most important coffee machine cannot be missed~Americano, Mocha, LatteThey are all on sale, and the prices are cheaper than those from outside stores! There are alsoMandarin Duck Milk Tea, Matcha Oulei, is a good choice for work refreshment!

▲Vanini 1979 Smart Coffee Vending Machine

People's Coffee Unmanned Cafe|Joining Information

Now that technology is more and more developed, unmanned stores have become a trend. Seeing that there is franchise information on the screen of the popsicle machine, it is caused by Convergence Catering Management Co., Ltd. developed. In addition to popsicle vending machines, they also provideLo-Mei Vending Machine, Vegetarian Vending Machine, Frozen Prepared Food Vending Machine, Cloud Kitchen Vending Machine, Coffee Vending MachineandCo-branded hot pot vending machine, really cool! In this world where everything is gradually automated, there will be more and more unmanned stores in the future!

  • Join hotline: 080 065 5770

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