【Pregnancy Record】Nutrition supplementation during pregnancy, three-phase intake focus, folic acid, calcium, iron, lecithin, and multivitamins.

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Allie's pregnancy is coming to an end and she is about to unload the goods~ Take advantage of this free period to organize her pregnancy nutrition. Before I got pregnant, I didn’t know that I had to add so many things when I was pregnant. The amount accumulated in almost ten months is really impressive. Nutritional supplements are a very important link in our opinion. What, I consulted the Hexin nutrition consultant later, who gave us a lot of help. There was almost no discomfort during the whole pregnancy. I hope this article can help everyone. I wish you a healthy and smooth pregnancy~

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▲In the later stage, there are more and more nutritional supplements to be supplemented every day~
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▲The cost of nutrition products organized in the third trimester

Pregnancy Nutritional Supplements|Three Stages of Nutritional Supplements

We fixed the birth check at Hexin Newborn. After a certain number of weeks, Hexin will arrange nutritional consultations, and will first give the mother two forms, so that the mother can understand the things that need to be supplemented during pregnancy. Because we went to the pharmacy to buy nutritional supplements as soon as we became pregnant, the consultant would first ask which nutritional supplements we have bought so far, and then adjust to see which ones to supplement. Pregnancy is divided into three stages in total, the focus of supplementation in each stage will be somewhat different, and the amount will gradually increase~

First trimester 0-12 weeks

During the first pregnancy, folic acid and DHA are mainly supplemented, and the weight gain is recommended to be within 0-2 kg. The nutritional consultant recommends folic acid supplementation within 600-800mcg, not more than 1000mcg. Here, we should pay attention not to only look at the nutrients in one bottle, because many nutritional products will be repeatedly supplemented, so look carefully at each bottle. It is better, if you have any questions, you can directly ask the consultant for each obstetric examination. For example, some brands of calcium will add vitamin D to help absorption, be careful not to eat vitamin D repeatedly~

▲Because I am calculating my daily nutrients, I am a little messy~

2nd trimester 13-27 weeks

Calcium, vitamin D, and iron are added in the second trimester. The weight began to increase slowly, but it should not increase too fast, try to be less than 1.3 kg in a month. He Xin will measure her weight every time she has a check-up. If she accidentally gains too much weight, she will remind us. After a while, she will be reminded that her appetite is too good. Calcium will become very important in the second trimester, and the baby will absorb it when it grows rapidly. Mother's body's calcium is also very easy to be deficient in calcium during this period, causing cramps and insomnia, you should pay special attention to it~

3rd trimester 28 weeks to delivery

In the third trimester, it is recommended to increase the weight of less than 1.5 kg per month, and start eating lecithin, which can help the postpartum colostrum to be more easily extruded. And the iron supplement should be increased from one to two, and there will be no anemia and symptoms of low hemoglobin in the later stage.

Pregnancy Nutrition | Pregnancy Diet Chart

Early pregnancy is prone to morning sickness and poor appetite. During this period, as long as you eat what your mother likes, it doesn’t matter if you don’t force yourself too much~ Although the traditional elders are easy to say that they should not eat anything during pregnancy, but He Xin’s side is in addition toDo not touch alcohol at all, and the caffeine intake in tea and coffee is less than 200mg, the others are just eat as little as possible. Mothers, don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Doctors say that only happy mothers can have happy babies. The consultant at that time even told me that it’s okay to eat a little dry starch like french fries. I love potatoes. I feel like I've been reborn. I didn't dare to eat anything and was very depressed. After the consultation, I was super happy!


Here, the nutrition consultant said that you should try to eat 2 servings of vegetables with a fist size, 2 servings of fruits with a fist size, and you can also drink 1 cup of milk every day to supplement calcium.

Pregnancy Supplements|Calcium

Pregnancy is slowly entering the second trimester. When you get up, your calf will cramp. The cramps are super painful. This may be a warning sign of insufficient calcium! Pregnant women need 800-1200mg of calcium every day. At first, I only took about 600mg of calcium every day, and sometimes I forgot to drink milk. The situation disappeared. Calcium can be taken after meals or before going to bed. It should be taken with vitamin D to help calcium absorption. It should also be noted that calcium and iron cannot be taken together, otherwise it will affect the effect!

