[Attractions in Cebu] Bohol Island Day Trip! Bali Casa diving, Tarsier Conservation Park, Chocolate Hills must-see attractions.

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Almost every day of the four days and three nights in Cebu, Philippines, the schedule is very full. I want to see whale sharks, Chocolate Hills and tarsier, and I want to visit the historical sites of Cebu City, and I also think of the famous dive site Bari Casa The big fault is no longer like a vacation under the tight schedule, it is a competition of physical strength! Today, let’s briefly introduce our one-day itinerary.

Four days and three nights audiovisual record in Cebu, Philippines

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Itinerary of the day:Balicasag Island diving → TNT Boodle Fight And Seafood House lunch → Bohol Tarsier Conservation Park → Chocolate Hills → Kalachuchi Inn

Balicasag Island

Balicasag Island is very special. It is a small island standing in the sea. It has a large and shocking fault formed by an ultra-deep trench, attracting diving travelers from all over the world. That day, we took a boat from the beach to the dive site. We dived at two dive sites. Fortunately, we met a variety of tropical fish, super giant sea turtles, and the spectacular Jack fish storm! The feeling of being surrounded by fish storms is a bit strange (fear). A group of fish swims over quickly, shielding the sun, and the sight becomes a little dark. After a while, the fishes leave you again.

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TNTS Boodle Fight And Seafood House

This day I was going to have an arranged bamboo rafting lunch, but because the diving time was delayed, I didn’t catch up, but it’s okay. God closed one door and will definitely open another window for us. On that day At the suggestion of the driver, we came to the famous local TNTS Boodle Fight and Seafood House.
This restaurant is located on the border of Bohol Island and Panglao Island. We were disappointed that we missed the bamboo raft lunch at first. After all, the bamboo raft lunch should be a super fun experience, but after the Boodle Fight was served, we felt this The experience is definitely not lost on bamboo rafting! What is Boodle Fight? The following is the description of the original text:

Boodle Fight

A military style of eating, boodle fight is a symbol of brotherhood and equality
among filipino military by sharing the same food without regard to rank. Food is piled on top of banana leaves, ready to eat using your bare hands.
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According to the restaurant's introduction, Boodle Fight is the diet style of the Philippine army. Different classes share the same food. It is a symbol of equality in fellowship. All kinds of rich foods are stacked on banana leaves, and everyone just grabs them with both hands to eat!
In this meal, there is no seniority system, and there is no difference in the size of the official ranks. It's right for everyone to eat happily. Of course, we are not being polite. Swallowing shrimps with one hand and bananas with one hand is really a very interesting experience! Whether it’s rice, seafood, meat, fruits or sauces, everything is piled on a huge banana leaf. About three of us ate the portion shown in the picture below and were very full, andThe turmeric rice in the Philippines is really delicious~

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TNTS Boodle Fight And Seafood House

  • Address: Junction, Dakabayan sa Tagbilaran, Lalawigan ng Bohol
  • Phone: +63 38 411 1805
  • Business hours: 11:00 ~ 22:00

Bohol Tarsier Conservation Area

When you come to Bohol Island, those who like animals should not miss one of the famous symbols of Bohol Island-Tarsier. The body of the Tarsier is only about 10 cm, but the eyes almost occupy the entire face. It is said to be bigger than the brain. Look It looks so cute! Also because of their peculiar appearance, they were once traded as pets in the past, and there is no proper environment, tarsier is currently on the verge of extinction.

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Tarsier is a small, nocturnal animal, and sleeps in a tree in the morning. With the guidance of the park guides, we saw its figure, it is really very mini! When taking pictures, be careful not to turn on the flash to avoid frightening them.

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Bohol Tarsier Conservation Area

  • Address: Loay Interior Road, Loboc, Bohol, Philippines
  • Business hours: 08:00 ~ 17:00

Chocolate Hills

After about 40 minutes from the Tarsier Conservation Park, we came toBohol Island was once selected as the top ten wonders of the world's Chocolate HillsThe Chocolate Hills is located near the middle of Bohol Island. There are 1268 conical mountains in it. The height of each mountain is not high, probably only about 40~100 meters. As for the cause of its formation? Experts have different opinions. Most of the explanations are derived from the rocks erupted by the volcanic eruption, which gradually swelled after being squeezed, combined with the erosion of rain water for thousands of years to form the current appearance. The color of the Chocolate Hills changes with the seasons,In the rainy season, it is grass-green, like a piece of matcha chocolate spread on the ground, and in the dry season, it is earth-yellow and turns into truffle chocolate, which is very special!

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The Chocolate Mountain needs to climb a flight of stairs first, about 20 minutes, to reach the highest viewing platform and see the complete appearance of the Chocolate Mountain.The sign next to it clearly indicates that the aerial camera cannot be used, so if there is someone who brings the aerial camera, you don’t need to back the aerial camera to go on it?
Another point is that because Bohol Island is so big, the distance between the scenic spots and the scenic spots is so far. After a full day, in fact, we arrived at the Chocolate Hills already close to the afternoon. After dark, there are very few light sources around, so for safety , Be sure to step off the viewing platform before dark. It is also recommended to go to this attraction of Chocolate Mountain earlier to take beautiful photos. Our itinerary is indeed too full and too greedy on this day ?

Chocolate Hills

  • Phone: +63 1800 1 888 7777
  • Address: Loay Interior Road, Carmen, Bohol, Philippines
  • Dry season from February to May

Finally, this kind of trip up to the mountain and down to the sea is actually a bit too tight. After all, on Bohol Island, each attraction takes about an hour’s drive. After deducting the time spent on traffic, almost every attraction has no way to stay too much. After a long time, I may have seen Tarsier and Chocolate Mountain, but there is still no way to go into it and taste it, which is a bit of a pity. It is recommended that you can use this itinerary to simplify it a little bit, or divide it into two days, so that you can have more stay time and have a deeper experience of Cebu!

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