[Kenting Private Accommodation] Hengchun Lvshe B&B, Switch game console, swimming pool, KTV, massage chair, recommended for parents and children!

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When you come to Kenting to play, in addition to luxury hotels, there are also some interesting special B&Bs or youth hostels, but our group of big boys actually prefer an environment where we can chat freely, so it is convenient to have private rooms in Kenting. It is our first choice~ This time I stayed at the "Lvshe B&B" in Hengchun Town. Google has a five-star praise, suitable for 6-20 people. The overall decoration is quite new, the space is also very spacious, there are massage chairs, electric mahjong tables, Switch and other amusement equipment, and there is a small parent-child pool at the entrance to play in the water, which is a good choice for family travel!

Kenting Private Building | Hengchun Travel Photography Transportation

Take the bus

Take 101, 101A, 101B, 101C, 101D, 101E, 201, 301, 302, 1773, 9117, 9188 and get off at Hengchun Telecommunications Bureau Station, turn into Huancheng North Road, and then walk into Lane 142 to arrive. The journey is about 6 minutes.

Drive by yourself

Google navigation to "No. 8-1, Lane 142, Huancheng North Road, Hengchun Town, Pingtung County", or "Hengchun Travel Photo-Parent-Child Package Homestay”, the car can park in the open space next to the B&B.

KentingPhoto by Hengchun Travel

  • Business hours: 08:00–20:00
  • Address: No. 8-1, Lane 142, Huancheng North Road, Hengchun Town, Pingtung County
  • Tel: 0909 773 688
  • Related links:Official website

Kenting Private Building | Hengchun Travel Photography Environment

The travel photo is clean and bright, and you can feel the owner's care and maintenance. Although it does not have the luxury of a high-end hotel, there is a sense of intimacy when you live in it. There is an electric bicycle. If you forget to bring any ingredients, you can go out and buy it directly. There are shops nearby, which is very convenient.

▲The entrance of Travel Photography B&B
▲ Travel photo outdoor pool and barbecue area
▲Electric bicycles provided by LvPhoto

Kenting Private Building | Hengchun Travel Photo Living Room

The living room is full of space, with three sofas. It is not a problem for a group of people to sing karaoke, chat and drink, and have a big barbecue. When you are tired from playing, there is a massage chair, which can soothe your tired body all day. , I remember that after the trip that day, everyone saw the massage chair and rushed to grab it madly😁

▲ Travel photography living room
▲A massage chair attached to the living room

Kenting Private Building | Hengchun Travel Photo Kitchen

The homestay also has a kitchen that you can use, with simple pots and pans and all kinds of seasonings. The kitchen is also very clean. If you bring ingredients, you can start the fire directly here!

▲Free snacks provided at check-in
▲The refrigerator and water dispenser in the kitchen

Kenting Private Building|Hengchun Travel Photo Room

There are many rooms in the tour, which are divided into double rooms and quadruple rooms. Because it is mainly a family-owned private homestay, each room is very cute and presents a different atmosphere. There are ocean-themed styles and American styles. There is even a small tent in the room, and children will definitely be very happy to live in it.

▲Lvshe separate wet and dry bathroom

Kenting Private Building | Hengchun Travel Photography Equipment

The homestay provides a variety of play equipment, and almost all the entertainment activities you want are ready! The TV in the living room can mainlySing KTVandplay switch, There are a variety of Switch game pieces under the TV cabinet, and there is also an electric mahjong table on the side near the kitchen. Adults and children are not bored! However, because the homestay is a multi-family building, you may have to lower the volume when it comes to bedtime~

▲Switch and game films provided by Lvshe
▲Electric Mahjong Table

Travel Photography is completely a parent-child-themed private homestay. The colorful room types make you feel safe and warm when you sleep. From decorations to all kinds of amusement equipment, it is suitable for the whole family to travel together. It is rare for everyone to gather together to condense their feelings, even if they stay in the homestay, they will not be bored. Next time you come to Kenting, consider taking a look at this private homestay and have fun!

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