  • The picture below is the Akemin Red Algae Calcium I bought at Hexin. Each tablet already contains 400IU of vitamin D and 340 mg of calcium. A bottle is 800 yuan.
▲Aikemin red algae calcium

Pregnancy Supplements|Vitamin D

The consultant suggested that 1000IU-2000IU of vitamin D can be supplemented daily. Vitamin D is a very important nutrient, and almost all Chinese people are deficient. We usually sit in the office and rarely go out in the sun, and it is difficult for our body to synthesize vitamin D. Both of us were already deficient in vitamin D during the health check before, so we paid special attention to this pregnancy. Taking advantage of the fact that the pharmacy bought a lot of gifts, we bought a lot of boxes at one time, and Jeffy and the elders in the family also ate it together. .

  • The picture below is the vitamin D I bought at the pharmacy, each of which is 800IU.
▲Vitamin D

Pregnancy Supplements|Iron

Iron can be obtained from natural foods every day, such as red meat, red beans, red amaranth, red dates, etc. It can be eaten with fruits rich in vitamin C to increase absorption. The dosage of iron is more important in the later stages. The recommended absorption amount is 15mg-45mg per day, and it will be increased in the third trimester. I also changed from one iron per day to two per day. It should be noted that iron cannot be eaten with calcium and tea, so as not to affect the absorption.

  • The picture below is the realpromise iron bought in Hexin. A bottle is 1500 yuan, and each tablet contains 15mg of iron and 200 micrograms of folic acid.
▲ realpromise iron

Pregnancy Supplements|Algae Oil or Fish Oil DHA

After the second trimester, the baby begins to need DHA. It is recommended to supplement 300mg-600mg daily to help the fetal brain development and nerve conduction, optic nerve and retina development. DHA can choose animal fish oil, or vegetable algae oil.

  • The prenatal DHA fish oil bought at Hexin is 1,400 yuan a bottle, and each contains 240 mg of DHA.
  • The big brand Wyeth Mummy DHA algae oil bought at the pharmacy costs about 1780 yuan a bottle, each containing 200 mg of DHA.
▲Various kinds of fish oil and algae oil

Pregnancy supplements|Multivitamins and folic acid

Folic acid can help the baby's brain, neural tube and cell development, and reduce the occurrence of anemia in mothers. It is recommended to take 600-800mcg per day. Because I bought the multivitamin at the pharmacy first, and the iron bought by Hexin also contains folic acid, so the consultant suggested that I only need to take half of the multivitamin to avoid taking too much folic acid.

  • The maternity treasure l-multivitamin bought by the pharmacy is 710 yuan per bottle, and each folic acid is 800mcg.
▲ Maternity treasure l-multivitamins

In addition, many netizens also recommend Vitality Mama’s “Comprehensive Vitamins for Pregnancy and Breastfeeding”. One tablet contains 500mcg of folic acid.

When I was pregnant, I received a lot of health care products from relatives and friends. The most received ones were comprehensive vitamins. Regardless of the stage, I would continue to supplement them throughout the pregnancy, and it was also the most health care product I stocked up at home. Pregnancy multivitamin contains various vitamins (B6, B12, C, D, E, calcium, iron, DHA, etc.) at the same time, and you can continue to eat even after pregnancy.

Now the official website just has a tasting experience. In addition to the trial jar, there is also a baby bib as a gift, and you can sign up with the mother's handbook.
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▲Comprehensive vitamins for pregnant mothers
▲Get a free tasting experience gift package with the mother's handbook.

Pregnancy Supplements|Lecithin

Lecithin, which was introduced in the third trimester at the end, is a kind of fat, mostly extracted from soybeans, and also found in natural foods such as eggs and beans, which can maintain the health of cell membranes. Lecithin can also reduce the viscosity of breast milk, prepare for breastfeeding, reduce the phenomenon of blocked milk ducts, and continue to eat after delivery.

  • The Bode lecithin lecithin bought at Hexin is 2,500 yuan a bottle, 2 tablets a day, can be eaten together or separately, and can be eaten with all nutritional products.
▲Bode Baode lecithin

The above is probably the nutritional supplements that Allie supplemented during pregnancy. There are really many things to supplement during pregnancy. When my mother saw it, she said that she didn’t know she needed to eat these things when she gave birth to me, so she often had backache and couldn’t sleep. Even sitting down to sleep. At this time, I really feel very lucky. Medicine is becoming more and more developed. During the pregnancy process, there are many doctors and consultants to help make the journey of pregnancy easier. Pregnancy nutrition supplements the advice given by each hospital or doctor. There will be slight differences, and each person's physique will also be adjusted. If you have any questions, it is better to discuss directly with the doctor of the obstetric examination!

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