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Shengguang has been producing peanuts since 1959, and has carefully selected extra-large peanuts from Yunlin, which is an old local brand. From the traditional original flavor, we have gradually developed a variety of different flavors of peanuts, which are crispy and delicious. This time we tastedOnion Spicy Garlic PeanutsandSpicy Peanuts,Spicy Cashew Nutsandmixed nuts, The aroma of peanuts and nuts itself is enough, the taste is salty, and it is very suitable for tea or as a snack!

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▲Shengguang peanut nut series products

Shengguang Peanut Nuts|Scallion, Spicy and Garlic Peanuts

As soon as you open it, you can smell the strong aroma of peanuts. Spicy garlic peanuts are mainly seasoned with garlic, shallots and peppers. The overall taste is not too spicy, and it is very delicious to eat with the scallions in it. Jeffy can't help recalling that when he was a child, his family gathered around to make tea after dinner, and ate peanuts grown and roasted by grandma, which was full of the taste of his hometown~

▲Shengguang Onion Spicy Garlic Peanut
▲Shengguang Onion Spicy Garlic Peanut
▲Shengguang Onion Spicy Garlic Peanut

Shengguang Peanut Nuts|Spicy Peanuts

Don't be intimidated when you hear the spicy taste of pepper, I personally think the fragrance is stronger than the spicy taste, and I like it very much after eating it! It is seasoned with black pepper, pepper, chili and other spices, with a slight tingling sensation, but the degree of spiciness is not unbearable, but it is very easy to eat. Jeffy, who doesn't like the taste of pepper, is also very happy, and it must be more enjoyable with a glass of cold beer!

▲Shengguang Pepper Spicy Peanut
▲Shengguang Pepper Spicy Peanut

Shengguang Peanut Nuts|Comprehensive Nuts

Nuts are the best healthy snack, rich in nutritional value, and supplementing a little every day is very good for the body. Shengguang's comprehensive nuts mainly includeAlmonds, Cashews, Pecansas well asmacadamia beans, Low temperature roasting keeps the original aroma of the nuts, and it can be delicious without excessive seasoning! The comprehensive taste can eat a variety of different nuts at one time. We all pour a little bit into the bowl every day, so as not to accidentally eat too much out of control~

▲Shengguang Comprehensive Nuts
▲Shengguang Comprehensive Nuts
▲Shengguang Comprehensive Nuts
▲Shengguang Comprehensive Nuts

Shengguang Peanut Nuts|Onion Garlic Cashew Nuts

Cashews are among all nuts, Allie's favorite type, besides the original cashews, the onion and garlic flavored cashews are also very popular in our hearts! The strong cashew aroma, adding a little salt, green onion, chili, and garlic to enhance the flavor, is elevated to another level, full of aroma! Although it has some chili ingredients, it is not spicy, so it is very suitable as a snack between meals~

▲Shengguang Onion Garlic Cashew Nuts
▲Shengguang Onion Garlic Cashew Nuts

Shengguang Peanut Nuts|Original Peanut Butter

Since it is an old brand that makes peanuts, their peanut butter must also be tried! After opening the lid, the aroma of peanuts is tangy, and you can eat it with a bite. The seasoning is just right, and it will not be too sweet! With a bit of peanut graininess, it is very suitable for breakfast on toast or meal bags. It is recommended for people who usually like peanuts!

▲Shengguang Original Peanut Butter
▲ Peanut butter goes well with meal bags and toast for breakfast!

Support Taiwan's local peanut brand, super affordable price, absolutely not to be missed! In addition, Shengguang also has a physical store in Wuqi, Taichung. It is also very suitable to buy it as a souvenir to give to relatives and friends. Next time you pass by, you might as well go shopping! You can also buy it online. During the epidemic prevention period at home, it is also a great enjoyment to buy it to watch the drama and eat it~

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Shengguang Peanut Nuts

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