[Pingtung Kenting Attractions] Kenting Athletics Flying Range, a real gun and live ammunition, an experience activity that cannot be missed!

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When it comes to Kenting, the ocean and the beach come to mind first. There are many water activities, such as diving, SUP, and exciting banana boats, but in addition to these, Kenting also has many land-based activities worth experiencing, such as paintball, karting, horseback riding, and target shooting. This time, a group of our big boys came to the "Kenting Athletic Shooting Range" in Kenting to experience real shotguns and air guns. Since the last time we encountered real guns, it was a high school military training class. This event also made us all look forward to it. !

Kenting Athletics Flying Range|Transportation

Kenting Athletics Flying Range is located in Hengchun Town. There is no public transportation nearby. You need to take a bicycle or bike to reach it. You can use Google Navigation "Kenting Athletic Shooting Range”, or “No. 7 Kengnei Road, Hengchun Town, Pingtung County”, there are parking spaces in front of the park. After we turned from Taiwan Line 26 to Kengnei Road, we could see the scenery of mountains and mountains in the distance, which was very relaxing!

Pingtung Kenting Athletic Shooting Range

  • Business Hours: Daily 09:00–17:30
  • Address: No. 7, Kengnei Road, Hengchun Town, Pingtung County
  • Tel: 08 889 2266

屏東 墾丁競技飛靶場8
▲The path to the Kenting Athletic Shooting Range

Kenting Athletics Flying Range is located in a very suburban place, but the road is not difficult to drive. The road is smooth and there are not many winding mountain roads. After turning into the Kengnei Road, I encountered a herd of cattle grazing on the road. It was a scene that I would not normally see in the city. It was very novel to watch!

屏東 墾丁競技飛靶場7
屏東 墾丁競技飛靶場6
▲Meet the cattle grazing on the road

Kenting Athletic Shooting Range|Price

The shooting range is divided into two types of shotguns and air guns. The shotgun has 10 bullets and 10 flying targets. The price is 600 yuan. Air guns are divided into air rifles and air pistols, each with 15 rounds of lead bullets. The price of the rifle is 150 yuan, and the price of the pistol is 100 yuan. The price will be changed due to aging, and the detailed price is still marked on the spot!

Kenting Athletic Shooting Range|Environment

The location of the shooting range is still full of easy to find, just follow the navigation and walk along the road in the pit! Although the shooting range was very empty, we heard gunshots resounding through the sky from time to time, which was very shocking, and we were also excited!

屏東 墾丁競技飛靶場5
屏東 墾丁競技飛靶場4
▲Parking space at the entrance

Then we went to the counter to confirm the plan, and we all came here. It is recommended to play with shotguns. After all, the chance of being able to shoot legally in a lifetime is close to zero! If you are afraid of the sound of gunfire or the recoil of the gun, you can also experience a milder air pistol or rifle. The environment of the competitive flying range is very safe. The rest area is completely separated from the shooting control area. The whole process of using guns is accompanied by a coach. Even friends who experience it for the first time need not worry too much.

屏東 墾丁競技飛靶場2
▲Check the experience at the counter
屏東 墾丁競技飛靶場3
▲Only two people can enter at a time, and the others are waiting to shoot in the rest area.

Kenting Athletics Flying Range|Target experience

Then we entered the most exciting target shooting session. It was a rare visit. We decided to experience shotguns and air guns once! During the experience, you will wear earmuffs to protect your ears from being frightened by gunfire. The shotgun needs to be aimed at the flying target sprayed from below. The flying target moves very fast, but it is not too difficult to hit. Jeffy hits almost every shot, full of sense of achievement!

▲ Experience the slow motion video of shotgun shooting

Because the bullet of the shotgun will disperse after it is fired, although it is aimed, in fact, you only need to see the flying target flying under the gun and pull the trigger. We are all shooting targets for the first time. The operation of the gun is not too difficult, and the mobile phone can record handsome videos in slow motion! However, the recoil of the gun stock is very strong, and the coach especially said that you must remember to put it on the shoulder socket, so as not to be bruised everywhere when you go home.

屏東 墾丁競技飛靶場1
屏東 墾丁競技飛靶場10
▲The coach is next to one-on-one teaching throughout the whole process

The air gun feels similar to a normal BB bullet, and the target is a fixed metal plate in front, which requires more concentration on aiming than a shotgun. Aim the target at the crosshair, and then aim at the rear sight. After shooting, you will hear a clanging metal sound and you are shooting! There are two metal plates with distances inside, you can choose the distance you want to challenge yourself. If you are experiencing the air rifle program and have a scope, you can challenge a longer distance. After the overall shooting experience, Jeffy still prefers shotguns and thinks shotguns are more enjoyable~

屏東 墾丁競技飛靶場9
▲ Experience air gun shooting steel plate

The above is our real experience at the Kenting Athletics Flying Range! The overall play time is not long, and it takes about an hour for all six people to experience it once. Although the time is very short, it is a very unique and profound memory. It is very suitable to be placed between tourist attractions. Next time you come to Kenting, you may try it!

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